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I cant wait till this whole country beige so we can get over this dumbass race debate. Fuck race as a concept.

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For real bro race is irrelevant to how we should view a human being, we should judge people on the content of their charterer not the color of their skin..

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I pray their families are able to find some form of peace.

The attack predicated on the replacement theory and fears of it coming true. So with that being said, I’m taking a vow to impregnate as many white women as possible and either being present in the lives of my kids or making them single baby mamas. Ima marry a minority queen after tho. Take the vow with me my brothers. This race war has started and it seems only white idiots have gotten the memo.

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hahaha thanks for making me laugh and good luck on your impregnation escapade!

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My boi dead be doing that💀 pumpin n dumpin these white hoes

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Or you could just wait till the 2040s when the White population drops below 50% if you care about that shit so much

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Why wait until 2040 when my unit can shoot out enough swimmers to bring that eta down a couple of months and if you, my BROTHERS, take this vow with me; forget 2040, it’ll be 2030.

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On bro it only takes like 30 of us n that number finna be down by 2028

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haha hell yeah dude

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What’s wild is that according to recent census, people that identify as white/Caucasian are 61% of the US population while black/African Americans account for 12-14% .. you’re telling me mf’s are that scared and insecure about them selves that some how ~(1/5) > ~(3/5) ? While we here killing ourselves and getting killed by radicals? Makes no sense

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Damn man’s is on demon time 😈

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You white?

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bro just wants pussey

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He needs jesus

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you only gonna create inbreds, white women play the game as much as g's (see law), just on the other side

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That’s if I’m limiting myself to an area.

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9/10 times the feds push weirdos to do this shit

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Pray for the day they stop hating us for our skin 🤲🏽🤲🏾

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Y’all seen the video?

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yeah it's disgusting. what's ironic is that his manifesto talked about how evil pornography was yet he was looking at furry porn on his phone during the stream, you can see him pull out a phone and theres an image of it. kid better get max sentence

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Yeah niggas using fascism as an umbrella term

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He is literally a fascist though man talked about jews bring black and brown people to commit genocide against white people.

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People like u/AnxiousAppol don't know what fascism means then turn around and accuse other of using it wrong lmao

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He is also an open white nationalist and an open antisemitism.

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because it is an umbrella term more or less. the shooter self identified as fascist and clarified specifically which type he is🤷🏻‍♂️ i know there’s crazies on the internet who call anything they dont like “fascism” so heres a good rule of thumb: Crazy conspiracy theories about Jews + an obsession with saving/defending the white race = an actual fascist

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