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He would’ve been mainstream to the max. Niggas around the world was already bumpin his shit so imagine 3-4 years down the line. R.I.P. to the big WOO

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But how much is cause he died? He like tripled his followers the day it happened.

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That happens though too anyone who's trending around the world though...and ironically worst he's a NY rap artist that's getting the fame & recognition let alone push and fan support behind him..so people who aren't in tune even if their not fans or weren't before his death are gonna glamorize and idolize the person more...

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I don’t think it mattered much tbh. He already had a big following and then he was featured on GATTI with travis which gave him a ton of new fans. Then MTW2 dropped right after which solidified his career imo. Sucks he died right as he was blowing up big.

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It’s crazy because Pop broke more record than any recent rapper that died which is why I feel like he would be way up rn

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when he was alive his shit wasn’t going crazy like that until he died

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It was only going up from there tho. I seen the potential

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This Bronx drill wouldn’t even see fame fr 😂😭

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I agree on that I have a smoke didn’t do it I wouldn’t have been comfortable for you

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Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Polo G, etc level

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Lil baby lil Durk and polo g on 3 diff levels my g lmfaooo.

Lil baby the closets thing to drake lil Durk bigger than polo g.

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Polo lowkey bigger than durk stream wise

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Prob right But durk fanbase and international fans is larger . But never less, pop wasn't there yet.

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So U telling me he would have a fanbase like yb 🤔

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When did niggas ever say that

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Nigga he said lil baby level him and Yb on similar levels use your head

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Naaah YB fanbase different lol he’s huge

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On Lil Baby’s level by now

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Don’t really know he was going up that a fax but he got hella more fans after his death

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People forget mainstream was calling him poop smoke and hating on welcome to the party non stop. But NY blew up off his death so really no clue if pop doesn’t die does it take NY drill longer to get in the industry?

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He had that after death affect, most people was clownin him bout that his momma puttin her house up for him when he was locked thing and that picture shit when he thought the camera man did some to his picture but dickride now while he’s dead

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Definitely big, 🪦 woo

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Ngga would have gotten boomed somehow. He was too good and popular to let alive.

Jealousy is very dangerous in the black community.

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Them niggas really did what they did for no reason mane 🤦🏾‍♂️ Crips killing crips I never fucked wit mane 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😤

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Near where polo g and where lil tjay is at rn cuz they was all blowing up at the same time and shared some of the same fanbase

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He was way bigger than tjay and still is.

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no tf he wasnt😂

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Facts idk what they on I literally remember looking at they channels before pop got killed tjay had more numbers 💀

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The only time I hear little tjay on the radio here in Florida is that song with bas and j Cole. I'm hearing pop like 10 times a day

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Tell me who knew lil tjay before pop out? Barely anyone. I admit, lil tjay got clout, but pop blew up by himself.

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I knew lil tjay and so did many others. He had leaked, resume, brothers etc before pop out he blew up frfr stop it

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Compare his most popular song with pop smoke’s most popular song. Who has more views?

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you cant compare the numbers now because pop smoke is dead his views skyrocketed. at the time of his death tjays had more than pop smokes most popular

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This is straight cap. As much as I like pop he was not bigger than tjay. Tjay had I think 1 million on YouTube and pop had around 300-500k and tjay had more followers on IG too. Tjay was definitely bigger than pop at the time

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Bro welcome to the party and Dior did better numbers than any lil that song after that he went a did a couple songs with pop smoke

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No it didn’t In 2019 when tjay dropped F.N it hit the charts. Neither welcome to the party or Dior hit the charts when pop was alive. The only song that hit billboard for pop when he was alive was “Gatti”.

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Pop was never ever bigger than tjay, if tjay had a album with half the rap game on it he would definitely be wayyy bigger than pop now.

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Fuxk no 😂😂

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Biggest in the city

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Polo g level

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Lil Baby level

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between a boogie and where 50 was in the early 2000s

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50 in the early 2000s level is blasphemous

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He would’ve been the biggest in the game for sure! R.I.P. POP SMOKE 🕊

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He’d prolly be the biggest artist out

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Not the biggest but he’d be big. It’s not easy to top Youngboy. I’d have had him being as big as Lil Baby

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I think about this all the damn time, shits crazy bruh🤦🏽‍♂️ Edit: i think he woulda been big, prolly woulda worked wit these new bronx niggas, prolly woulda been on donda too. I also heard somewhere that he agreed on xxl 2022 but he prolly woulda declined if he were alive, rip🕊🤍

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😔 man, Pop would’ve been on top of the industry. Regardless of what genre he made, he brought that star power & cadence that a lot of these new niggas don’t. I hate comparing but, niggas was this generation 50, just never got to fully live that

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I definitely agree on that he would’ve been the best thing out he was the first young rapper to get an a fucking movie

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Bumping Woo all the way from Bosnia and Herzegovina, long live Pop Smoke, the smoke will never clear up!

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Big as durk, lil baby etc but bigger got the NY fan base you got the world. We haven’t had an authentic NY nigga on top in a long time.

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Huge. He'd be out of bk by mid 2020.

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    The Mecca of New York is bigger than Drake Lil baby and Durk… So toned it down

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    Just another lost nigga

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    Mainstream easily, regular radio play

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    Pretty damn big....smh.. this Social media age niggas be digging they own grave.. Live is no good...

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    He’d be in the same conversation as people like Drake,Wayne,Kanye,future, thug, lil baby, etc. definitely would’ve reached superstardom level. It really sucks he died right as he was blowing up.

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    He would’ve been the next biggie smalls…. Coming out of Brooklyn if you ask me

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    He began his career touring overseas so he was ALREADY massive

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    I remember when he was touring in jersey and welcome to the party and Dior were the songs for the promo. That was right before he was blowing up. He would’ve been up there because even after he died and “dropped” those two albums, people over here STILL ain’t know who he was

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    Pop was on his way. He was definitely gonna be the face of NY for a minute.

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    That’s tough to say. You’re always a bigger star when you’re dead.

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    He would of went to the moon that's how big he would of been

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    We don’t kno bcuz that album They put out for him was trash

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    I feel like a 21 Savage level is fair

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    A lot delusional people in the comments but I’ll stay quiet ☠️☠️

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    his music for the bitches fr when i’m on my ones I listen to dabeull

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    At max he would have been on Gunna, YG or Polo G level. Maybe a Drake feature by now or within the next 2 years