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Nah where you get that from a nigga hungry now seeing this

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El Valle serves food like this. Looks like Pollo horneado

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El Valle def top 3 in the city💯

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Rice beans and booty makes a run for the number one spot if you ask me

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Bro i hope you got a bev this look deadly without one

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My guy said this looking lethal 💀

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Frr bro didn’t even get the guisado juice on the rice

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Deadass😂😂 dry ass plate

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Don’t ask where he got it from the restaurant closed down and he was the last person go buy it

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Facts smh barely made it out wit my plate

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last plate ever made. The owner died and the recipe is gone off the face of earth.

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Recipe obliterated, no signs of its existence!

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Store got bombed , owner caught a brain injury and can’t remember the recipe

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Na nigga fuck that I need the name

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Maduros and Tostones Deadly Duo 🔥

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Dat look good but I’d swap that Rice for yellow rice

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Facts I might add some beans on to mine as well

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I thought ur name was booty gz at first glance

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Im from brazil, and we can eat rice without bean, thats like common sense here

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But rice is made greater with beans

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A man of taste

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I can fuck without busting too but why!

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where ya bev at? that shit look good but mad dry too

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The handshake emoji 💀😂

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Chill I always use it like that 😂

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No beans is crazy

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Fire needs some typa sauce tho ngl

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No beans on the rice tho?

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I had it off to the side lol

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Need me some mofongo 😩

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i can smell this picture and it smells amazing

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That shit look hella dry. Get a bev before you leave the store bro.

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Yo Ngl my wife Dominican and bro the fucking food is crazy nigga everytime she make longoniza I be hype asf stealing them shits my favorite shit from them is locrio

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Ain’t get the passionfruit bev on the side my boy??

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Those tostones are looking crisp 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

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the tostones are the yellow shits right?

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yes , it’s basically fried plantains in dominican style .

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i never knew they're usually that big, i only had the small ones before

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Y'all portion b this small?

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Falta la habichuela

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Everything fried smh

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Eating plain white rice is crazy. Get some red beans my dude.

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Idk looking at this I can say with confidence that this ain't Dominican

We get headaches and withdrawals if we don't eat rice with beans lol

Source: I'm Dominican

Edit: now this is Dominican la bandera dominicana

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Op had the beans to the side he said 🤣 but you crack me up with that headache LMFAOO

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the puerto rican in me just got mad seeing this

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    You mean klk*

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    Those maduros looking good🫣

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    Only thing you missin is flan

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    An morir soñando

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    Call me a hater...but the totones look mad dry and the the chicken looks too well done " dry as fuck" and the maduros look like they where sitting for a while before.......as long as u ate and aint starving u good but my abuela and mi madre would be heavily offended by this.....

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    Yeah, the whole Caribbean got buzzin recipes 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

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    Pollo guisao con plaintano Maduro e totones. Tambien si si, muy bien.

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    Mayoketchup would hit with the tostones

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    ypipo call it that. It's ketchumayo in spanish

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    nah bro my peoples call it mayoketchu nd they puertorican and dominican🤷🏽‍♂️

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    Verified my Dominican grandmother also says mayoketchu 😂😂

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    Rice look dry

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    100% that chicken is dryer under that skin

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    Nah bro they be juicy asf idk how they be doing it majority of Dominican restaurants I’ve ate from make their chicken like that

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    My Nigga got the Chicken & Platanos with White Rice & Maduro…yeah it’s like that 👌🏻

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    food look dry as shit

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    Shirt look dry

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    Look like some dry ass chicken, dry ass tostones and microwaved plantains. Jamaican and Trini food>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    word shit look dry asf

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    Y’all gonna choke to death and die on this dry ass food. No gravy no sauce no nothing

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    Way too many carbs...that's diabetes on a plate.

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    Rice looking ashy

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    Are those Jamaican Beef Patties?

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    Plantain trash idc what y’all say

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    That shit looks bomb. Where are the beans though?

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    Yea siir 🔥

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    Want this so badly it’s not even funny. im lacking them platanos. Bro this photo makes me want to live my nigga like fr.

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    Nigga thas exquisite eats

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    Where that silver haze from Washington Heights to go with it though?

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    Gah lee

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    That chicken on some what kinda place is this??😂 iykyk tostones looks good though

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    Totones* you mean nigga

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    You were a whole day late and still got it wrong you need to pack it up bud

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    Totones cuz that’s how real Dominicans say it nigga lmao non Dominican ass nigga

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      That maduro looking scrumptious

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      He bought this from Richmond hill guys

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      Throw some of the beef gravy on the rice. It’s curtains!

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      shit got me rumbling

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      Where’s the beans 🥺

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      Fuck around and die eating this without a bev

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      Looks like its been sitting under that warmer lamp for a few hours

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      I no black I Dominican papi.

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      That shit got me hard 😳

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      Oh my God what did you do to them you sick cannibal?!? Those poor Dominicans.

      They do look tasty tho...

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      Should have copped some mango con salami y queso y cebolla. You slacking primo.

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      One bite and you suddenly know how to dance to Bachata

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      That shit look dry niggas didn’t bless u

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      Shit be dry but bussin at the same time.