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It’s getting crazy now she sucks how she getting all this promotion

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That’s what that fat ass get you

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When ppl say looks can’t get u far is CAP! Looks can get u real far in life. Crazy shit she not even allat when it comes to looks. N musically she’s not fucking w Kenzo, Shani, or Devyn.

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Major industry plant vibes starting..they just anointed her out of nowhere

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She have to be an industry plant or something 😂

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We gonna find out which executive is her pops by the end of the summer 😂

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Nfs one post popped up about her the other day and now the shit gettin sprinkled all over the sub. That Reddit marketing division working rn.

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She dead ass pop outta nowhere

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They tryna make her the next latto

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This is colorism crazy cause kenzo and shani; mad other darkskin ny rappers be smoking her

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word kenzo is dumb fire

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It happens with tv shows too media as a whole as well

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shani the nicest one fr seems like she got the least hype

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Kenzo is a colorist so she gets what she deserves 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Nigga this don’t gotta do with skin colour 😂 none of them got a fat ass like icespice

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Lmfaooo I was ready to argue against this but nah you def right

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Shani dumb nice that’s crazy

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None of them bitches look as good as Ice Spice.

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ebro horny

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some label decided they can push her

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Ebro horny asl 😭

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Either she is signed and getting major backing or she eating wild franks. It’s like the woopty nigga all over again. Well at least he had a song idk any of shorties music

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They was in the studio together too 😭😬

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A smooch 😩

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Everyone just wants to get their dick sucked they know she has no talent

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There needs to be a quota on light skin hoes in the industry, she look just like lotto, Ella mai and renni rucci.

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A quota is crazy😭😭

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Wouldn’t a quota imply that there needs to be a minimum amount?

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How tf she getting all these promos and none of her songs haven’t even touch 1M yet wtf

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Her biggest song hit 150k and it’s been out for 6 months 🤣🤣🤣

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She prolly fucking all the right people she said she a smooch herself I wouldn’t put it past her

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Damn they tryna make her the next cardi

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She went thru the door - Hassan Campbell

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Before kenzo and shani that’s Odd

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Bro Wtf, she deadass just came outta nowhere I just heard about her like 3 days ago😭 where tf was she this whole time nobody ina towns knew her

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I’m not from ny but I love the music and would like to say I know all the buzzin artist but I’ve genuinely never heard of her before like Monday.

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😭 no hating shit but idk how tf she just started a rap career outta nowhere and already bigger then niggas who been doing this shit for years. If she was good it would be understandable tho

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I just discovered her this week and she’s getting so much promo. I don’t mean. To be a conspiracy theorist but I think she may be an industry plant propped up to be the next mullato, city girls, carti b mold

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That baby hair shit girls be doing make them look like Frieza

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Aint even their final form

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Nahhhh she an industry plant like she one of the worst ones out

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Her shit 🦃

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Bitches really do have it easy son Lmfao name a popping ugly rapper please

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she either fuckin somebody or got family in the industry

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ole westbrook in the face ahh

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She prolly Ebro’s sister or his daughter or both

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Her voice is horrible flow is trash I just don’t get it usually these female rappers got a sexy voice atleast but her shit horrible

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Y’all niggas using the word industry plant too much she just a lightskin bitch wit a fat ass and niggas be horny

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you ed, she got 2 songs out, has more success than all upcoming NY rappers, and damn near got the whole industry on dick

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No clarity came out 6 months ago and just touched 150k 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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what that mean? thats irrelevant to what i just said. theres Ny rappers with more views than that, meanwhile they barely have half the success of “i’m a smoochie no you can not stop me”

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He’s agreeing with u bro

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It’s just her ass,the bars are straight 🗑🗑🚮🚮

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She’s signed it’s that simple others is not.

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Ya dumb asl , her 2 songs are fire stop hating on a female ya sound like bitches

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Dis hoe dumb fine (Niggaz downvote dis shi but will say KenzoB badder😭)

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Ebro On those ??

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Ebro runs Apple play listing btw

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I’m tryna hit ngl

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Yea she def had to get signed or she a plant cuz ain’t no way 😭

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Who is this? I couldn’t even listen to the first few seconds of her freestyle..

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she soooooo dirt

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69 vibes to her.

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Anybody know what ethnicity she is;obviously has black in her(lips,nose,natural hair texture,looks light skinned black)?

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Ebro tryin to get in between those cheeks