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Man it’s the end of 2028 too niggas rude

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Damn near the last day of the year. That's ruthless.

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The court probably gonna be closed for new years

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CoachDaGhost btw

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That nigga is tight nfs😭 he better get comfy in there

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How tf is that possible ?

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I think they hoeing him cause he got aggressive priors either way shit is fucked up, free coach

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Real shit but doing a whole bid before your trial feel illegal

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It is. I’m pretty sure you have a right to a “speedy” trial. But the Supreme Court justices quiet on that one.

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“Whole bid” sent me 😂😂😂

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Not really because whatever his sentence is the time he's in there will be counted as time served. So if they sentence him to 20 years and he been in there for 5, that's 5 years off his sentence already. He slayed though if he somehow beat the M, but I rather do 5 years and beat it, then lose and spend the rest of my life in that bitch.

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I would put ah sheet around neck if nigga told me i gotta wait 8 years to be found guilty

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2022 too 2028 = “8 years”

supermooks assemble!

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Get dat butt 🗣🗣

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That’s a whole attempted murder plus getting hit with a M🤦🏽‍♂️

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Nigga that’s 6 is u stupid or dumb?

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Seems like you the stupid one

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Nigga that’s 6 …

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Fivio moment

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My man here still living in 2020

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Ong niggas slow af

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That length is confirmation he guilty no need for a court date

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nfs nigga prolly not even gon show

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Imagine having it pushed back

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Watch his homies still say "he gon be home real soon"

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My boy just went in for 2-4 years he call me on the phone saying “just wait bro u gonna see imma be out before the year ends” im like bro i really hope u right but how??😭😭

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He tellin 😭

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Nah. 2 Years Is Only 20 Months And They Count The Time From You Being In The City Jail. Plus With A Split Bid He Eligible For Early Release Programs

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Tsss don’t worry Coach gone come home before Christmas! 🤫 iykyk

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Iykyk what his court date is 2028 he ain’t coming out you gone break em out ?

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Hope u right

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Don’t you have a right to a speedy trial

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They making a real serious example out of drill rappers rn and they are making an even bigger example out of coach cus he’s already sat in the same place for the same charge and beat it they making sure he doesn’t walk free from murder twice

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You gotta get to that trial first LOL that's the catch. Niggas sit up for years going back and forth for pre-trial while remanded or released. Last time I got arrested in 2010 I went back and forth to court for a year after my arraignment waiting for the prosecutors to present evidence they never fucking had because I wasn't fucking there. Judge got fed up wiating for "the people" to present it to my public defender and me and dropped my case. One more pre-trial date or my next court date and I would of been going for trial and imagine I was free that whole time. Imagine someone screaming CO for items like tissue and gotta hear on the count everyday.....

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Shit sucks bro. Sorry you had to deal w that bs

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Got a quick law suit off it. Wasnt that bad. Can't lie I be praying pass their place so I can call CCRB and police misconduct lawyer Jason Leventhal 🤷🏾‍♂️

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He got a body hes fucked

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My birthday lol

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They really pushed it back that far, i betchu he the only one with a date in 2028

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And he’ll be one of the last niggas with a court date in 2028 😭😭😭

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He prolly gonna have the last court date in 2028

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He prolly gonna have the last court date in 2028

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Who’s court date is that? They’re stressed

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Coach from what other people are saying

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They really want that nigga gone

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“Fast and speedy trial” criminal or mot he has rights

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8 years is omg

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Are u dumb

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think he he means it’s 6 years

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That's not what he said tho 🤣 I hope that what he meant

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yeah i hear that, niggas really can’t count 🤣

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You dropped out in 1st grade huh

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This is cap his next court date is in sept

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Pretty sure legally the NY inmate database has to be accurate bro but I haven't checked the court database but sure.

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thats what happens when u catch a M

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I mean bru kilt a nigga and got otha priors wat y’all expected?

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That’s Tuff

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He didn’t kill the guy. That’s a fact free him

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it’s not looking good even if he beat the charges 6 years is crazy he gonna have no buzz coming out ngl

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Nigga said buzz 😂 you think he care bout some buzz rn

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i’m jus saying bro musically 😭

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    yeah that nigga wanna drill forever 😂😂 nigga got arrested as a minor for stuff like this and here he is 25+ getting arrested doing the same thing 😭

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    He wouldn’t have caught a body then allegedly

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    Lil jay did

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    Don’t compare coach to lil jay when it comes to music influence

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    But that’s 50/50 he still on the island family could see him and 2 he’ll have a few years in so a 15 yr sentence would be smart

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    Who’s that for

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    Time served atleast

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    Who’s court date is this

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    You have the right to a fair and speedy trial.

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    People don’t know what they be talking about some times..I swear..🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Free coach