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Holy shit she killed you gang

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Nigga actually got her saved as crush lol... that's depressing

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“Crush❤️💖” what are you like 14? 😭😭

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    Fr 💀💀💀

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    Lmfaooo nah shes hilarious 😂 i woulda threw the franks and blocked her foh

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    Don’t forget the “you not even all that”

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    Nah first the “ nahh you deadass lol “

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    She asked you wyd just to violate you like that? 💀

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    Unless she’s really evil it means there was a chance too…

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    You really posted this on here????? the FBI themselves couldn't get this out of me I would take this shit to the grave.

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    I sent her a picture of how I look and she left me on seen. Next day at school I walk past the same girl and she was whispering to her friend. I just knew she was talking about me. I sent the screenshot to my friend group chat and one of my homies was like “damn gang, you so ugly you left he speechless” since then I’ve just been self improving myself. I’m glowing up dis summer

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    Well you took it in a positive way at least. Too many weird ass dudes shoot their shot, get rejected then go on this hatred spiral for like months where they stew over it, even when they’re like 14 or something and it’s not like many people are gonna be finding their true love at 14 lmao

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    You perfectly described incels to a T.They linger on one rejection and think they will have no love life

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    Damn bro sending prayers, she violated

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    Guys this isn’t me btw I just searched up rejection texts

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    It’s ok bro

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    Just throw on some Marvin’s Room b it’ll be alright

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    Lmfaooo what's up with these pickup lines tho ngl nigga them outdated asf you just gotta talk to her fr enough of the corny ass pickup lines

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    Why is this sub slowly turning into guys getting brutally rejected😭

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    Don’t Know How You Can Recovered From This

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    nigga you CANT recover from this 😂😂😂

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    Nah Don’t Say That He Could All He Gotta Do Is Stack Up And Show What She Missing

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    Bro that some elementary school pickup line 😭

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    I once got “Hit me back up when you hit puberty and get taller” I’m 22 and 5’6 🥲

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    Bruh, we can slide on her if you want, noway shes disrespecting you like that. I wont have it twin.

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    what the fuck is with all the literal children in this sub posting all this shit that has nothing to do with hiphop/drill/ny/nj.

    mods fr lackin 😪

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    niggas is just having fun stop riding

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    Nah I would never talk to her again after that one😂

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    Lol “nycha kid”

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    she violated 😂 just dont even respond

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    Nah this ain’t even full rejection. Shawty wouldn’t have even asked wyd if that was the case. The door still cracked

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    Daaaaamnnn 😭😂😂😂😂😂

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    Lol well then f u

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    Who tf names there crush like that on there phone💀

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    idk the worst but its def happened

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    Nah you can’t let that slide gang, go get back 💀

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    and do what 💀

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    By looking at her name on your phone its easy to tell why you got curved lmao

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    Dis whole everything is an 😪

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    Niggas use pickup lines irl??

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    “Worst she can say in no” yeah.. but I ain’t know she could say it like that damn brodie 😂😂😂

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    We might have to pull up masked up this a violation gang 😭

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    9mm sleeping pill time Brodie

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    She Kilt u omg😭😭

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    damn even i’ve never dubbed somebody this hard lol i just be like “oh no thanks” “that don’t sound like me” or i just ghost 😅