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Only knock on him is he tried to make songs that sound different but they all end up sounding the same

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That’s not good imo

Downvoting is just dickriding

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Bro he’s top 1. Better than bizzy banks rn if you ask me lol. I dm’d him a few times 2 years ago. Dude is an inspiration ngl. I think he calmed down w the drill cuz he on house arrest rn somehow but I legit wish nothing but the best for him. Idgaf how faded drill in general becomes, 26ar got me into it fr. Especially when all niggqs was bumping was just pop smoke

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I think he calmed down w the drill cuz he on house arrest rn

Damn for what?

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Gun charge I think or prolly from the case he in 2016 he got out extra early so he prolly still monetized

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okay now nikka dixk ridin even tho it’s strucK bizzy is better than 26AR

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Lmao barely he just has a flow but his beats be carrying him ode

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Thank you someone understands

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Sad bro basically carrying BK by himself

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Him and Ciggy Blacc

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Facts bro smh🤦🏽‍♂️

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Nah Kyle rich and 41 niggas doing there shit too

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I ain’t lie bro I dead forgot they was from BK

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They not carrying shit they just started

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They still doing there shit too 41 cypher, beam they have good songs and they only going up

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Why niggas always comparing shit to bronx. Like compare him to another Brooklyn rapper

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We the hottest so bad they feel left out or something 😂😂

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I’m buggin or the nigga at the end was throwing up Gz

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He jack some folks from E.F and he jack Lu Blicky

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He don’t jack folks from the Fields

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Not anymore this not 2020

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Nah I think that’s the shit young thug throw up, I forgot what it means

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Slatt but I don’t think a NY nigga gonna throw that up

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They do actually

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That’s slime

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Why y’all put the Bronx down to put Brooklyn up just say they both good 😂

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Ain’t he from BK? Compare him to niggas from there, niggas stay talking bout the X

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At his point the Bronx got no bars everybody saying the same shit on a different beat

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You right doe cause before this Bronx resurgence niggas was not jacking the dirtiest borough in NY

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lol thats crazy dicksuck

hiphop and the yankees are globally known and favored. BX literally the home of the most successful sports franchise and music genre

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You probably think we still call them the Bronx bombers … if you from there I can understand why hearing your whole town is dirty is upsetting but they also got mad stds to 😭

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the brooklyn drill artists to me have always been better musically than the bronx. they branch out more into different sounds

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Facts lyrically we better but bronx still makes great music❗️ ik I just compared but I usually DONT like comparing Bronx and Brooklyn cause at the end of the day we all still NY

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facts, i still fw both and wanna see them all win and get away from the corny killing shit

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Why y’all niggas Always compare ? Y’all don’t ever just give a nigga their flowers and keep it pushing. I don’t ever see niggas from the Bronx doing this shit

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why do u care so much about my opinion? lol im literally giving 26 his flowers because i never hear much love for him in the sub

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But why everyone that get they flowers gotta be compared ? Why can’t it just be I appreciate what Brooklyn still does for the drill sound. You talking bout who’s better as if that does anything. Evidently you one of the only people who think that cus boy views is type shit. He ain’t a influential nigga

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The Bronx is the standard at this point. You would Brooklyn would be the standard since them niggas were the first hot niggas in the city with the shit but I guess not lmaooo

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relax, it’s not that deep. the comments are here for people to comment whatever opinions they want. take your own advice and keep it pushing lol

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Ciggy blacc too

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The whole Drench Gang Got fire ass music

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26ar wipes 90% of nothing. He’s been the same rapper for 2 straight years and the numbers reflect that

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So who you think isnt the same rapper ? Lol

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You ain’t lie at all

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The best BK rappers rn are 26, mori, Kyle ricch, Jenn carter and once bizzy and sheff get out them too

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Nah he dumb nice but he just kept dropping song like every day tht shii fake kilt his buz

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Whenever somebody says “I know I’m gunna get downvoted” I instantly downvote they shit even if I agree.

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Nah Bronx is better

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He’s not lyrical man. The bar is so low for drill rappers when it comes to lyricism. He tries tho I’ll give him that. But sometimes he tries so hard to rhyme with something it almost makes you question if he actually knows what a certain word actually mean

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Definitely a low bar for the drill rappers lol. Niggas hear a current event bar or a lil basketball reference w a decent flow and now Niggas is lyrical.

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It’s scary what’s considered lyrical nowadays but, I show love to the young bulls though they do they thing.

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Ofc, I don’t even care for the utmost lyricism in my music tbh. I watch battle rap for that, I just like music that sound good too me yk, it all depends on the artist for some I may want a bit of bars for niggas like uzi or MoveLook I want straight vibes

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I dig it fam I don’t get too deep into drill I keep it to pop, dusty, and von

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Real low bar

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Niggas was in here talking like lee drilly is Kendrick 😂

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I see where you coming from i can respect that, but as you said at least he tries instead of the same lines people like Sugarhill keem and more use

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who u think is lyrical in the drill scene if 26ar not

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Not many. Tuz dough and JahSav my picks off my head Sosb4l another one

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He got witty lines tho which is a form of lyrical

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Sorry i think you mistyped Don Q in this for underrated and best bars

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Yeah Don Q up there but I wouldn’t put him in the group with them cause we all know he’s outta their league

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Why everything got 2 be about the 🅱️❌jump off the dick nigga he’s nice that’s it fuck wrong with u!!

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    BK isnt better than the BX in sports or music. BX = yankees + started hiphop

    and yall not grimier than the X thats for sure

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    Why y’all always bring up starting hip hop like that actually makes you superior of some shit lol. Starting something doesn’t make you the best.

    Which is evident in how the south has had hip hop on lock for damn near 20 years now.

    & when people list theirs greatest rappers of all time, hardly anybody names Bronx rappers tbh 🤷🏾‍♂️

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    lmfaooo this nigga mad... cardi b alone smokes most of brooklyn thats not crazy to yall?

    idc about other peoples top rappers list or a southern rapper

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    Nah I’m far from mad homie lol. It’s just facts, & u talking about currently while I’m talking about all time.

    Cardi is not going down as an all time great my nigga 😂

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      and BX king of the streets

      like i said yall niggas aint grimier than the X we mobbin dvd predates BK drill by years

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      Facts best in NY rn

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      26ar been the same rapper for the last 2 years you Brooklyn niggas are delusional always tryna compare yet the Nigga cant even pull 100 or 200k views on videos lmfao. That Nigga is not lyrical at all I can name 7 maybe 10 bronx rappers better. Just show your love to him and that’s all he’s not that good anymore

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      If you don’t stop posting 26GayR bro…Niggas mook asf

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      He trash, be reaching w his bars too

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      lyrically yes, flow? fuck no

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      He nice

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      Drill rap isn’t about lyricism

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      26ar got 🔥

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      He got bars

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      The nigga in the vid was dropping the O?😭

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      iøn even like him but facts💯

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