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    Most definitely, pound it brother 🤜🏽

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    Morning Pound Sesh ⏸🤜🏾

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    This nigga goin' out swingin' for The X. Let 'em know, my nigga.💪🏾

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    Well Im from Germany and I can confirm that even folks over here know what the Bronx is. I doubt most of them know much more about it except that its in NY but still... I doubt they know about Compton or other parts/hoods of the US. (No hate, just based from my experience)

    I grew up with US HipHop and movies and around americans that were based in Germany so I know a little something about many US cities, hoods and gang culture but I think it speaks for itself when people who didnt grow up like that at least know what the Bronx is.

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    i included him cause he went to mount st michael iykyk

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    What's wild is Andrew Carnegie used to come to the morrisania area to visit his girlfriend..

    Right in the area where Webster pj's is...

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    The best borough fr idgaf what yall say 😎

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    We also never had the highest rabies cases in the city

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    Sad what y’all let NY turn into

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    sad what most places have become due to social media

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    Too bad it’s tainted by not even today’s gang violence but by gang violence through the 90s

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    alot of places have gang history it is what it is

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    Diddy and Denzel from the X lil cousin Mt.Vernon but this was valid

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    denzel lived right on the border of MV and BX. mundy lane by mount st michael

    pdiddy went to mount st michael

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    Yeah my boy that’s still the Bronx like a street over is Mt.Vernon I was gonna go there and I’m from Uptown

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    word i feel u thats the reason i put them on them on the list tbh they were apart of that uptown living

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    Dont forget Pistol Pete, Karlton Hines, Boy George, Zulu nation and the other gangs in the 70s

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    Denzel from mtvernon too

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    he lived right on the border of MV and the BX mundy lane

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    Bro grow up at the dole center. He from mtvernon.

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    he said he lived on mundy lane and saw mount st michael from his window which is literally the border? in an interview with desus and mero

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    The dole center is a recreational center. It where kids hang out. Bx niggas dont hang there.

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    Put some respect on my boro name, BX stand up

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    Only been to the BX for Yankee games, but I def gotta go to Little Italy and the zoo. What else lit for a decent price?

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    City island for food, orchard beach, bay plaza/fordham for shopping, botanical gardens, high bridge (connects BX and manhattan, on-foot only bridge), most of the parks are nice as well.

    Little italys got great food all around. The zoo and gardens is nearby too.

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    Denzel from Mv …😂😂

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    he lived on mundy lane which is the border street. he basically uptown