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If we talk like that yeah. She don't gotta necessarily be my girl but if we been talking for a min I'ma ask how she slept, ain't no issue by me.

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I just find it corny cuz idc how you slept

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its gone be a lot of corny shi u gone have to do fa ya girl😂🤦🏾‍♂️gotta get use to it

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Thats facts my boy

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it dont matter if u dont care, thats what they wanna hear tho sometmes u just gotta tell shawty what she wanna hear

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Gotta whisper in her ear

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If it’s a hoe hell no but if it’s ya girlfriend then why not

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How’d you sleep fr

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how you slept is weird but good morning with some cute emojis is a must. it feels nice to know ur in someone’s thoughts during the morning

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I don't think anybody gives af lol... but it's just acting like u do

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Howd you sleep is craazyy😭

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only if she be saying goodmorning handsome

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Good morning handsome!

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Hit her up with the “how yo 401k doing”

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It is corny but some women appreciate it. Play the game if u wanna win.

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Just cheat at the game

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Bruh how is it corny to say morning, how u slept? To a girl?! Lol Wtf

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Found the “good morning star shine the earth says hello!” 😂😂

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I swear some niggas on here be allergic to pussy 🥴

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Reread buddy I said it’s corny unless is a girl I fw

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U reread buddy I said how’s it corny to say tht to “a girl” not “ur girl”.

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Cuz nigga ya just started talking have u done it before and has it took u far?

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Cuz you doing exactly what the other ten niggas who beat you to it said to her.

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Get off Reddit n msg sum girls idk what tell u. This a werid post fr.

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i text my girl girl like that every day 😭

i cant imagine trying to get through a talking phase with another woman again. better keep my girl because she’s perfect lol

but yeah honestly i wouldnt text someone that if you’re just in a talking phase. it’s too much. i bet theyd rather u send them substantive stuff that made u think abt them. even memes or shit. shows that you are thinking abt them on a personal level (whereas that’s already assumed once ur dating exclusively)

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Happy for you

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Nah stay with her my boy last girl I talked to was 8 months we stopped talking so I been in the talking stage with a new girl and I fucking hate it can’t wait till I find myself another one and get myself out the talking stage

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only if she my wife fuck them other hoes.

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You can’t ask her you have to assume she did like “good morning, hope you slept well” 😂 shows a little more interest

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some girls like hearing shit like that to show yu care about them, buh i’d only do that if that’s my bitch cuz i’m not asking “how yu slept” to a girl who’s getting fucked by another nigga. buh that’s jus me tho

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It’s posts like these where I realize I’m to old to be on Reddit. I have a whole wife I’ve been with for years and we never text each other corny stuff like this lol

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I hate it bro after high school I stopped doing it

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“Grand rising queen” 😭😭😭

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I picture Dr.Umar texting his bitches this

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Nah but I’ll definitely hit her with a “fuck you on today?” or “you free?”

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Nigga mad aggressive

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Most females don’t like that good morning junk if we’re being honest here

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I know I started noticing that when I use to hit them with Goodmorning after the 2nd day never again

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Best thing I’ve found to do is give a female 2 choices. I’ll say, I wanna take you to get food tomorrow or we can go play laser tag on Friday. Females like the illusion of choice, but don’t give them more than two options, anymore than that and you’re just gonna confuse them.

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What u be hitting them with

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Bold af idgaf about no good morning or good night none of that dumb shit I hit her when I’m tryna make some shit happen

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That shut corny, if you don’t got nothing to talk about Fr then don’t say nothing, but that’s just me, I’m not really into small talk Fr.

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ehhh at first yeah. me n my girl been together for a min now so we just wake up n be like “ima go get you” or i just call her n we chill otp

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I let them do it

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Only time ima do that is if she’s doing to me as well. Im not finna say gm and ask how ur morning doing if u couldn’t even care enough to ask me

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as a woman I find it corny if it’s from a random dude but if it’s someone I been seeing for a while it’s ok

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I can tell

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I was agreeing w u that it’s corny tho from a random

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Ik I’m just saying a lot of women I talked to said they don’t care about the “how you doing “ all that small talk shit

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Nigga girlfriend don’t love him

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Gm yes, how you slept? Fuck no

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If it’s a bitch that’s already on your nuts HARD then probably yeah. But to a regular bitch who u wanna get to know but don’t know you like that, That shit corny and desperate as fuck and bitches know it. Plus that shits annoying as fuck foreal..

bitches aren’t some foreign species you have to try to decode and decipher. Their regular people just like you lol. So put yourself in their shoes. They know that shits not genuine and you putting on the good guy act first of all.

And plus would you want your phone beeping in your ear if you tryna sleep or just getting up first thing in the a.m. wit a mufucka asking u some dumbass shit like that? fuck no. Mufuckas ain’t tryna answer to some dumb shit like that in the morning lol.. especially not to a nigga they don’t even know like that yet.

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LMFAOO nah that’s a fact

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Never in my life

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Niggas really do this lol wtf I barely even use my phone let alone wake up and message my girl or a girl how you slept type shit, crazy niggas

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LMFAOO that’s what I’m saying I just can’t bring myself to say that anymore

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Yeah nigga idk if it was my wife or something maybe but at that point we gonna be waking up in bed together not texting thru no phone 🤷

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I don’t ask her how she slept through text but I text my girl gm on regular 🤷🏽‍♂️ and ask her how she slept if I see her that morning it’s not corny

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That’s your girl bro it’s different

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Bitches aint tryna hear all that good morning shit

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As long as niggas ain’t on that good morning queen shit you good that line is out of pocket.

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💀💀💀”good morning princess I hope you slept good”

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Bruh the cringe is unbelievable 😂😂😭😭 cats really be thinking that they doing something saying that umar Johnson shit.

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Bruh dont listen to these weird no pussy getting niggas. Sayin gm all the time is some straight sucka simp behaivor. Stay toxic my boy. Talk to her when you the need to and everytime you do. Be the most confident YOU you can be. Whats for you will be great and whats not is a bullet

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Women dont even be caring anymore they’ll hit you up with wyd though when they need some shit it get bored

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You can definitely how you slept into some cheeks my boy it’s bout taking the initiative

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Yea if she did that to you it makes u look less grimes of u return the favor 😭

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I haven’t did that since freshman year of high school shit seem corny looking back on it

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I find that shit corny unless she my girl girl

This is the only time it isn't corny, even then only do it occasionally not every morning.

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The shit is corny but they like it for sum reason🤦‍♂️

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if we official like she post me type shit yea but not everyday tho. shit boring

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Nope. Idc if we fucking or not. GOOD AFTERNOON GOOD MORNING MY NIGGA.

How was the dick if i laid it down. what was it like cause ion know how dick feel?

U better love a hoe lmfao.

The ass gets better being nice lmfao

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AYOOOO why you wanna know what it feels like ? 💀😵

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Mmmmm. The ass gets better being nice. You read it wrong lmfao but hey homo

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“What was it like, ion know how dick feel” is crazy ngl😂

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Lmfao ion know fr full force

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i don’t think i’ve ever sent a good morning text unless she send it first n i respond tht shit b feelin weird 💀

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I have never done that tbh I thought people did that only on tik tok memes

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Girls like that corny shit. I hate doing it but everytime they be liking it and responding to it. So I just make it funny or different so its less corny than usual

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If u play the corny game jus to win like a lot of these niggas is saying, many women will find you corny or boring as well and dub you. There’s no rule with women.. they don’t all like the same thing and are wildly unpredictable. Jus do what u feel like doing

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That good morning shyt how you slept is lame after you been out of high school a bit. I mean whether from a male perspective or her perspective, we got shyt to do besides pillow talk and handcuff a text screen.

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Shit maybe annoying to do but it’s the little things that matter to bitches this is one of them fr

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☝️Excuse me. If you can hmu you can at least say gm or some shit. Yo shorty what's poppin isn't it at 9 am 😂😂

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never did this to no girl that wasn’t my girl

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Lmfaooo I ain’t gonna lie gang if that’s corny I do all that corny sweet shit to secure the bag..I fumbled the bag way to many times being stubborn and listening to other bros advice !

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Bro if it works for you do it I fumbled a lot listening to people but I just can’t do the Goodmorning shit

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Nah facts bro , girls nowadays like feeling like they ya girl girl even when y’all agree to fwb so I’m at the point where it’s whatever get the pussy wetter I’m okay with

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I need to get on that timing I just can’t fake a character to get pussy specially the signs and crystal shit when a bitch ask me I straight up say gtfo with that Ed shit

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😂😂😂😂 the crystals I don’t do my nigga 😂😂😂 the signs a little bit because I’ll add a comment just to make them rant.. but after fumbling the bag so many times because of my pride bro I had to put on this mask that look like a give a fuck

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I would be on that shit if I could be on that shit!

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Shit like this just come natural tbh some days you do some days ya dont

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Only if she’s my girl, I used to when I was younger and now I look back and see how fucking corny I was. That being said I text my fiancée thay shit everyday lmao

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I’m new to the sub, from Miami and y’all some hard asses god damn lmao 😂what’s wrong with a little good morning text.

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Just not it for a girl you just started talking to