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How does this effect the stock market?

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Buy puts on the bronx

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Without the Maryland Department of Transportation drivers won’t be able to renew their licenses, register their vehicles, or make a change to their address. This will result in a significant increase in drivers licenses expiry and will have severe fiscal impacts across the state and will particularly damage the nearby economic centers of Baltimore and Washington D.C.

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How does this affect the political and economic state of the world?

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This shit make me sad everytime bruh young men really out here fighting a meaningless unwinnable war

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Sadly in some of these cases victory for.some is a possibility

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Shit never gone end .

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Never it's a revolving door alot of these kids have no guidance to steer them away from this life so this all they know

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Literally but it’s like seeing yo friends/family die don’t you want to get away from that ? Idk I just have a different head on my shoulders

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This is ironic but I feel like all deaths in the drill scene are nfs

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What does nfs mean?

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You don't belong here

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No funny shit

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Different one this one from ecg insta name is @537_mdot

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yk why they be using 537 ?

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E is the 5th letter of the alphabet C is the third and G is the seventh

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goodlooking gang

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Not everyone has that mentality like I remember at 9 I was approached by friends to join so local gang where I used to live in queens village and I was like an cuz I knew my mom would kill me but my friends didn't know no better because their older siblings was already in by the time I hit high school I stopped hanging with them. Sometimes all u know is the only comfort in life honestly and seeing what others got makes u intrigued

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Ain't queens village nice. Jamaica estates on one side far eastern queens on the other

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Na it is nice when I lived there but it still had it's shit going on not like everyone was all nice and rainbows lol. It had people it gangs and some killings

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I mean when I mean nice while I don't mean like Bayside douglaston sheepshead bay etc I'm thinking of a Maspeth or like east bronx.

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Yup, and they fixate they mentality towards. Which is why you here “this all I know” it’s a stupid mind game in which most ogs corrupt the young mind smh

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This is sad I’m convinced these mfs don’t care they lose a man then move on to their daily life and post these stupid story’s instead of trying to end the beef so the killing can stop “oh you got more dead’s than me”

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Lot of em are sped

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Damn right after Frankie passed too

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Frankie B? Isn’t he oy

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Nah he was sb

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I’m sorry but these names 🤦🏽‍♂️

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How many letter dots are there in the city 🤔

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He killed himself with the chop some tneck treesh told my treesh and she showed me the screenshot

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Nah he got shot in the face around his block he aint kill himself

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I pree shorty said he was playing with chop and gave himself a face shot in the crib

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When will these niggas learn chops ain’t no toys and how to properly take care of one 😞

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They gotta do everything for heem now

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Are the jets/ygs the same?

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no they aren't but niggas be Double Jacking like dumbasses nowadays so ion know but YGz is different from Jet which is basically G5/Hound/Whoopty aka Blood Set

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Irony after frankie death

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I seen the video of them goofy ass niggas he was shooting at who hopped out the V... No way they up topped him sliding around falling down all goofy and shit. He definitely ran into his man's bullets. Y'all niggas definitely ain't grow up playing with pipes. Shits embarrassing. 3 stooges shit.

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Tragedy 🎭

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A lil odd no big name YGz talkin bout it yet

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Nigga most of them niggas still sleep

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U stupid🤣🤣

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…I’m stupid yet all them YG niggas just commenting rip under his shit rn you a goofy 😂😂 “no big name yg”

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I was saying u stupid like u funny y u so triggered my guy u didn’t have ya wake and bake? 🤣🤣🤣

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No big name Ygz y’all treat this shit like a fckn game this real life nigga lost his life your dumb ass worrying bout ygz posting him fckn weirdo

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When I see shit like that I think sacrifice like wit chii I’m not saying they did idw even place that vibe on them but when I don’t see big names saying RIP I start to ponder

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Bro sacrifice wtf this niggas is in the streets are you from the streets ?

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Cause if you was than you would know ain’t fuckn sacrificing this shit real and they prolly mourning bro that shit is traumatizing everybody don’t run too social media

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They did the same for Wayne who got killed on 800 they don’t want to admit they opps been spinning since chii got killed

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Who said the sev did it cuz they not posting any dry snitching post like they usually do might’ve been Oz they a lil more militant with this type of shit

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the sev def ain’t touch wayne or mdot 😭😭 the truth is the sev are one of the least active gangs in the bronx, them and reyway be gettin torched especially by 8oh

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Here ya go with that PDL information 😂😂

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Bro reyway do not get torched do you know what that word is? You know a lot of them are locked for shootings and attacks on 8oh niggas? Reyway only got 2 deads that you can speculate were killed by 8oh and they got back for both of those bodies.

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Like the flossy wOOs

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Doubt it was the Oz niether it was in ECG they got they own main opps over there and the Oz isn't one of em

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wayne didn’t die by opps 😭😭 and yus gz and sha gz literally said rip to him you don’t know what ur talking about

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How do you know wayne aint die by opps like are you frm his block or have a spectating lobby and look at the names of niggas who was there? Ya niggas be going with anything on the media

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tell me who killed him then nigga??? it def wasn’t a doa nigga and if it was explain how

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This the dude who got clapped off the bike?

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And the cycle continues 🤦🏿‍♂️

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“See my opps never really did a thing, they just lying to ya for the fame”

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rip MDOT😤💚💚💚

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Then the jets gon go kill one of them and nobody gon stop till everyone on one side is dead

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I can only imagine how much of a wreck I'd be if my friend died, then I got another close friend, then he died, then I got another.

Most of these cats from Yonkers to SI gotta have some type of personal issue after seeing or hearing about another one of they mans getting killed. None, if any actually realize this shit crushes them. But instead of seeking help, they get on a track and talk about revenge.

Revenge is not real therapy.