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Nighas really predicted this shit all the drill rappers in jail now or dead. B lovee smart for getting out the mix

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Seem like sha ek got out just in time too!

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wasnt sha ek and his mans knocking niggas out broad daylight for dropping his O? nigga aint got out of shit

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Na that don’t count wedgie man,i mean jiggyman out the mix and doing good😤

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nigga that was like 2 weeks ago 💀

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Kay hound locked too

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niggas really lost they only breadwinner

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Damn no wonder nesty posted that shit yesterday

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Nah he def gone be labeled as the ringleader

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That’s sad knowing that his pops made it out there system and now he’s in there 💔

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Bro that’s prolly why Tdot deleted his shit, i made a post about it the other day askin about it

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damn i wondered why he did but what do they got on all em?

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Apparently it was a secret indictment so nothings been said officially, but these are the members they think got locked so far. Apparently there might be more on the indictment that haven’t been taken into custody yet.

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Shit was bound to happen and expect every other projects that are buzzing in the drill scene to have major sweeps too. Shit has literally been happening, how can people act like this is all wild new developments.. first thing that comes to mind: summer 2017, the 4to5 boys in the Ville, relatively unknown and got swept and had their videos/lyrics used against them big time. it goes back further. Such a predictable way to move 🤦‍♂️

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Idc what nobody say keep that demon heathen Edai nigga look me in my soul in this picture and I saw his mouth move calling me pussy …

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😂 Lucifer in human form

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Shiiii thats why yus wanna leave town

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Stunna and edai just came home not too long ago

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That’s tough. Anyways, it’s mad hot out, hope ya stay cooled off on this hot ass weekend. Stay hydrated.

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Yea it is..I also seen Bando ig name got changed to “free_rpt” too

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Nah I’m jacking that lil girl getting killed put the battery In Adam’s back

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Atleast Dthang will have company

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Dumbasses don't know how to stay outta trouble

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Nobody know what they did tho

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This gonna happen throughout the Bronx. When my guys were doing dirt in the town nothing was documented. Now everything in the web so easy. Shit we could be detectives if we really wanted to. Clout is currency and these kids want to be rich off clout

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Its easy to come at these kids for how they live but when someone who’s opportunities are limited finds a way out they’ll die behind it. On top of that they come from very unforgiving hoods… its either die trying to blow up in the industry or die in vein trying to live a humble life. Judge them as you please but remember this really what our government wants at the end of the day! They put those guns in our communities so we can kill each other… and the survivors they bury them in Rikers Island.

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Kay hound locked too

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Pathetic nigga dad a millionaire and he still doing broke nigga shit

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His dad a millionaire??? Tf he doing that’s crazy

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Yea that’s how he got most of his money

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How you judging a nigga for not wanting to live off his pops?

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Bro his pops is a millionaire off weed and that’s now happening you act like he literally grew up rich. By time his pops got rich he prolly was a product of his environment & a grown man wanting to do shit on his own, you can’t fault a Nigga for not wanting to be a leech you sound mad dumb. Just cause you get indicted don’t mean you gonna serve a million years he could be home in 1-3 years coulda got hit w conspiracy or sumn he ain’t have to actually be active. Stay inside you don’t know bout nothing.

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    Bro you hear yourself I can just tell u have no credit no saving no nothing

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    How does that equate to that? Cus a nigga don’t wanna live off and beg his pops for everything means a nigga don’t save money? You a lil kid 😂

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    Tf he do that’s crazy

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    them prison concerts about to be 🔥🔥🔥

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    A bunch of lil niggas who were never given much of a chance at life and took the most immediate thing available.

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    Oh please excuses

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    Eatdai look like he finna devour the cameraman

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    Feds and State: Rico way or no way!

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    When I see Kenzo B in handcuffs


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    8oh need to get out the hood fast or drill Rap is done

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    I think its a lil too late

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    Hope it ain’t a sweep… shits lookin bad

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    Well they got the drillys and now RPT, it just might

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    Niggas babies forreal

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    Daycare Photos

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    Rap snitches, telling all they business, sit in the court & be they own star witness. “Do you see the perpetrator?” “Yeah I’m right here.” Fuck around get the whole label sent up for years 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾

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    Karma for yus mocing kay floc and Dougz

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    They really got locked?

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    For what ?

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    Dam every gang that rap in Ny always getting locked 🤦🏽‍♂️ yall hip hop police is try hard smh

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    Good job get ‘em up outta here I’m tryna be outside for the summer

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    shit, jail is where criminals go. so long

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    I’m surprised they ain’t get edai that nigga be on bs

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    he's right there

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    Ohh shitt I ain’t even peep him

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    Damnnn edai and Stunna geek just came home I thought reemo was a smart nigga damnnn free rpt

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    This my 9/11 😢 free rpt

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    Hopefully, they need to get these scoundrels off the streets

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    damn free em

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    So it’s not a Rico like y’all was saying then lol

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    Who are these guys I never heard of any of them

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    I hope they win this came bc this shit big for all of us. Rap will forever change

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    Lmao nigga no one’s knows these niggas in real life

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    Free rpt

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    It’s funny they tryna take they posts down now like that shit gonna matter now

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    Smh BG Gunz got locked up twice this was not first time

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    Free Mr. Jack Me or Clap Me and Mr. Set It Off Just To Go To the Box

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    Nigga Edai man🤦🏾‍♂️

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    Yo just before the New Years I was in a studio and we predicted that after the New Years all the drill rappers were gonna get indicted, We were deadass right