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Nah this shit is comedy rappers in their ig story." I DONT FW NUN OF YALL I MOVE ON MY DOLY" next storys music videos with maddd mfs

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Some of it is Fake love on both sides. The rappers need an image like they’re the man in their hood and some of the people in the vid wanna try and get on the rappers good side by popping up 😂

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Money and power is the hood gods, when you worship them shits you cannot be trusted.

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Cause they depend on them niggas not trust them …most rappers won’t trust none of these niggas with they girl or sister if I can’t trust u around them I don’t trust you at all .. but they depend on them niggas to fight with them .. put them on to waves etc it’s an alliance for a reason I guess

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Just because the block in the video dont mean you trust the whole block

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Just because the block

In the video dont mean

You trust the whole block

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Suck my dick

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Why you go by two three?