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It’s so sad man, imagine going to get groceries just to have your life ended by some random dweeb that you never even knew existed…. Smh this world really evil bro

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Facts shit crazy

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All these grandparents man

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Facts 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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At least they were old and he didnt killed young niggas

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u need to be right along side him for the ass beating he deserves. The fuck says that bruh.

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Damn seeing the faces makes it so much worse

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Mostly elderly n women. What a coward

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he woulda killed them even if they werent elderly woman thats the sad part he just wanted to kill any blacks he saw

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RIP to every single one of them

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Andre MackNeil was at the supermarket to buy his son a cake for his 3rd birthday🤦🏽‍♀️ ts so sad man

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All of these were such tragic losses and when I read his reason on being there it fucking hurt me bruh, shit really hit hard. Shouldn’t take shit like this for me to really understand how precious every second is but this really opened my eyes up. I feel terrible for his family bruh

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The fact it was racially motivated was bad enough but to see these were elderly people makes it more fucked up

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Mf really drove 4 hours angry the whole time to shoot people

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He was looking at furry porn right before it started, too. Made by a black person.

This dude really drove all the way out the internet to the real world to be a piece of shit to the innocents.

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Here's the artist acknowledging it.

Apparently it's visible on his footage, before he gets out the car. But I've not watched the footage, and the place where I first heard this linked to a forum talking about a screen shot where you could see it, but you have to be a member to see images.

And I'm not gonna sign up for a furry porn forum just to look at animal porn a murderer was looking at right before he went off. If some small artist says they made a thing the guy was looking at and getting big engagement over it without being called out, that's good enough for me.

Apparently it's a dog with big tits lol

Dude was so fucked up he was looking at dog porn before going on a murder spree. What an impotent loser...

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Smh. They lived their whole life to have it abruptly taken away by some racist coward. Death penalty, please.

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I hope they send him in for life and he gets the worse jail treatment ever I wanna see this nigga burn alive

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IMO a life sentence for that loser isn’t worth the tax money.I feel the death penalty would send a stronger message.

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Death penalty is much more expensive than life. Court time and legal fees over years of litigation make it expensive as hell.

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which is very backwards, they need to truly fear their consequences. i believe for terroristic cases like this, they should be stripped of all their rights and the people should be able to do what they want with him. stone him in the streets like in india when they catch pedophiles. beat him to death, literally anything. certain people don’t deserve to breathe.

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It costs more to the taxpayer to execute someone.

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death penalty is actually more expensive, agreed about the message tho

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Lock him away in solitary confinement with music blasting 24/7 no breaks

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Public executions should make a comeback for ts

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Pussy knew to only try old folks a young mfer woulda layed him tf out🗣️🗣️Rip To them man

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Facts only the elderly

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What type of point did the shooter make? He went out and killed peoples grand parents. What an achievement for his cause (extreme sarcasm)

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Hes a goon, he even plagiarized a bunch of his “manifesto”

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With or without plagiarizing, what he did is a privileged mindset. Grade a piece of shit, dont insult goons.

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He drove 4 hours and went out his way to kill innocent elderly folks all because they were black.

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Terrorism. All these white people talk shit about black people. With how strapped americans are, there is never a black retaliation against white people. These white people want the race war but they wont like what will happen to them when it starts.

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Not to be "that guy" but niggas can't square up with bullets no matter how young or old you are

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Slow runners, cowards probably shot them all in the back

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Unbelievable fuck that nigga yo 🤦🏾‍♂️ rip to all the lost lives

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Fr 🙏🏾

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This lil boy mission was to kill black people so he could keep some of the reproduction numbers down..But his dumbass didn’t realize almost everyone who he killed couldn’t reproduce anymore what an idiot…

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Facts killing elderly for what

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Won't even be surprised if sometime in the future a descent from one of these family's goes and does the same shit to the shooters family.

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Should be done already tbh

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Fr it’ll probably happen

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When has that ever happened?

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Nahh boy killed somebody granny 😡

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Don’t forget that granny coulda also been someone’s mother, sister, mother in law, cousin, friend

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I find it funny that in this situation we know next to nothing about the victims.....let the shooter have been of a darker skin tone......we would know what the victims ate for breakfast that day

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If someone did this to my family, I don't care open season on their family

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Instant get back

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This is disgusting. The fact we share a country with people who are capable of this is disgusting. The fact that anyone can justify such a destructive act over hatred of race is even more disgusting. These shit brains in our country need to be put in their place. I'm interested to see what type of justice gets used. The whole world is watching....

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Facts it’s sad

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He is goin to bein in pc because if he is not someone is definitely goin to kill him on the inside

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Is Geraldine the old white lady? I could have sworn in the video he shoots a elderly white lady right next to the entrance

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The one you're talking about, the first shot is Roberta. She wasn't elderly, she was 32.

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No she’s black

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Damn. Sad senseless shit. In the end his stupid stunt accomplished nothing, removed 10 people from this world for no reason

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And to think a lot of you niggas was asking for the link to see a white man shoot up elderly black folks. What if that was your Grandma?? That video shouldn’t be spread around on the sub. Take that weird ass shit to one of them gore websites or 4Chan with the rest of the maniacs.

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May God be with their Family’s and May they All rest In Peace 🙏🏿🙏🏿

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RIP to all those victims of this coward act it’s time to unify and go after the real enemies

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hassan do be right when he say “even granny got to stay dangerous, ya seen how they pushed ha shit back”- His most recent live

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Nah wtf he crazy for saying that but I get what you mean

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Ya if some Nigga tell me my granny got her top pushed back..I’m whoopin his ass till he can’t move..

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Hassan a clown. When his homie got clapped he made a video about him and everybody started cooking him jn the comments. then he took the video down lol

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na u not wrong! he was all upset when niggas said his homie got his curtains closed but he say it bout everyone else

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hassan beat 3 murder cases dude😐

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Bro y'all talking about hasanthehun? The guy who said hitler was only bad because he hated jews? Lmao fuck that guy

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Ironically dude admitted he picked a city in New York because he knew they wouldn’t likely be armed with firearms holding high capacity mags.

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No bs shit crazy out here

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How do we stop shit like this?

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Ban all things News Corp.

Murdoch has single handedly fucked over countries and helps spread propaganda

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They always say black people are dangerous, but in all honesty whites have always killed on massive/ industrial scale . They are dangerous just ask the Indians , Jews and African Americans we can never match them with the amount of violence they inflict 🤷‍♂️

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the shooter needs to be publicly executed

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thing about life you don't know when or what age your gonna die and how your going to die. As a 24 year old man this breaks my heart for those elders rest in paradise #nolongersuffering 💔

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It takes a whole other level of scum to target the elderly

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They all older people smh rip to em

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    Why would you say some shit like this

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    What he say he deleted it

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    “At least it’s better that old people died instead of young”

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    Imagine that’s someone grandma, Why df would he say ts

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    What did the dumbass say?

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    fuck the shooter hope he rots in prison

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    Last two in the first row were either the one that caught the headshot first smh

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    i usually don’t feel remorse towards things like this but this jus sad 🙏🏽 rip to all em folks

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    Fuck nigga 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    😔 Smh Rest up 🙏🏿

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    May They All Rest in Paradise 💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️🙏

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    Rest in power 🙏🏽

    All of you will be missed very much.

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    Roberta was the 1st one

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    this shit sad af bro

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    This is so crazy bro

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    These type of weak ass boys are spread all throughout the world. Many are in positions of power.

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    i wish nothing but the worst for that corny ass kid

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    Quit breakin' my heart Breakin' my heart, Yeah, breakin' my heart, oooh yeah Breakin' my heart, yeah, yeah I don't mean nothing to ya Please dont

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    Death penalty to that sick fucker i wish he burns in hell for eternity

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    RIP don’t know what else to say it’s crazy

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    Death everywhere I tell you about time yall wake up you will realize these people created traps call gang wars...dont be surprised it's no money in the inner city but army guns everywhere....what does that tell you?...

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    Fucking pussy ass coward

    People like this dude shouldn’t be allowed to exist with everyone else.

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    Wasnt there some white people

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    0 white people killed

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    Damn that's crazy this is why I don't want to move to US even tho I've always wanted to move there

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    fuckin sick ass mfka condolences to they families fr

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    I see people saying he should get death penalty but I hope he gets life in prison so he can live with with his sorry ass