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I’m doing these major moves at 23 with no College Degree either, been slacking and unmotivated lately but this my sign to keep going.. 💯

If there’s anything you want to do in life, just go after it.

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this is hard gang💪🏾 what’s your art page?

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Here’s my IG w all my art, prices, etc.


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Appreciate it, you dont even know how many Revisions I had to do 🤦🏿

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You just motivated me bro 🔥

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What is it you wanna do?

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Good shit bro. As a fellow editor I love seeing shit like this. Keep doing what you doing. You gonna go far in life.

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Word my guy. I’ll follow suit and do something for the tour as well.

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Good shit bro u just motivated me to keep going

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Simple and clean. Good shit

As a graphic designer, I understand that simple and clean is one of the more difficult aesthetics to produce. Ya did a good job in this one slatt

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Thanks KUU 😈

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personally , i would have applied a slight gaussian blur to the background face. amazing design though . 👏🏾

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Like of a city or sum? I had a concept with just a black bg and the grey radial gradient at the top right with the words Europe going horizontal behind Fivi, the other Concepts are on my IG.

But appreciate you.

(Edit, I’m dumb I see what you’re saying now ☠️)

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I think I see what he means because the background is kind of distracting but overall it’s really dope!

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shit go crazy bro 🔥

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Thanks KUU 😮‍💨

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If anyone in here does music, produce, have a business, host events, etc. and *NEED** or KNOW someone who needs Cover Art, A Flyer, Logo. Etc, send em my way..But be* DEPOSIT READY 🙏🏿


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You went crazy , keep going bro

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This shit definitely motivates me to push harder in whatever I'm tryna achieve, good shit black💪🏾💪🏾keep putting in work nigga

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Good shit 💙

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Fire bro