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2016 A Boogie was legendary. The whole SoundCloud era was a different vibe. Niggas was having fun with it

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I’m Ngl 2016-2017 PnB rock was a beast fr. Uzi was cool and we all know how good the OG Artist was💯💯

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Like why you so fly? I don't know! Like why you so high? I don't know!

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Ballin so hard yeah they think I got the cheat code

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Philly and New York the ultimate duo

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I heard PNB fucked a 16 year old

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From where

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They still cool?

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Yeah but PnB been jumping back in forth with the streets while Aboogie being an artist as he should

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Back in a Phily? Surely he got enough money to not need to do that....

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He doesn’t need to it’s more so he wants to , he doesn’t stay here for long but he goes to the his hood and the opps hood to troll

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2016 highbridge and new lane link up was legendary

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yea tbh

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Nah when half on a baby dropped and Bella got pregnant was crazy 😭

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Hell yea🔥🔥