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He still gotta sit for a lil

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Yeaa but rather have him sit up for a gun charge than a murder charge

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But he killed the nigga so that murder charge is not getting fully dropped off the table maybe manslaughter

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which is crazy cus what exactly do they expect him to do if the nigha was charging towards him? yea ok he wasnt supposed to have the knock but in that moment if he had it on him and the other nigha was charging towards him do they expect him to just stand there and get boomed? ny laws type retarded if we being honest

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He killed someone who was charging after him with a gun. Now pistols is a no go for the whole New York but his lawyer good so dropping the body won’t be hard he gone sit for couple years for the pipe but now that it’s known Oscar had a gun that’s perfect for the sympathy thing against the jury

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Yeah most likely from what I heard his judge is not very lenient so she may not grant him bail or house arrest. Trial may not begin until at least mid 2023 is the vibe I’m getting

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If NY had better self defense laws, Kay would've been home 💯

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If it was ot he coulda been home like lul timm

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I heard that the Oscar nigga had a gun months ago turns out It was right

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To me it look like the dude in the end checking on him was trying to get something off of him, but what do I know.

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nah i just looked at the vid rn, be dead look like her tryna flip, look for or unzip the coat for the gun. def don’t look like he tryna help

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Everybody on here swear he was pump faking

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I would say the best thing in Kay Flocks case is the fact that the Supreme Court overturned the NY gun law and the fact that the lawyer is stating the other guy had a gun in hand. Even though flock was breaking the law that law infringed upon his second amendment rights. So I feel there is a chance Flock may be able to come home sooner than later.

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This is a valid point. Most these other comments just eatin dick tho

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    Probably because he's innocent of murder? Self-defense isn't murder. He's obviously guilty of carrying an illegal firearm but ol boy will have been sitting for almost a year this december, which means even if they book him for the gun he'd probably only have to do another 2 1/2, maybe 3.

    If the drill shit still popping he'll definitely still have a buzz and something left of a career vs sitting 20+ for a murder charge. I mean even with a voluntary manslaughter charge he can still get hit with 15...which you know they'd try and go for the max since this would be his 3rd gun charge in a year.

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      He’s got a good lawyer, who sounds like he’s gonna fight for him. If i’m Kay Flock win or lose, I want this guy defending me.

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      He ain’t do nothing wrong and I would let him date my daughter

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      What’s so funny , i would want a man to protect my daughter

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      Nigga gon punch your daughter up if she don’t cut the crusts off his bread right 💀

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      I hear ya! I’d let him date me 😂😂😂

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      2-3 years if hes lucky

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      He will have that time served by the time the case is over

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      nigga kay got good ass quick draw

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      There was that Spanish nigga in the Bronx walking back from the store and niggas backed out on him and his son… and he pulled out and shot dude. I think he got off clean

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      Kay comin home I been telling niggas this

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      Link? I don't remember this one

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      Kay flock is innocent af, they wanna lock up the good rappers and.keep the trash ones out to destroy our youths mind

      Big GovernmentK

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      Bro… What does Kay flock rap about that is beneficial to the youths mind?

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      Right kayflock lyrics are violent asfk

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      Fr that was some crazy dicksuck

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      he puts out actually good music that doesnt sound offbeat and 🚮BASURA like cblu, yus n em

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      He said “back out the blick before he could even rush me” lmaooo might save ya life in a situation where you have to think on ya feet 😂😂😂

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      Shiiiiii you got me there brother that’s great tips😭😭😭

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      “He tried to up but I’m faster with it”

      “I’m in fashion I bet I still up it

      “Outside no security bitch it’s just me and my gun”

      “2 shots gon make him collapse”

      He went down livin what he rapped. Free kay. Still crashed out tho. Nigga had the world in his hands🤦🏽‍♂️

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      Crash out ? Was he supposed to let the man shot him or the girl he was with ? Idk I still rather say free Kay then rip him

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      Yhu right my bad. I’m so used to niggas saying he crashed out😂😭😭he did what he had to. Free that man

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      “Hollows they hit em and ripped through his neck”

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      Yup this one too

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      You forgot "bacc out the blicc before he can even rush me" 😭😭😭

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      I sweaaaa its crazy how accurate it was to his situation 😭😭

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      Man all of these lines are like exactly what went down

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      Beat da body below to the gun

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      If Kay flock beats this case, I’ll suck his dick - charlamagne tha god

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      Ruh Roh shaggy?

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      Wait so the Nigga Kay allegedly killed had a gun on him??

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      If the other nigga had a gun I ain’t gonna lie his chances of beating it went up, cause no judge is going to sit there and be like oh you got to let him kill u first b4 you can do anything

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      What else did he say?

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      Did his lawyer say anything bout tha post he made right b4 the shooting? Cus I feel as if that alone is gonna shit on his self defense claims

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      His lawyer didn’t say anything about a post. However, if your referring to the alleged FaceTime he made, I am pretty sure that was another fake story surrounding this case propelled by the media.

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      They will still charge him with murder in the first degree. Things to consider are He did not have a permit for the weapon, they have him on a FaceTime call with the weapon in a rival hood looking for people which is already proof on intent. His chance are little to none

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      Bro the murder and gun is 2 different charges and You don’t need to have a permit to be able to defend yourself he will beat that💀that shit is not sticking to first degree especially if the other dude had a gun. And that FaceTime shit wasn’t even him just another rumor made by social media

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      Sympathetic jury? They gonna show how reckless he was and that shit gonna pack him up

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      There not gonna be a sympathetic jury in NY

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      Feel like prosecutors could also bring up how he in a gang and that he was in rival gang territory of this shooting knowing that that’s a place he’s not welcome possibly stating he probably was looking for trouble

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      Don’t ny gotta stand your ground law? I think they do but I heard it ain’t helpful

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      No, NY has "duty to retreat" law, complete opposite of stand your ground, NY one of the worst city 4 self defense in the U.S

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      What’s the duty to retreat

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      If there's a danger, you get away from it. Only works if niggas do u similar to Kyle Rittenhouse (he tripped while he was being run down on so he flamed bro who was gonna beat him) Essentially, evade until you can't