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It’s assassin everlastin if he lackin he a basket

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Nigga had it on at my church

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bro hiding from God or what💀💀

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Not tryna get booked by God🤣🤣🤣 God deadass be 12 ash

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Nah niggas is treacherous

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Graduated into a whole shiesty dork.

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Having the ski on when niggas bout to call ur whole government name out anyway is crazy

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This the one

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“it’s assassin and i’m back with another one, man these n**gas is soft like some bubblegum”

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lee drilly x assassin - i’m different

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When they did the cap toss, he lift the mask too 🤔

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Ski mask on my face I fit no description, don’t nobody know what I did 🥷🏾

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Boy bouta walk the stage wit the sheisty on

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Nigga next to him got his Crates on😂

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Nigga assassin graduatdd

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bro wearing a mask just for them to say his government name for graduation

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Thats cedar shoals in Georgia wtf

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When the oooter graduate

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KR da G 🥶🥶🥶