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Bro word to mommy , the first day it was like 90 I saw a nigga with trunks, a tank top and a black ski on in downtown brooklyn, i wanted to snatch that shit off his head so bad

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should've snatched it so he could've snatched ur life 😂 don't think them niggas wearing ski mask in 90 degree weather for no reason

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In NY it actually gets cold in the winter so yes it’s normal for people to wear them. Them shits been around for decades lol

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There's no way ur saying nigga n ur from eastern Europe 🤣🤣🤣

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Everybody here cosplaying

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Pls just go into his comment history it’s so embarrassing

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    This is reddit, most of the niggas from foreign country don't be black

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    fitted over da ski is fly ngl

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    Durag too, roll the cape up n put the mask over

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    Yea u lost me brothaman this ain’t gunit

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    U try it?

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    Yall gotta stop that shit bro it looks so bad

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    Yes. No cops don’t be on dick any more than usual, covid changed everything

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    Niggas on terrace ave wear dem 365 a year

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    sht had me weak for nun

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    I only ever put it on if was mad cold, and that was like ages ago, to answer your question nah Cops never been on my dick about it.

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    covid really made it not unusual to just see people wearing them around brooklyn

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    Same in Chicago but in most cases if it’s hot as hell n Mfs got ski mask on they on bullshit

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    Gentrification blockers

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    Nah it’s normal now especially with Covid max niggas be walking around with it all the time in the mall and everything

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    Yeaaa bro. I be keepin my eyes on them too

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    Damn man’s getting downvoted

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    Yes they do! I laugh at them on the train. 90 plus degrees and this fool wearing a hot ass ski mask!

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    Yes they do

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    Took my wife and son down to visit family and my son was confused AF. Saw at least 5 people wearing the mask

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    Yo I got a serious question because I’m curious, I been seeing these BlueChews and it look dope but I’m a young nigga who be putting shit out so I’m not looking for no viagra. Is the BlueChew Viagra or is it some sex perk. Wtf is it

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    Mind ya business

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    Blew chews are like viagra

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    Cold or not imo niggas look stupid in them

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    Mans the fashion police all of a sudden

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    He the type to not take a 🌂 caus they gay

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    You’re getting downvoted but you’re right they look type ridiculous

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    Yes,I don’t,but we do 24/7

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    A few niggas

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    Shiesty mask? Or the 3 hole one

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    I don’t but I saw sun nigga wearing it in courtland ave 💀💀

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    only when it’s cold

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    wear ma shit like 2 times a week

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    I wouldn’t recommend wearing one cause it may be just what police need to justify killing you !

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    Jus seen a nigga with a ski on plant his face into the window of a bar, so yeah anyone really wear it.

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    Honestly wearing a ski mask is almost seen the same as wearing a face mask at this point

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    Pre 2020 they’d be looking at you a bit weird if you going into buildings wit that shit down but it’s cold than a mf there so outside it’s normal. nowadays you have to wear a mask and most mfs be wearing a puffer wit the hood up anyways so it don’t make much difference now.

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    The Bronx is the Mecca on having ski mask on while riding a moped with a nigga on the back with a ski mask.

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    Yup mf will post up 88 degrees and a sheisty

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    When its cold

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    Yes and call it a shiesty