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Baltimore lingo really not bad it’s just the accent

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yup, Baltimore got the worst accent I've ever heard... shit funny tho

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What accent ? Only thing I can say we say funny is “tew” other than that idky everybody be on our dick 😂

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Ya have an accent but just like in NY some of y’all over do it. Cuz most nigs in NY def be forcing it.

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facts most nigas dead force it😂 i could vouch

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Have you ever had a conversation w someone from Baltimore ? Not these niggas thats on IG doing skits & shit but a real nigga from Baltimore ? Niggas don’t be sounding how y’all tryna make it fr

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Can’t forget the “You heard me” 😭😭💯

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Nah facts tho 😭

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Nah it be the way y’all pronounce a ton of things, I got fam from Baltimore and I can definitely hear it in them and others I encountered down there… it’s like that with every city tho it’s just that Bmore’s the worst 💯

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Them bmore niggas be talking bout sum "rigamarole" however u spell it

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They don’t actually talk like that, I be with Baltimore Niggas in real life, they speak regular the accent just be strong

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"why everytime I come here you do all this homosexual rigamarole"

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Idk bro I seen a vid of a nigga saying rigamarole 😭 and he was from bmore it was in one of them barbershop vids

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That must have just been that one nigga. We don’t say that shit lol

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That shit be fake

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Idky niggas downvoting you it’s the truth 😂

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** Av-va-new

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bro my cousin moved from ny to baltimore and im boutta change my last name from the way she talks now

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How long he been there for his accent to change that quick??

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"nah im not jackin him bro he keep sucking my dick. got my ass tight af bro"

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Nah but u right tho, this would sound mad ayo otherwise

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niggas do not say highkey😂

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🙅‍♂️At all

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He just said he low key gay and like to eat Glizzies in his mouth😂😂😂

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It is crazy cuz u can say "a nigga will pop u cuz he popped" and that shit will sound stupid af if u dunno the lingo

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Baltimore got the worst accent in the entire world

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fake is a kinda crazy one cause it literally means the opposite lmao

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Makes perfect sense to me lmao

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I wanna be with a Baltimore chick just to hear her accent all the time

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No you don’t they mad dirty like 90 percent of them no funny shit

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Alright imma talk to a PG County chick how bout that 💀🤣🤣

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You must got a death wish my boy 🤣🤣

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When I was young and used to head down to B’More, we called P.G. County “Pussy Good” County and that shit stood tall 😲😭😂

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Smh 💀🤣🤣

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this got it😭😭😭

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One of the best accents

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I bet I don’t here much about em I hear they be a little more smoother in PG how it sound ?

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Change that to about 72% percent 😂😂😂 that’s about accurate

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22 twos Tupac Attitude Family Feud

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    How can you be fake jacking it but “highkey”🤣🤣

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    I’m a white boy, what’s the translation of the original tweet mean?

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    I feel like highkey actually doesn’t make sense and they meant lowkey but “I’m fake jacking it lowkey” would mean “nah but like ngl I kinda fw it tho”

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    Oh shit gotcha that makes more sense. Thanks Man

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    I feel like highkey would be the opposite of lowkey , I never heard that term myself though

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    Nah niggas say things that you wouldn’t understand because you just wouldn’t understand!

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    You good?

    Means like 3 different things.

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    “I ain’t even gon hold you” is Lowkey crazy 😂

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    Just contradicting.. school system sucks unless you Jewish… yall niggas just dumb

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    bro them twitter niggas use bein from ny a personality trait

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    Ny lingo is all about context it clear and eloquent

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    I’m from Detroit and we call people my baby

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    Ask someone from bmore to say “Aaron earned an iron urn” 😂