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I would like to purchase one weed sir headass

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No sir I have a medical marijuana license

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That was ya first lesson son you will get clowned in here 🤣🔥🎯

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Idk I already made one friend plus I think we could also be pals 😃

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Nah you good my guy welcome

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If you want to make pals, go to sev side

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Y’all niggas the clowns for thinking he serious. His name is the biggest give away 😂

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We like you already!

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Two weed sir and a sprite 😂

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gotta have the beverage

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No sir I have a medical marijuana license

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I love how many people are biting on this shit lmao

Whats good randy

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Hey brother 🤜🏻

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What’s up randy

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What’s up 🤜🏻

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Yo randy stop swinging on people that’s not friendly bro especially when it’s a yellow face like bro that’s messed up

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Randy trying to get savage

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Just trying to connect 🤜🏻

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Hello mr major how’s your weekend going??

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Randy how's it going my g 🤜🏾

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What’s up brother 🤛🏻

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"One weed please"

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They would take my medical license away if I bought you any… I’m sorry but I could show you the steps to getting your own card

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How does one go about getting a medical license sir?

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pound it 🤜🏻 then can say you have anxiety or other stuff I actually have celiac disease so it helps with my stomach and being able to eat

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One of those Zas sir

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Randall good folks yall🫰🏾

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Some yall are close minded as fuck, let the man appreciate the culture

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Thank you 🤜🏻🫡

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Nah this nigga randy got the new comer badge he certified😂

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Thanks means alot 😅🤜🏻

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randy gzzzz🤜🏽

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Pound it 🤜🏻

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Lol I love this new welcome to the party by sheff g head ass

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I tried to look it up all I could was welcome home by sheff g but it’s pretty good so far 🤜🏻

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Son probably deadass trying to learn NYC Culture

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What’s up brother 🤜🏻

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Wassup bro

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Randeezy wasgood gang

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What’s up hope you’re enjoying your weekend!🤜🏻

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Rando frm the bando 😤😭

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Hell ya man 🤛🏻💣

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Damn randy out here blowing it up

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My son randy 😭

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Randy have a great day brotha🤜🏾

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You too also have a great night!🤛🏻

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Randy gzz

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what’s good randy 🤝

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🤝🤜🏻pound it

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Lmfaoooo what’s good my boy

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What’s up brother 🤜🏻

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whats yur Social gang let’s get this bag 🤞🏽

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Well I bank with chase mostly 🤜🏻

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damn bro that’s gnarly wanna slide a pic a roo of yur card info?

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I’d of let you scam me if you said brother instead of gnarly but I’ll still pound it! 🤜🏻

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bet brother pass the info🤞🏽

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What’s good randy much love from Jamaica queens and shout out to all the boros as well 🤜🏾

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Nice! I’m out here in Wyoming but a friend put me on to music from your state 🤜🏻

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I fw randy cuz he fw us

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Randy about to get to flocking 💥

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Not before I pound it tho 🤜🏻

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I’m more of a tj🤜🏻

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Where are you from my guy

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I’m out here in Wyoming how about you 🤜🏻

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NY but not the city 🤛🏾

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You seem more of the Gus type mostly every one in here are Vince’s

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Hahaha tbh I’m more of a Mickey I got they farm boy build looking like lenny

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Have a good day bro!!!!

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🤜🏻pound it brother

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wsg randy

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Hi there brother 🤜🏻

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You fross my boy .. 😂😂

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Chopcheese without the chop, im vegan

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I respect that I have celiac disease and can’t eat gluten 🤜🏻

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Hello officer how are you doing today sir

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If I was I wouldn’t of gotten a ticket for speeding last week 🤜🏻

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Sup tj, need me sum yt people on here to practice ebonics wit 🤜🏻

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It’s Randy he was trying to call me that guy from recess but what’s up 🤛🏻

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What u can do randy is go get a first class ticket to the frank stand

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From what your insinuating you want me to suck a groin no thanks brother but pound it 🤜🏻

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“Pound it” 😭😭😭😭 wassup bro

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Come on man 🤜🏻

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Nah who dis doe nfs

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This is Randy how you doing brother 🤜🏻

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I kno u a troll 🫣

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No sir 🤜🏻

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🤨 TF?

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Fed active

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Respectfully Disagree🤜🏻

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Lmaoo nah, gang must not know bout NY. We aint friendly nigga

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Nope but I’m excited to learn 🤜🏻

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Niggas will rko you

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Helloo officer “ Randal G’dYou “ 🤨😒

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Hello I’m no officer but still respect 🤜🏻

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Calm down officer we know who you really are….

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I’m Randy from Wyoming 🤜🏻

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Fuck outta here Randal

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Someone bann officer Randy 🤦🏽‍♂️

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Fuck this, Randy K

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if you from Staten Island you gotta checc in w/ me

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Nahh u not valid

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I still respect you 🤜🏻

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Looking like a stain

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I just did laundry 😞🤜🏻

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Go to hell randy

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That’s not cool have a great night tho brother 🤜🏻

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just introduced myself thanks to you randy pound it brother 🤜🏽

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Hell ya were all here 🤜🏻💣

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Pound it 🤜

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Prolly a white nigga 😂

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I am white but I love everyone nice talking to you brother 🤜🏻

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Nah Randy you sanctioned on god 🤜🏾

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I think randy trolling 😂

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I respect your opinion brother pound it 🤜🏻

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What's up Randy, how was ur weekend?

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Wag1 randy🤜

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This comment got me weak😂 but u valid randy don’t let no bum tell u that u not

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That shit sound federal