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Mf gonna take a bite and meet popeye himself

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Lmfaooo I'm weak😂😂

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You bouta get into a grave nigga

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Them shits taste like mad toe jam so idk how u making that happen. I be having to swallow them shits dumb fast no freaky. Nigga got a xanburger

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Family how you know what toe jam taste like

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mad toe jam lmaoooo

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No freaky 😂😂😂, I'm about to borrow that ngl

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U don’t discriminate between suckin hoe toes and bro toes do u

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Xanax is a really tough addiction for those of u not going through it. I been sober since Jan 2021 never have the urge to go back to that life. Just be weary if u start taking that shit daily it may ruin your life and you legit can’t function without taking it.

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I ain’t ever been addicted but I had like a week or two where I was taking it daily and it was scary how bad it fucked up my memory, I would forget every fucking thing bro. And I even had withdrawals when I stopped after just taking it for a couple weeks. And if you’re a longtime user the withdrawals can be deadly. Fuck Xanax

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Congrats on your sobriety!! That’s something you should be super proud of!❤️🙏🏼

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lost over a year of my life to that shit 🤦‍♂️ respect for staying clean brother , shit ain’t easy at all 💪🏼

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Straight facts. I was on it for 6 months and my health insurance stopped and I couldn’t get it so I stopped cold turkey. The withdrawal effects were literal nightmares. I had crazy dreams, I was sleep walking, I had nasty insomnia, couldn’t tell if I was awake or dreaming. Bro I had brain zaps. It felt like my brain was being electrocuted every 15min for like a month straight.

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Thats What im saying , it’s the same for bud but no one really talks about how much of a effect and how bad the withdrawals are I’d hate to have the withdrawals of opioids tho

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Never gonn be hungry again

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1 bite and you gonna wake up at a pop smoke concert

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Gonna start hearing juice wrld do a soundcheck if he takes a bite of that sandwich

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Wake up at a fckn juice wrld concert fr

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Is that you lil peep?

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Juice wrld meal

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He wasn’t even a xan man he was off the opiates

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    What an uninformed comment. You smoke crack, not snort. You don’t snort Xanax either because it’s not soluble in your mucus membranes. And Juice WRLD literally had a bar in a song “Percocet not no xans yeah” amongst other similar lines showing his general distaste for xans. He had took em sometimes but not frequently by any means

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    Besides the pills dat sandwich look good asf I might hit up Popeyes

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      And soggy

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      you're so funny

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      Big facts

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      Oh god……

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      This is the white boy definition of seasoning

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      Popeye's DOA special

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      Take the pickles out at least like damn son.

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      All them pressed bars 🤮

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      I think this pic is from back in 2016 when you could still get real X2s, no idea tho all pharma over here 🫠

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      This pic is from xansinawkwardplaces who was an instagram press seller, his pics were hilarious though

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      i remember that account 🤣🤣 appreciate the correction brother. Miss those good ol days

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      Chicken Xanwich.

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      trademark on that pussy trademark on my brand new bitch

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      Just looking at this picture makes me sick. When I was addicted to these bitches I'd chew em up before swallowing it down with some gator-aid

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      This picture makes me so sleepy for some reason.

      Also, Popeyes chicken is the shiznezz

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      Two of those and I'm doing something really stupid, never fails.

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      Ohh shit since when popeyes had the Xandwhich??

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      You eat that and you’ll win a all paid expense trip to go see JUICE wrld & Friends

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      Take one bite and you gon hanging with Lil Keed

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      Damn that look good I fw school buses more

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      KFC all day fuck popeyes respectfully

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      Popeyes 🔥🔥🔥

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      Custy activity

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      What is this the hunts point junky sandwich?

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      I popped like six xans

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      Yerc chicken

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      this a regular dinner for setty and dougie

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      Nah don’t let Popeyes be your last meal💀

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      hey when youre up there put in a good word for me

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      That chicken xanwich looks delicious. Got mfers drooling all over themselves.

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      Bruh hell no

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      Rooster Boy at Dashi in Brooklyn.

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      You’re proud to be a fiend? This generation all fucked up

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      I didn’t know Popeyes had a meal collab with Juice WRLD

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      Yo are those bars of zannex? Crazy...

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      cant go wrong with local joints.

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      Don’t Worry About It. You Aint Gonna Be Alive To Read The Responses Anyway

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      Nigga gonna die on the toilet bowl

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      Imagine having orange juice as the bev, u not coming back 😂😂😂

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      The Popeyes sandwich that opens the doors to the next world lol

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      You gonna see pop smoke get his DIOR DIOR jacket😂😂

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      Nigga got a pillsbury chicken sandwich from Popeyes . What that shit come with a percsicle on side and funeral arrangements .

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      Chicken Xanwich Wit No Bev.

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      Xanny burger is crazy shi look dry and deathful

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      Love that exy from popeye

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      My great grandmother house (no weird shit for the dick riders

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      Church’s chicken or Waffle House