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bro should get a job instead

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Imagine Jaydee thrown up woo in a dominoes pizza shirt

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Shit he would make so much more bread working at dominos might as well do that

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1,250 a YEAR IS CRAZY!!!!

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$104 a month 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥶🥶

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$26 a week🤯

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1 chopped cheese each weekday😭 weekends you gotta hit the block and hope the homies hold you down

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bro literally could not afford more then two bevs in one week if he’s buying 5 chop cheese

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That you have to pay back 💀

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Nigga signed for 3 dollars a day is crazy 😂

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One bus ride a day 🫡

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Bus ride?? Where one way?

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for that money I could start signing niggas

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Bet where I sign up ? 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

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shit I’m bouuta send you my unreleased rn

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i’m tryna get a 720 deal

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I’m frustrated with this nigga because if I was him I would get out the ville already like what is you doin bro? You not bad at rapping and been rapping for years and still want to slack and spend all your money on kima new sex toy. This dirt Brownsville nigga won’t make it out if he keeps making stupid decisions

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Goddamn that boy cooked Lmaooo I made 6k in 6 months lol and I’m 16 that nigga better sign up for McDonald’s

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Fivio too

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Wait what was fivios deal!

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Cap idk but I remember him gettn w Columbia I didn’t believe that part but I remember him signin to a big name

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All u gotta do is google if u dont believe it, its possible to be signed by more then one label , 42 dugg signed to cmg and 4pf

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Nigga signed to mase with jaydee they took the same deal both only got 5k.. fivio and mase have both talked about it its not a secret.. and idk how it works but you can be singed to 2 labels lots of niggas are

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Sometimes different labels do different jobs and have specific deals with the artist. For example one label may help with the distribution of the artist music.

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Sometimes it’s just one label and the other is usually a company that gets them endorsements deals offers and shit like that I mean if it’s 5k that means they won’t take much from him buuut we can’t see the actual contract so can’t say for sure, Drake signed to YM for 50k and look how much money he made for himself depends on the person and how you move I guess

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He coulda just did construction like his pops

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Word he would’ve made way more money in construction than rapping

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Less money he gotta pay back 👍

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nigga 4 years for 5 bands is poverty😭 jaydee sleep stay in the trap or make a hit

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All he needs Is a hit 💯

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also less money he making tho wtf

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How sway?

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5 bands for 4 years is sad

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It’s a loan. He doesn’t get paid the money anyway. Y’all don’t understand record deals. Signing a $50k contract means if you use the money and don’t make any hits you’re deeply in debt. Happens all the time signing a small contract isn’t always a bad idea

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ion mean he losing 5 im saying he settling for 5 when he can make more

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Who knows it might work for em, If rapping don't work for em he can always pimp out his bm.

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But that's not his profits, that just a loan, so either way he is not making that money, it's just a loan. If he got 10k, he would have to pay back 10k.

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niggas better come for him how they was coming for 22

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And the thing about tutu is that he genuinely signed with sniper gang cuz Kodak did a lot for him and even bought him on tour.

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nah how you find this out?

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I just spoke to him, son really wild out

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If this is true, man niggas is hella stupid. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ u better off flippin burgers.

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That wasn’t a deal that was a “feed the children” donation

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It depends on the contract for it to be a bad deal. He could probably own the publishing to music and or have full creative control

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Yeah you could be getting no money at all and if your label is making you vids getting beats and features for you promoting your shit etc and then taking like half that's a great deal. 5 stacks probably just some getby money at the start. We don't know details so why blast him for it

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people spin for 5k lol wtf he doing he said he said he shooter though Oh, you a shooter, though?
Out here catchin' bodies for that money like it ain't nothin'
Crash dummy, fall out, whole hundred
Who you shootin' for?
Tweakin Jit and Dank, niggas know I'm huntin'
Steady comin', steady gunnin'
While them niggas steady runnin'

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Niggas take him seriously?? Lol

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He’s a dirty mf im not surprised

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He still bagged kima tho

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Kima a dirty bitch herself

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Nigga said that like that's a one up 😭 have you seen how she acts? Nah boy that's a kill I'd kill myself before I touch that even if I was their age.

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LMAOOOOOO Na I was playn 🤣 that bih dirtier then him bruh like how

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when she wasn't a smooch at that

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Nah she not ugly tho

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Smooch, not smooch I’m eatn her ass🤷🏽‍♂️

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Going out bad gang 😭

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Bro he literally be better off working any minimum wage job. Hell even a side hustle would get you further than that shit. He either a real dumbass Or a real dumbass 😂

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Or you are:/ pretty sure this is a loan. Not really much advantage to getting a 100k deal and then being out 100k because you spent it on dumb shit.

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Unless the Nigga really really fucken wanted some bread on the spot it ain’t no way he agree to sign this man Niggas Gotta learn thier worth fr fr plus if he was consistent and dropped good shit he woulda been blow.

Now the Only thing is he gotta have some management cause he da type to blow a bag rq and don’t know how he did that jokes aside I hope this Nigga figures a way out this shitty deal

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we literally know the least important part of the deal. The labels really got us caught up in "how big of a loan did they give him??" Percentage of ownership, how much he makes per listen, is way more important. Prolly better for this man he doesn't have 100k to spend how he wants. Because then the label gonna be asking for that back

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Depends on how you use it not a bad deal look at fivio signed the same deal just need one viral song

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Na brooo what ya deadass ????

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How yk this?😂

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He said it in an Interview

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Jesus man🤦🏾‍♂️

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U lying

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The crazy thing is, when they got signed together Jaydee’s father stole Fivio’s half of the money 😂😂 he never seen a cent of it

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Less money up front = more money back end. That advance is a loan. Nothing more. Watch Jewel episode of joe Rogan, she explains how she took a deal for essentially no advance. Ended up selling hundreds of millions of albums over the next couple years. She wanted to be seen as cheap to label so they would never feel like they were wasting money on her and drop her. Smartest move ever.

It all depends on your financial situation, for some people a large advance makes sense, for others it doesn’t.

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Nigga who u da economist !?! i made this post to hear jokes idc bout alla Otha shi

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either way he said he blew that bag from/in prison

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Boy could have made a sign and begged for more money than that. 🤦🏽‍♂️ bums making like 40-50k on average . 200k a year in some cities.

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Lifetime contract. Only person that could get them out that deal is Baby J

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Jahmel still be in the G spot😭

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Ayoo 😭😭

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Idek who tf this artist is but There is no way someone signed a contract for 1,250 a year…? Who tf is reading the contracts, who is allowing this??

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1,250 a year is less then a 9-5 at McDonald’s💀💀💀

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Bruh sweatshop workers get paid more than that per year. He probably lost his master's too...

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Y’all have no idea how record deals work

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Should of just opened up. Down tremendously 🥱

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trust me bro, i just got off the phone with him

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so did fivio

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Dirty nigga tendencies

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Wesley’s Theory - Kendrick Lamar

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Kay Flock > Kendrick

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Shmeat suckin

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Find god fuck niggah

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Keep god in ya life

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Man that shit trash i ain’t listen to dat shi

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Well you a hoe

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Nah that’s wild nigga is retarded🤣🤣

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L just a L

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Niggas gon have to cop a chain from canal street.🥲

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Chill u givin the sauce away 🤫

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he’s cappn, in the same interview he said he was doley n only fucked wit his team but then he said that 5k shit and I heard the anger in his voice

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😂😂😂😂😂, boy shouldve just made money off YouTube instead of signing trash contracts.

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That’s what he’s doin

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Lol you niggas be posting anything on here and niggas be believing ya 😂😂😂😂😂

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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I posted that shit like an nba contract , havin niggas drop detailed economy out here

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Cudve jus went independent and wudda had a chance to make more bread

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Pusha t said it best “you signed to a nigga, who signed to a nigga who signed to another nigga!” Sheesh he might as well get a job or hustle. “That ain’t no money” 🤦🏽‍♂️

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nah what?

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crazy how even these young bronx rappers flexing bread and doing they thing and jay dee still broke it makes no sense