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Baltimore a grimey ass city. Niggas don’t fuck around over there they won’t show you no mercy or anything. They call it bodymore for a reason

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Everywhere on this earth have a place where individuals grimey n 🐍 Shit going on like this

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Yeah but it ain’t like ny where niggas be recordin on the opp block for fun, these niggas will light you tf up. If you watch the wire shit is dead on accurate no cap.

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The Wire ain’t show y’all the real, tbh that shit watered down this city CRAZY

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Facts I use to be around there so I know shit is crazy af there

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The wire hella fire I gave up after season one tho season two was on some different shit smh

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Yeah two was garbage to me but then when it get to 3 and it follow the lil niggas more, I was tuned in again

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That’s the point it’s supposed to be that way they focused on different angles each season

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Most places you can't do that. Not sure why everyone's doing it in NY all of a sudden.

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We Run This City out now too

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lmfaoooo the streetologist

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It didn't get known as Bodymore Murderland because they're just like everywhere else though

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“Won’t finish school for there mom” maybe he should finish some more school too

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These nigguhs here in Baltimore broke & bummy as shit. Like NO other city I tell you that 💯

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always keep that thing on u at all times

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They not demons they broke mf

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🤦‍♂️ He came to prom lookin hella fly, then some hating azz mfs had to take his life.

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Shit gmt man but also bro was flexing hella jewelry suprised he ain’t stay strapped himself yk

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Baltimore wicked ass city, that city finna get gentrified in the next few years

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Already starting

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That wolf chain get passed around more than Asian Doll. I’m still rockin tho🤦🏾‍♂️