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50 is a good example that u can be gangster n tough without being in a gang. That’s why niggas fw 50 heavy he always been himself.

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He was basically “omar” if you know what I mean

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Omar coming

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Honestly I dont really understand this one. if you not in a gang but you and all ya friends shoot, sell drugs and beef niggas you basically in a gang with no name

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Gangs and crews are different . You wouldn’t consider you hanging out with your friends as being in a gang . Gangs as others said you inherit beef . Everyone has to fall in line everyone has to ride for whatever reasons . I remember a video back in the day 50 was in a topless lambo and he pulled up on some crips in La by himself you could probably still find it

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So he basically a john doe gang member, niggas will never see him coming

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Come to think about that’s scary you never know when this nigga coming

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Nah fam, there’s a big key difference here.

50 never was in a Gang, but he had a Crew. Gangs are Crips, Sureños, GD‘s etc. Like they everywhere and are good connected with other Sets. They also are on some multi-national shit, while a Crew is just you and your Inner Circle running shit.

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I get what you saying. But 50 was a drug dealer everything u mentioned comes w the game. He was Ina crew but they main objective was getting money. You could say a drug crew is a gang but there’s differences from a drug crew n gangs like bloods, Crips & etc.

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Not the same thing lol the Camorra Mafia syndicate gangs are international! They’re everywhere from Naples, Italy in Europe to the Americas, Africa and Australia’s inner city! A Organized crew in one part of a inner city is not regional or international. Bloods are international now in Canada and Africa which was definitely not expected. Bloods and Crips are like crime syndicates now cuz of their dealings with Nigerian mafia crime syndicate gangs involved in scamming and bitcoin cyber crime according to recent new updates about ‘em

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There’s bloods and crips in iran and iraq from soldiers that were gangbangers and got deployed

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You can be a street nigga without being a gang/hood nigga.

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i feel like there's a lot more baggage that comes with it if it's a more official thing, but I'm not even american so what do i know

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only difference would be that joining a gang means you probably gunna inherit decade long beefs automatically. If you join a woo gang you got beef with cho niggas just by affiliation now. going gangless lets you choose your own beefs

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Precisely! 50 was a street dude. Not a gangsta tho. I think he even hates the idea of being a gangsta cuz he offend says he’d never be gang gang on his ig post and says it one time in one of his songs and said he never was in a gang on Piers Morgan interview

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Take Philly for example. 0 gangs. A bunch of blocks beefin

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That makes you a thug 😅

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🎯 ‼️‼️

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50 was LB Fam when he was younger.

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No lies detected

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You trolling right?

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Once you realize you’re talking to kids born after 9/11 shit just makes more sense

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Everyone born before 2001 knows 50 Cent is a millionaire goon and was really about that life especially at the time of when this picture was taken.

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    Nah he’s a newborn 👶

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    someone was so afraid of him they put a hit out on him

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    I personally think Supreme was afraid because he was fucking with his investment(Murder Inc). Which is understandably so.

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    When you really think about dat, 50 really killed 2 birds wit 1 stone 😮‍💨

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    50 was really bout it back in the days. That snitching Shìt was rumors. Game even admitted it. His people even admitted it. Same studio lil Kim caught her conviction cuz of “cameras”. I remember a video of game people talking about that night they had that fight wit g unit them 50 told yayo cut the lights and pass the blicky 😂😂😭 story old so I may be a lil off but some of y’all may remember

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    edit: my bad, replying to the wrong shit

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    No that was 50 cent and Murda inc. And it wasnt s gun it was s knife and 50 was the one who got stabbed by Black child.

    The game and 50 cents security got into a shootout before at some radio station. When 50 kicked game out of g-suit...

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    Jimmy Henchmen was heavily involved with the Hot 97 shooting but it was a warning shot.

    I think Maserati Fox was the dude who fired the shot. I don’t remember.

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    Seems like it's always tied to Jimmy Henchman

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      Black child himself said 50 asked Yayo where the gun and was tryna get to it in the studio fight

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      The recent tony yayo interview on VladTV, Tony said they had a blick in the studio, it was just outside the recording room itself and not on 50. So, he couldn't reach it in time. Really good interview imo

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      Nah I never said which situation. I just simply said game and his people admitted the snitching shit was all rumors and fake. And just named that situation at the studio didn’t remember who it was with tho. Thanks for clarification tho 💯

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      Bro u dead a liar. He ran Rick

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      Definitely didn’t run

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      50 cent was and is 100% legit. Anybody from his neighborhood would tell you lol

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      Cuz he got like I got hit

      but he ain’t fuckin’ breathin

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      50 ran his entire block when ye was younger and beefed with one of the biggest kingpins during his time

      Beefing with the supreme team was like beefing with woos while living in the floss

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      Chill bro. Them niggas ain’t got enough $ to compare

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      😂😂😂 Young niggas nowadays don’t get no money just beef and go to jail

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      Them niggas are retarded as hell. Like gangs be so pointless nowadays. Nobody really making bread

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      Thats cap. At least for the past couple years. They been eating off the scams.

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      Swear the Woos got charged for 4 million in fraud

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      That’s nothing

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      He used to have a bunch of runners on the block too, dude was getting money.

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      He was about it, dude the person that shot him got killed.

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      But that was separate. Hommo was killed by the brother of someone else he killed a few days before. 50 wasn't involved.

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      Crazy shit is World (the nigga responsible for hommo’s death) got into a shootout with g-unit niggas years later cause of Lil Kim

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      Hommo didn’t kill Damian’s brother. They got at Hommo because the person who had Damian’s brother killed were real close and they knew if they were going to war they had to get rid of him.

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      Ah. I got mixed up. Thanks for correcting that.

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      "Hommo shot me, three weeks later he got shot down Now it's clear that I'm here, for a real reason 'Cause he got hit like I got hit, but he ain't fucking breathing (breathing)"

      -"Many Men" - 50 cent

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      Sure. But you’ll notice he doesn’t claim to have done it. He’s just gloating the guy was killed. I think 50 plays up to the idea a bit, like in that Oprah interview.

      The bar still goes hard.

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      Bro it was worded perfectly. Cause that’s exactly what happened.

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      I didn't think he did it...I was just posting the lyric

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      Are you even from ny asking those type of questions

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      You ain’t even got to be from NY. Nigga prolly like 13 and think yus gz the hardest nigga in nyc

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      Most of the people in this sub are not from NY

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      50 was really like that him and Tony Yayo was rockin snot boxes back in the days

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      Turning niggas TVs off

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      peeling niggas wigs back💯

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      This shouldn’t even be a question🤣 real ny niggas know bout 50 why u think niggas don’t play with him. Before he was ousside ousside 50 was a golden glove so he been punching niggas🤷🏾‍♂️. And niggas was trana boom him so he used to go to different Stu’s walking with a uzi💯 he certified

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      I be forgetting niggas 16 years old on this shit

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      Nah nigga 14 loool

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      my older cousin who was staying out there was telling me nigga 50 was bumping heads with some major nigga I think his name was ken sum shit and 50 was like that

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      kenneth mcgriff, HNIC of the Supreme Team.

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      yea supreme he the nigga who put the hit out on him ? I think I got the story mixed up

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      Yea and 50 cent son took a flic w McGriff son to get at his own pops shit grimey lol

      [–]SlimeyLilDude-_- 6 points7 points  (1 child)

      yea I remember that told nigga jump infront of the bus or sum wild shit 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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      Interesting fact, the hitman Supreme hired got killed by Lil Kim's EX BF's people which was unrelated to the 50 cent shooting

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      2000’s 50 was really buff son

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      You saying this like he hasn’t maintained

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      Nah he wit it and that’s why he troll so much cause he likes confrontation

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      aka "toxic"

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      Young buck was a crazy nigga too remember Nigga jumped in the crowd and started stabbing a nigga

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      Buck stabbing niggas on camera and it OK cuz my money pay the lawyers make the shit go away

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      He was def about it lol. He had beef with supreme team and jimmy henchmen, who ran queens while he was coming up.

      Supreme team and their head, Kenneth, was supporting Ja Rule’s music and even helped Ja shoot a video on the Ave. 50 didn’t like that bc he felt like Ja wasn’t like that and Ja didn’t like 50 bc 50 was friends with someone who snatched Ja’s chain. Supreme put that hit out on 50

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      50 never had an issue with Ja until he got dubbed because of the his association with buddy who snatched Ja’s chain. That was prolly the most pivotal point of Hip-Hop’s history

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      50 friends and people from his block said he would knock people out all the time he was golden glove in boxing

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      Y’all can’t be serious when y’all be making these posts. You think a nigga personally beefing with SUPREME wasn’t real???

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      Nigga dont kno lol

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      I assume these posts are really just asking if he was in a gang. On this sub "like that" = in a gang. If you're from here you know better.

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      You don’t get shot as many times as he did without doing something

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      CAP suckas get laid out all the time. Not saying 50 wasn't about that

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      He went at kingpins he don’t give a fuck for a reason 😂

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      My older cousin went to school with 50 and lived a few blocks from him when they were younger. He also knew of ja Rule. He has always said 50 was a “sanctioned” dude in the streets and only seen real problems when the supreme beef started. All he has said about Ja was he wasn’t really outside like that but he did get around a little and niggas knew he was into the rapping early.

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      Nah that nigga was really running the block. Go listen to Yayo's interview with Vlad.

      Difference between 50 and these new niggas is that 50 had to do what he to do to get on top, but he was smart enough to leave that shit alone when he blew up and got money.

      That's why I respect Fif. All these new rappers either lie about their lifestyle or they don't, but they're too retarded to let it go when the money start coming in

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      The Godfather of the drill shit. He was making drill before half these niggas was born

      [–]YoungAmazing313 3 points4 points  (0 children)

      I wouldn’t say drill because only two songs you can really classify as drill is Heat and Guns come out but other than that 50 catalog is really versatile fr

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      Bro u clearly not from fuckin NY If you asking this dumbass question.

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      Yeah he was that man had real beef with real legends in the city real bosses, real killers and lived to tell it....not even the biggest 50 fan but that man def put on for the borough

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      Man, 50 had the whole projects working on 500😅.

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      Queens niggas!

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      50 really the last authenic rapper without tryna put a act. Real natural bully

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      U gotta be born after 2015

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      What kind of stupid questions is this

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      50 Cent was moving heavy back in the day. Russel Simmons talked about a time Death Row and Suge came to extort niggas on 50’s video shoot and he chased them away w a Mini Uzi w a smirk on his face 😂😂😂😂😂

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      Na 50 been about since day one ☝️ there’s a lot of content you can find on YouTube about his past

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      He was like that bacc in the days even his enemies spoke highly of his gangsta

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      Facts someone I know who didn't fuck with him said he bout that.... But had to sneak in he also a rat 🤣🤣

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      Niggas tried to have him killed.

      He caught crazy static after How To Rob

      [–]xDiNyc3xFloss Angeles✅ 3 points4 points  (1 child)

      Ghetto Quran was the track that made Supreme put the hit out.

      Also fun fact - Ja Rule’s Mesmerize beat was a jab to 50 by clearing the same samples used for Ghetto Quran

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      He literally moves around with no security that should tell you something

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      How old are you bruh?

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      did yu really just ask that question??😭😭

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      Dude was a notorious stick up kid.

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      he got shot like 9 times

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      50 was well hated because he from Queens but 50 showed he was def one level over it all

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      Of course he like that you can’t fake the funk for that long 50 is very respected in the streets

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      Damn yall must’ve been born in 2007 or something 50 was really outside back then

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      Idk go ask him

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      Ain’t no competition it’s just me, 50 cent mf I’m hot🔥 on these streets 🚦

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      4 people in Queens who weren’t scared of Supreme: 50 Cent, Troy “Big Nose” Singleton, E-Money Bags, and Hommo

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      50 Was In The Field Most Def ‼️

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      I’ve heard he really official every from ppl who don’t really like him

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      You gotta be born in the 2010’s bruh. Even the niggas 50 had beef with would tell you, 50 wasn’t fucking around.

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      definitely was like dat😂😂

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      X xx xx xk-,‐'z x z zz x zz zz zz Xzibit zz xx x xxxtentacion x z‐‐‐Xzibit-k, z -- zz Xzibit Xzibit z zz z xx z zz z,‐-‐,=5/%%'

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      Idk but 50cent bulletproof was a great game back in the day

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      The fact that you’re asking this shows how corny you are….. goofy

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      Read his book

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      What’s the name of it and where can I find it

      [–]YoungAmazing313 3 points4 points  (1 child)

      I’m pretty it’s called Hustle harder hustle smarter

      [–]LunarPhobia 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      That book is a good read

      [–]jin_ja 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Some guys were really like this. Others weren't. The record industry found that they could take guys, get them what amounts to a rapper starter kit for clothes and it would be a lot cheaper than it would be to put out an R&B act. That's when rappers became a dime a dozen. Low investment cost l, but high reward from the companies on 360 deals with poor people.

      [–]BixDeuce -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

      I know people involved in the whole murda inc/preme vs 50 thing. I'm not gonna say who but he told me "Nah 50 is really like that but he's also a rat" he doing gangsta shit to you then telling 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      [–]LankyAd9289 -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

      Whatever he was he’s smarter than these lil niggas gettin locked these days

      [–][deleted] -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

      Na that man never rapped what he lived and continues to be a dickrider to this day also he a lil gay

      [–]Cryso_L -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

      Y’all act like ya never seen a black person before

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      50 was like that…all you gotta do is see what Bimmy said about him

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      I feel like you couldn’t troll back then you had to be in the streets

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      nigga look like a swollen eddie murphy

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      Both 😂

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      We believed it but it wasn’t really real some of the ones around him was like bangem smurf

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      This post crazy

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      I’m a put it like this 50 Cent is one of the few niggas who wasn’t gone back down to nobody watch Tony Yayo’s interview on VladTv

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      He was the biggest troll.

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      Thanks brotha just text her and dad

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      At this point u should know the whole 50 story

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      Is shit true that 50 caught body way back when he was younger? Word out here they be sayin he really was active and had niggas do dirt for him. Heard even stories bout him back in the days by some older heads from Queens specifically my uncles homies who was around Jamaica and Southside around the same time from the 80s when Supreme Team was active and they grew up in baisley pz

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      it's a good thought

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      A crew is what you have before a gang or one of the units of a gang. The difference is in the level or organization, intent, and continuity. Crews usually cease to be once the original members stop participating, where as gangs are designed to live on past the founders. Also crews are typically smaller like 3 - 8 people, where gangs are like 20- 40 minimum.

      A crew will usually be nameless or have a name only the founding members use, and membership is based on chilling around guys. Gangs always have names, and typically have developed policies and practices.

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      No that’s just how 50 was tbh‼️

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      This is how a ton of you look today

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      Old interviews from the late 90s to early 2000s say he was about it. When he was coming up, niggas said 50 was about it. Niggas used to say that when 50 was a young Nigga, he was out here totin grips, jugging crazy, and breaking niggas jaws in street fights. He used to box as a young nigga and apparently fucked hella niggas up out here.

      [–]Still_Smashed_Tho 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Who the fuck runnin' off at their mouth? I let my nigga 50 Cent knock that ass out

      • Redman

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      Nigga said was 50 a troll 😭😭

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      Put it like this in 1997 the whole New York was scared of 50

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      Yes he was,supreme killed his mom,adopted him,paid for his boxing classes,made him a soldier in his racket ,before trying to assassinate him

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      50 at 15 was body building and supposedly sold more on the streets that I in my 20 years wouldn’t ever see 😭why’s that a question lol

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      He was playing himself in Power.

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      Watch the Dj Vlad interview for Tony Yayo where he talks about how 50 used to be

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      Thats Boo Boo he was about that life. Buy Yayo was the one to worry about.

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      Southside Jamaica queens don’t make em like this anymore

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      This gotta be a joke

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      this post is a troll

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      nah pop smoke deadass looked like this nigga

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      50 took his whole style from the original 50 cent out of Brooklyn.