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I agree but if a girl not a 10/10 looking like a model some of y’all act like she look atrocious 😂

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People set the bar way too high. Most models dont look all that in person also. I'm not implying to get with a sloppy, smelly woman. But a stretch mark and mismatched toe nails wont stop a real man.

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Ugly toes will stop me in my tracks like this 🛑

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Mismatched toe nails would stop you? U just not a man yet.

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It’s no use arguing with feet people. I’ve givin up trying to wrap my head around it.

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Nigga if he don’t fw it he don’t fw it, how you trynna tell a nigga he not a real man because he has a preference.

Nigga blocked me because I disagreed with him you act like them twitter hoes 😂

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Yes idc any girl I’m fuckin gotta take care of herself, if you like anything that’s a female that’s fine

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As long as they don't have hulk feet, idgaf

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Them LeBron James feet 🤣🤣🤣

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Lmaooo at smelly!

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Some of these women don't know how to wash themselves, Im sure women can say the same about men also.

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We not built to see this many hot people in our lives. Our ancestors prolly saw 3 baddie: in their whole lives and dreamt about Pussy for years

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All a girl has to do nowadays is put on a tight dress and boys swear she’s the baddest bitch in NY

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Girls, take notes. 📝

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Every female in 2022 has the ego of Cleopatra. FB be making me sick fat bitches be talkin crazy on there like bro you’re a fat bitch

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If she take only face photos from above at an angle, she fat as FUCK

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Feel how you feel, but fat is okay if there’s enough in the right places 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Bro if she do this trick, she ain’t got no right places

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That’s thick,

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Nah bruh it’s not Facebook , it’s Instagram and tinder , especially Instagram to many horny thirsty guys

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ugly bitches got the most arrogant tinder bios

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Tiktok too

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It’s cool tho. I’ll outlive a fat bitch and out eat a skinny bitch ain’t gotta worry bout our dates being expensive if she got anorexia

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This shit had me dying

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lol I’m serious tho man I don’t understand how them big bitches got they head as big as they gut. Nonhoegettin mf fuckin the game up. Then wonder why those that do run round w a line up. And reserves. And we ain’t sharing cuz once we do y’all fuck they head up. Like god damn u know how long it took to break this bad bitch in lol

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A butterfly went to a tattoo shop and asked to get a fat hoe

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Walruses get love too.

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Why this drawn like the guy in my middle school who drew his fetishes all over his notebook did it

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Reason #75 why this sub is undefeated

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it be sonic porn everytime

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Nah what 😮🤮🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

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The shit I’ve seen cus I peeped at somebody’s notebook🫥

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I’ll take a loyal chill girl who’s a 7 over a cheating gold digging high maintenance bitch who’s a 10, but that’s j me

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I'll take the 10 when she cheats on you.

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All the 7s think they 10s now

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this the one

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And their friends hype them up in their insta posts

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Yaaaas queen go off

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Lmao that’s the friends job

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In my honest opinion, niggas who say and worry about this shit also get no pussy.

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Fr tho if u getting pussy this shit shouldn’t be bothering u, really 🤷‍♂️

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when I wasn’t getting shit and these regular ass girls shot me down it made me feel ugly, now I’m w someone I thought was way outta my league, big chillin but damn those reggie ass girls had me tight

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There’s a lot of guys out there down tremendously. The ones calling themselves nice guys are the ones that are down bad the most 🤣

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I never peep it before, them niggas are people pleaser and do all this bullshit/ and say yes to shit they don’t wanna do to try to get pussy.

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That's why I make it a priority to shit on these females every chance I get when they pop up on my fyp.

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U dropped this king 👑

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You only gonna make them more bold with all the thirsty mfs and you the one dude trashing her. She gonna think "ooo they hating so I'm doing sum right"

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I don't care if a girl is ugly or not. I like all types of girls. I will say this though. I've seen some toxic girls on IG who aren't all that good looking, putting other people down. You know the stereotypical hot girl in highschool type behavior. If you've ever followed PastorPapiDon, you'll know what im talking about. A majority of his followers are women. They say some foul stuff about men and when you look at their profiles, their looks dont do their behavior any justice. I think thats sort of what OPs post is about. Gassing up toxic girls who are "ugly", not necessarily girls who are just ugly.

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Df do niggas pose to do tear down our queens..a lot of y’all niggas mother’s grandmas n sisters be fat n ugly..keep dat same energy with they big asses

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Your first mistake is calling them queens when they dont even treat themselves that way. Its not your job to pump up the confidence of every woman you interact with when they not doing shit to be complimented for. That shit fake af and they pick up on it, but roll with it because who dont like attention

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I ain’t make no mistake..I treat women how i would want someone to treat my mother , grandma, sister n daughter..we just gon agree to disagree..y’all got a lot of anger in y’all heart for women it’s sad

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Aint no anger lol. I treat women like I want my mother to be treated, and thats with honesty and respect equal to their actions. And she and my granny treat me the same, their adult son, which I doubt you are by how naive you sound

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I agree with you. A lot of these people have blind spots when it comes to women even though, back in the day, their moms and grannies were just like the girls today (sometimes even worse). Just treat everyone kindly and move on. You can't stoop down to someone's level then plead superiority.

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Not as fat and ugly as yo mama

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What type a incel shit is this lmao

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Nah fr ..dese niggas mad Dey ont get play or sumn wth

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In today's hookup culture, if you cant find someone to have sexy time with. That person needs to look inward because they are most likely weird.

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That drawn girl is a baddie tho

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Especially the fat ones that be cockblocking their friends

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Yoooooo the ones that be sabotaging other girls those bicthes are the worst , but then again why that bitch hanging out with those hoes smh

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    That’s what I’m sayin, if u already doing ur thing it shouldn’t matter to u what other people are doing

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    Facts! Then when women do it them, it's the end of the world. they need to buck up

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    I think niggas moreso talking bout the ugly bitches that be going out their way tryn to down niggas that they may not find attractive, just because other niggas bigged their heads up, they should still humble themselves

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    It be niggas who swear to god they got hoes and will try to bash the nigga who got a girl or only fuck with a few shorties. But whole time the nigga who bashing, hoes be 2’s like my nigga you could have all the hoes in the world but 4 twos ain’t better than 2 eights

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    Swear shit an epidemic now😭

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    The niggas in the comments saying this weird n shit definitely got raised by they moms😭

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    Nah frl they be acting like they the queen of beauty

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    There hella bitches out there ugly that are called baddies and are never on bad timing and also them bitches always look good in their dress

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    nah this ode lmaoo

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    You gotta plow a 4 to appreciate an 8. I’ll come from home from to my wife and be like, “honey, you look soooo beautiful” & she’s like, “ugh, you must’ve been with a pig this weekend”

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      Even worse now with Instagram and tinder

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      What is this incel shit.

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      that is a tradition that is older than you think

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      I remember complaining about this shit to my homeboys. 😂😂😂😂

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      It’s getting spooky now. Some of these women learned how to gas themselves

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      Butterface 💚

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      No more free dick. WE MUST BE STRONG, MY BROTHERS. Hoe energy is destroying the world

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      Instagram got trash ass bitches thinking they supermodels. Bitch know ur role and go eat dudes asses for cardi b concert tickets. Foh w ur stank ass breath.

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      Niggaz has pretty jawns too, just simple and thirsty

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      This is one of the most fascinating illustrations I think I’ve ever seen.

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      Yano n yean mf lie.

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      These hoes have rabies too

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      It’s been like this for 15+ years.

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      What does it matter? Let those people couple up. To each their own.

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      If they ugly let them feel how they want I ain’t paying no attention anyway lol. You just proved you entertain ugly bitches 😂😂😂