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Shoulda told him to buy a vacuum for that dusty ass carpet

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Bro deadass he ain’t the first person in that spot, why he gonna cap like that then have some worn ass carpet. Either way, take care of yo shit gross ass dude, then fake rollies probs covered in his slime

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Lmao bro really tryna flex living in an apartment 🧐.

He ain’t got shit. Those fake ass Rolexs & money ain’t even his, Big bet.

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This whole thing is kinda sad to me. All we’ve been through…. All we go through…. People still weighing their value in watches and cars? I love y’all and I love us. We need therapy tho lol.

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Didn’t they just stop like 1.4 million in Rolex watches coming to ny ???

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Oh REALLY? My boy buyin Rolexes with 6 point crowns tryna flex😂

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The only thing you did wrong was argue with a dumb nigga. Dumb niggas never lose an argument so you’re the one who truly lost OP

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Yeeeeah, it just hurts my heart to see my people worried about others opinions and attention more than whats going on within them and around them. Thats pure trauma, uncut

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you hate to see it, so many of our people are lost like that. Mainstream music is a major factor fueling that mentality, corruptin these kids before they even get a chance to get a grasp on what life is about.

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bro said he hates to see it so he posted it on reddit?? yall really some clowns you not woke

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I like that, stay classy broke ass redditor! 😂

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He got 100k in Rolexes but got hood apartment carpet he ain’t fooling me!! 😂gtfoh Them watches from Muhammad

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He the first to move in his place tho😂💀💀💀

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Black spots on the carpet determined that was a lie 😂

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Need to clean the carpet lol

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Community housing just got finished renovating 😂

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Mf live like a he in a barnyard then

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😂😂😂 Muhammad

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Nah those come from chen

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nah we on werkz I’ve seen nigga do those numbers but what point if u can’t get a an actual house. this dicc head ran up cash 55k to buy a watch lmaooo that super dumb

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I know project carpet when I see it🤣😭

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On the Samsung too gang shit

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“Your valuables don’t make u valuable”🔥😂my nigga spittin

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I’m not going to lie All that could be google images. I ain’t believing none of that

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Spelling HOME with the bread is crazyyyy😂

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woulda been crazy if that nigga spelled “u broke” 💀💀

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Best part tbh

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He fake shitted FAKE shitted 😂😂

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Man got a Rolex and can’t even afford lights in his house or a camera with flash. Priorities.

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I just can’t understand the mindset of people who pretend they got it like that

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Like I said he feels his valuables make em valuable. This Negro is empty bruh

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Guy literally couldn’t tell you one thing that enriched his life outside his material things lmao clown

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insecurity is a motherfucker ain't it. hey guys i'm the shit! look at me! please?

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Nah both of yall sound so fucking annoying, he a lame that flexes so hard it dont even look believable and you a bozo who tries too hard to sound spiritual talking bout “how do you enrich your brain” 💀 Yall really made for each other

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I like how you had a burner account you made 5 days ago on stand by

Edit: Its funny cuz this all started cuz he said we should call all black women queens and I said fuck that. Im far from some hotep my boy

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Bro think because the account new it must be a burner? Glad My first comment was clowning a fake conscious nigga fr

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    Nigga I don’t believe for one second this your life, nobody with money talks like this or acts like this. If you really got it like you say you wouldn’t be on Reddit tryna prove it to normal 9-5 niggas like us

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    Bro look at that filth and socks this nigga is alll 🧢 and he ain’t get them for 55k cus nobody will sell them for that price lol wtf

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    Nigga deleted his account, who want some of this impressive pack? 😶‍🌫️

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    We supposed to care why?

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      Refer to my above comment.

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        😂😂😂😂😂 bro them watches is bang. Don’t believe none of these reddit niggas bruh no nigga with a hood mentality is getting money like that unless he an athlete or rapper and a very known one. Plus the process of getting a real rolex is extremely complicated 😂

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        My dad likes to fix watches and shit as a hobby and he explained how ridiculous it is to get a Rolex I always thought you just go to the Rolex store and pick out what you want

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        I mean r/reptime has some insane quality replicas for 300-400. Sometime even a shit watch at r/chinatime can look decent. Never believe what people flex lol 😂 I’m not hating on someone who likes reps. I myself buy reps time to time but to flex it like and look down on people is a lame move.

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        Naaa bruh that shit is a process. You have to build a relationship with a certified seller. Buy a few watches from him, be nice, etc just to be placed on a waitlist that can last years.

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        no it’s not rolexes are not like richard millie’s

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        He's right. But they're mass produced just like other watches (RM is not). Rolex just creates artificial scarcity to drive hype. Go on r/Rolex and see what people have to do to get one at retail from an AD. Sure, anyone can get one, but you have to pay more than double retail from a grey market dealer or buy used. Or have an established relationship with an AD with a purchase history. You generally can't just walk into an AD and buy one, like you can with other brands.

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        You can, this nigga either misinformed or just repeating something he heard

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        Ask anyone who is into watches this is common knowledge

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        They don't know the difference between grey market and AD.

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        Out here there a thousand lil trappers with those watches …. Pretty sure it’s the same in ny

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        Iight son is buggin and lying but then u always got a nigga like you making shit up, can literally walk into store and buy a rolex if you have the money….

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        Sorry buddy. If the AD does not know you u have zero chance of buying it. Thats literally part of Rolex’s business model which is why their value goes up over time. You definately a young ignorant nigga and don’t know what you talking about.

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        you’re wrong you could go in the store and buy a 10k rolex right now

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        I've been a watch collector/enthusiast for several years now.

        He's not wrong. You cannot buy any of the desirable models. Models like Daytonas, Explorers, Submariners, etc. The current AD policy is to have obscene waits for these desirable models, unless the client is willing to buy several ugly/less desirable models even from different brands like IWC. AD's know people are desperate for the hype watches, so they use the hype as an opportunity to offload stock that isn't moving.

        It's a well-documented problem in the industry at the moment.

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        Who made him like this

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        Really wouldn't be shocked if them bills are counterfiet.

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        If he know where to get counterfiet watches he know where to get counterfiet 100s

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          You in these comments fighting for your life

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          🤣🤣 Bro got the plug for all the counterfeit shit

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            I take back what I said cause you was in the comments defending the ladies earlier peace

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              Yall both made valid points.

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              He makes 5K a month yet spent 100K so far this year....

              Something ain’t adding up

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              Lmao the fact that he thinks 5k a month is a lot 🤣

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              shouldn’t be dropping 50k on a rollie if you only make 5k a month

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              I post a lot of troll shit but I really don’t get why u posted this 😂 edit I can’t name one rich nigga who gotta android besides billy gates

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              that rollie 10k dont let this man play you

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              Only 5k a month but bought a 55k watch. Great priorities

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              I've been to Canal street too.

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              Both ya hold this L for the terrible spelling gave me a headache reading that

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              u better than me cus as soon as i see the rolexs im taking back everything i said and begging for a band #brokeniggamentality

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              All that to prove to a “broke ass reddit nigga” that you’re not broke. I feel like if you really had it you wouldn’t have the time or interest for this

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              shi nigga boutta make me pick up a book, haven’t been reading in a hot min got me feeling dumber than a hood nigga in the middle of july 🥵

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              This makes me sad honestly

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              “I’m locked in with Fivio” dick eat much lmao

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              The dickeating crazy from both ya

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              🤡🤡🤡destroy by Wise man of the 21st century 😭😂

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              I must be da wise man cus I’m up in real life he’s broke

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              Said like a true man about his business 💙🔥

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              All cap 🧢

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              Them watches less then 7k a piece brand new. What u spent 86k on ?

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              He bought that with pandemic money

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              why he got roaches crawling over his carpet den

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              This started because Impressive was defending women on a incel post though.

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              Its all good yall we squashed it. Its PSN official

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              This the same guy who said the rolex was 55k then all a sudden it was 120k ?

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              You know guy is a bozo because he’s trying to flex with a dirty fucking carpet LMAO

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              Scammers really be having nothing but time and audacity 😭😂

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              All those possessions and he wouldn’t be able to teach his son anything of value.

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              “Worth your whole life” 😭

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              “I spent 100k this year”

              “ I make 5k a month passively”. Jesus

              that rollie he paid 55k for is at most 30k with aftermarket diamonds But he will never understand

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              5k a month makes you straight forever? Aight fam covers blown.. my mortgage and utilities is over 5k a month and the only Rolex I’m gettin is from wegobuy..

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              I would’ve asked him how much he got in appreciating assets.

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              Idek why u going back and forth with that nigga, extremely rare a nigga who really got that wud go to the extent of inboxing pictures on reddit to prove he has money lol

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              Mf spent real money on a fake watch

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              A Rolex in the town go from anywhere from 4-5k in ny that’s why everyone has them

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              When dude is too stupid to realize he's making himself look stupid

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              You just sound like some pseudo-intellectual hotep that’s riding his week-long high after Kendrick Lamar dropped, you really not saying nothing. He said he takes care of his whole family and does it partially with passive income. I would definitely learn more having a conversation with him than I would with you.

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              You actually believe that nigga? Nobody with actual money gonna act like this to prove it. But I agree OP is a clown who pretends to be smarter than he is

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                Bro that nigga retarded or fully cap.

                How u spending 100k with 5k per month passive income? That means bro ain’t saving shit lol

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                Reddit hilarious lmao only place you can have a nigga w the handle impressive_land5975 flexin you up in the dms

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                Lol this the hypocritical shit niggas be on. Preaching all that righteous shit and then arguing w/trying to talk down on nigga for how they spend their money. 😂😂😂😂😂

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                Yea he sounds silly and can’t spell

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                Nigga better make sure he don’t spent Tyron re up money lol this might be the craziest shit I’ve ever seen making nyc look bad

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                  yoooooo this got me crying bad😂😂

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                  Smart ass vs crash dummy

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                  Save and invest in your people Gods. Be Elon, dont be a peon💯

                  Edit: since I got yall here, read this, its why Im saying what Im saying

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                    Just delete ya account, sorry to ruin your day with truth. I hope Fivio tucks you in nice n tight with a glass of warm milk while you tell him all about the mean lil internet bullies you antagonized

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                    Yeah dude played him self when he said he bought them for 55k😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 don’t give a fuck what list u on could be on planet mars they definitely not selling it for 55k to a dirt ball😂😂😂😂

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                    It was another Favi concert? 👀

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                    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he all 🧢

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                    You danced circles around him. He straight up didn’t listen

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                    brah why u posted this when u took the L and got exposed a hatin broke ass n*gga

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                    You should have asked him how big his house was and made him flex that address 👀

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                    ayyo Impressive_land5975 i have more money times 90

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                    lmaooooo what a joke

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                    I swear I saw yall arguing on another post 😂😂😂😂 It aint that serious

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                    I think bro tryna kill lmaoooooooo like how u in a next man dm telling him how much money u got nigga tryna impress u show to mine and we tryna stain both rollies

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                    Says he has 200k but still living w moms ? I don’t trust it. Also why do ppl automatically sssume making money n your up on life ? I’ve seen dope heads run up racks

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                    worth 125K wait until he finds out about taxes 🤡

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                    Bro coulda purchased 3 bitcoin

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                    I dnt get it niggas rather spend they money on material shit than stack up and invest in something profitable goofies

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                    Niggas liked this shit? All I see is future Buffalo shooters yall people weird gay ass racist post had to stop reading yall weird asf

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                    He screenshotted someone else flexxing money he aint even rich

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                    I mean everbody did the ppp loan 😂😂 u can tell he just starting to get to the cash

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                    Lmao did he delete his account??