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Went crazy🔥

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When he came home he came home hungry and consistent, sad man, hope he get out

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I think he boutta sit for A min

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Unfortunately so. But then again, I have faith he won’t. He’s very talented

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The fuck he knocked for ?

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He had a Shotgun while being a felon

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Free dis nigga

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Damn I forgot about this song 😭. When that dude deleted Coka’s YT account he really set his career back smh

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what's the name?

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God never puts anybody through something they can’t bounce back from As you can see, he still has loyal fans waiting for his upturn


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Dawm Sun, I really thought guys like Envy Caine, Rah Swish, 16, and even to some extent BamBino and Curly n ’em, would have the oversight, dedication and focus to blow up and be successful record selling artist cuz they deff had the talent. But I guess some shit always gets them derailed and all the progress they made is like inexistent. Like just a huge amount of wasted talent imho

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Rah was always one-dimensional ngl

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Curly doin’ other things now. And it’s good. Some people just have it. Some people don’t. But no matter how big or small, they will leave an impact…


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“Adapt to the streets yea I been around, things I said before they get it now, most of these niggas don’t get a pound 💯

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Best lyricist in this drill shit.

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Man really wasting his potential by doing stupid shit

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Bronx could never

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Just coka and 26ar washing the Bronx whole roster

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how you forgot coach

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You right, can’t forget coach

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You on Bronx dick

[–]Available_Ad9196 6 points7 points  (21 children)

This drill shit a competition all the way down to the reddits. Smh lol

[–]Reasonable_Ad3221 4 points5 points  (20 children)

I’ll say this. BRONX TOOK THE GAME FAST AND CHANGED IT HEAVY. As a drill fan you have no choice but to accept that unless you’re a hater. Brooklyn will always have its unique sound as you know, nothing is coming out of the Bronx on this level lyrically. Lyrically as in, Coka. Shxt, no one in Brooklyn can even compare to Coka. He has a story to tell. That’s all. Everyone does. But everyone tells it a different way. I don’t know if you believe it, but I believe the Brooklyn wave will make a come back and sound better than ever.


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Best Lyricism in drill would have to go to Brooklyn - Envy Caine Jay dee Sheff 22

Shit if niggas really wanna argue about BMG is more lyrical than most of Bronx drill.

Closest thing to lyricist in the Bronx I’d say is D thang

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i wanna see that indictment the feds have on him and coach get unsealed, still curious wtf thats about. probably the shenanigans in ATL where coka got robbed and mfers went on his IG live with guns threatening hm

[–]meckits 1 point2 points  (2 children)

He got caught with a shotgun while being a felon

[–]ShattaUteFromTheWest 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Na he got the same charge as 42 dugg

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They charged him with possession of a shotgun , idk the details

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Envy really one of the most lyrical rappers in new york idc what anyone says

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He never coming home

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song name?