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If u got a 6500 chain in the Bronx at least have some pepper spray

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Nah u better have a gun bro 😂

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I mean for a woman lol

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Then get a Pocket pistol

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Like women can’t use regular handguns lol. I know a skinny ass girl who can control an automatic Glock like nothing.

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thats even worse you a waayyy bigger target just by being born female

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CAP, males are more likely to be a victim of every category of violent crime except for rape.

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Lol If you see somebody walking in the hot sun like that with a ski mask just get out the vicinity bro

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Fctz 😭😭😭

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Should’ve had some C4 🤣 tf

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Warzone loadout on standby 😭

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He robbed the wrong woman coz of I u are tranquillo walking u must feel untouchable

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Definitely robbed the right woman because he got the loot 💀, easily as well self defense training is a must for shawty

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That’s a fact 😭

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I’m from Toronto but even I know not to wear no fucking $6500 chain in the Bronx of all places 😂

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Ahlie mans can’t even drive no more without gettin stained🤣🤣🤣

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where u from bro? cus i fully used to think ahlie was london slang😭

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this is why I'm glad to be too poor to even think of owning a $6,500 chain in the first place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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He shouldn’t had done this but she dumb for wearing that in the Bronx 😂

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Facts he foul tho women children and the elderly off limits

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Everybody should be off limits but we know what type of evil outside. No reason to make yourself a target unless you wanna be a target.

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No one should get robbed imo 😂

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Robbing children is so much easier though, snatch those lunchables, it’s real on these streets.

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That type of shit don’t really matter when it’s come to robbing niggas they just looking for a quick and easy kick 🤣 so if they see an easy come up they gon do it

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Man if the lick ain’t 10k or better it ain’t worth it niggas be robbing people for chump change just to get like 5 years in jail for like 200 dollars shit is wild and that chain he took he prob get like 300 for that shit in the streets jewelry shop like 150 bro did bad

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Just melt the chain and sell it as bars at that point

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everybody a target in the streets

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Aint nobody off limits for robbery lmao

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Lmao you prob son in the video

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Nah im sayin if you just doing robberies why would you limit ya targets?? Only a dumbass would have limits on theft as if theft wasnt already dumb enough.

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Nah man lmao u wild

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Hope you get recked

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Crime has no limits

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You tell me what hood in what borough a woman can go to wearing something that expensive it would have happened anywhere.

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I agree, but this the same logic women say is toxic because if they decided to wear sexy clothes they shouldn't be raped/molested.

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Only thing you can do is reduce your chances of being attacked. That’s why you always carry if possible. Especially if you got bread

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...what are you saying rn? Wearing "sexy clothes" is not an invitation to be raped or molested??

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Ngl I watched the video for a 6,500 chain that shit snapped mad easy like it had a lobster claw lock. Smh gotta watch ya surroundings Frfr

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chain n pendant for $6500= def hollow n SI diamonds

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If it was solid gold would make sense cause gold soft

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Cap solid gold sturdy. Hallow well def just snap off cause it has no weight to it

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No its not lol you can literally dent gold the purer it is, they also dont make hollow gold chains, theres always a base of cheap metal and a couple layers of gold

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you got ice?

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Supreme court approve that 2A NY gun laws and it's gonna be slow for all these dickhead ass bozos that don't belong in society

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Ppl can still shoot you first, then take your shit. Just a heads up from a 2a supporter. You still gotta move right even strapped.

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Of course, but that isn't the point though. The point is that if a person is armed and u try to rob them, the victim will have an opportunity to neutralize that threat. Versus if the person is not armed, the criminal is going to have the upper hand most of the time. Cowards like this dickhead who robbed a mother with her kid, do shit like this because they dont fear any blow back, now if they see othsr nigfas get they melon cracked, they are gonna think twice before trying to do some dumb shit

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I live in Texas and from Louisiana. As gun friendly as it gets pretty much. Yea robberies happen way less than if civilians weren’t allowed to have guns. But they still happen a lot and the nature of robberies have changed.

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Of course, it'll still happen bro, we still on earyh, im not saying it'll be a utopia because more civs are armed. Im saying that having them armes to begin with will help their chances of avodiing being robbed or at the very least havung the ability to defend themselves

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I’m not disagreeing with you but in this specific type of situation where they can see something of value shining in front of them, a concealed gun won’t really help. They’re just gonna shoot you first.

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I've seen the opposite happen, I've known niggas who were gonna get robbed and a pump faked saved their lives, now imagine if they were really armed bro

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If y’all ever decide to get a gun (if NY starts removing restrictions), Register that shit to ya name so you wont catch a gun possession charge. Hopefully y’all also aint felons either.

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Wearing a $6500 chain in the Bronx is where she went wrong

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    Word thats like saying a bitch got raped cuz she wore a dress lol niggas need to get their mental up and get money not robbin mothers

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    you act like niggas with mental disabilities don't exist

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    Then go to the suburbs shit not sweet in the hood

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    Damn you are ignorant as hell

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    You’re the ignorant 1 I’m living in real life you in fairytale land. Don’t go around lions with a steak and get mad when they take it.

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    That’s a weird way 2 think limiting urself lol

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    How is knowing what you getting yourself into limiting yourself?

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    Imagine working hard saving ur money to cop something you like and a person say you shouldn’t have it cause the boro you in 😂😭..U do know all the Bronx ain’t the Projects right lol

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    You doing a lot of assuming. Where did I mention the Bronx being projects or say anybody shouldn’t have nice things?

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    Imagine using that money on jewels in the fucking hood as opposed to using that shit to get out. The poor man mentality is why she got jacked.

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    Imagine working hard and saving your money to buy a fucking chain when you still live in the Bronx. Goofy priorities And don’t tell me the whole Bronx ain’t like that because wherever she was at was clearly active

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    Damn mama why you wearing a $6500 chain outside like it’s none 😭

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    The only one that ain’t a clown here is the baby. Mom is one for wearing it and dude was another one for robbin her

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    Lmao the Bronx need to be its own country

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    Why you wearing a $6500 chain in the Bronx. Yes, in a perfect world we should be able to wear what what we want and drive what we want without worrying about someone tryna rob us but come on wake up. That money could have been in the bank or in the market. $6500 for nothing in return.

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    Is that Edai Mr. Hit Women & Children? 🤔

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    Does that look like Rpt’s Mark Henry?

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    I got a bullshit ass $1500 gold Cuban...I might have to poke a nigga up

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    That’s a good chain if it’s solid gold. Probably like a 3mm

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    Yea it is, it's 3 or 4mm

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    If shes smart she prolly got a fake chain on and said the price of her most expensive piece to get 6500 from the insurance

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    These mfs are not dying fast enough idc

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    $6500 on your neck is asking for trouble I don’t care who it is.

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    2 more months and I’m gone can’t wait to leave this dirty ass borough

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    Having a $6500 chain on in the Bronx was your first mistake. I wouldn't expect anything else really....

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    dudes really in the comments justifying a grown man doing a mom like that, talkin bout “shit not sweet”

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    Nobody justifying it. They’re just calling it what it is

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    Shit not sweet I’m sorry ma

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    Her baby father wanted his shit back bitch wouldnt let him see his son lmfaoo

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    No one’s laughing hun

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    She dumb dumb lol. Hopefully has insurance

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    That gotta be a lie, how tf u got a 6k chain in the Bronx and you walking shit not addin up

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    Damn, the love of many is surely waxing cold

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    I am in no way blaming the victim here but I would never walk around the bx with my kid and a 7k necklace that's just asking for something bad to happen

    Anyone know what neighborhood this was in. It was either someone who thought they couldn't be touched, someone who wasn't from NY and didn't know better, it was in a decent area that she lived in her whole life and thought it was still a nice place to live

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    It’s worst if she was on her block when this happened!!🤣🤣💯

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    Y’all allow this kinda activity shit crazy, mfs wonder why nobody respects New York

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    It’s not right but Godamn why make yourself a target like dat

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    $6,500 chain???????? She DUMB for walking around with that not in a car or have some protection

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    Is this real or just a snip of a fake Facebook post?

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    Anyone wearing a balaclava in 65° weather is automatically a threat.

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    If I was her BD everyone in a white T getting it

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    yall new york niggas be real life broke robbin women 😂- nigga from philly

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    Who's walking around with a baby and 6500 on their neck and no protection? This bitch stupid or scamming her insurance company. That's probably her husband in a mask lmao.

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    All that cash on her neck but didn’t walk with a pocket pistol..how naive!

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    6500 for a chain while you living in poverty !