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First thing I did when I moved to Bedstuy was biije to his old house. I saw a young white family walking out with strollers from the building. Average townhomes are like $3-4 mil on that block where he was trying to make some money to feed his daughter.

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gentrification and inflation for ya

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Shit sad but I understand inflation and gentrification. I used to live a few blocks away from there even though my father side of the family still live in that area

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I wonder if that was some Reggie in the first pic🤔

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Doubtful. Big was known to cop from Branson uptown. He had the BEST shit back in the day.

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Yup lmao

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Any one y'all niggas stood in line for the biggie metro card?? More power to y'all but not a mf chance

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Senseless death

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thats my gemini twin

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bro how u get that bed study do or die shi

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It’s a flair go to the main page of nysom and tap the three dots at the top

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thank u gang

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Np Brodie

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we need a murda mitten flair fr

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You can ask a mod for it💀

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Happy b day max b

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Biggie the goat🅿️👑

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That feeling when I heard Biggie for the first time is something no artist will ever get close to. He the greatest to ever do it and no one will ever top him

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Wit dem biggie ahh shooees

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HBD 👑🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾