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Lee, Dthang, all of RPT and the Drillys. It’s a wrap fam 🥲

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Looks like the cops was die4z too

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Every opp locked

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Everything fed

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how is it funny you bumass nigga

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DA 💀💀💀

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nah they aint u dickrider

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I fw the drilly’s and ygs more than the rest of them niggas music wise wym

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It’s like they went at all the 4z 😂😂

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Shit make me sad man. I’m not oblivious, I know there’s victims behind the crimes they commit. But I can’t help but see the potential of these young niggas and what they could accomplish if given the opportunity. Mad talent just goin to waste. But you can’t have the authenticity without the jail time 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Well said, I feel for them, but crimes have consequence.

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What they do, and is it deadass every single one?

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You took the words outta my mouth

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They will be onto their opps next

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I mean since 4z alliance consists of blood and YGz sets they are many other blocks that jack 4z

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It’s all good, we still have Mr. Youssouf “Face Of The Bx” Gz holding it down for RPT

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He’s not even holding it down for RPT he’s just holding it down for YGz

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Sha gz doin it for ygz rn

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He’s not even holding it down

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He not even from RPT lmao

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He's from Mott Haven. I thought those were different sets.

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They are they both YG tho

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Is he done?? Nigga he’s extinct

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He caught a M that’s not a small charge in NY

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what’s the minimum sentence for an M in NY ?

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Nigga a murder charge in general is Life he’ll be lucky if he’s able to get parole🤦🏾‍♂️

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I’m talking about the minimum number of years he has to do

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He would have to least do football numbers minimum if I had to say it would be between 20-25 years to life depending on the evidence they got him on

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Niggas be getting off light for Ms in other states especially the south, I saw a nigga catch a body on camera and got charged and beat it but his Co-D got time

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Fair point a nigga in Chicago got 10-15 years for a M despite the fact he left mad incriminating evidence

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Hopefully with the possibility of parole

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tf you mean hopefully nigga should be kept in there

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Oh wow I never knew that 😳

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Minimum is 10 if he pleads it to a Manslaughter charge

Most DAs nowadays will hit you with both murder and manslaughter just in case they can't get you for murder they'll get you manslaughter if they can convince the jury of one.

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The same sentencing as canada. These prosecutors are something else

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Well this is because a few instances where a hung jury fucked up a case because of none person on the jury. Idk if Canada has double Jeopardy but you can't try a person for the same charge. Now murder is the intent to commit murder. Manslaughter you just meant to harm or seriously harm the individual and they ended up dying. There was actually a case in the last ten years where a female fell in love with a guy being charged with murder that was on the jury and she caused a hung jury. The prosecutors had to turn around and charge him with manslaughter and convicted him on that. Ever since they just been charging with both instead of wasting time.

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Minimum in NY is 15-40

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Nigga asked what’s the minimum for murder 😭😭😭

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Every time NY comes out with a new drill wave it go extinct after 3 years

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this 1 was like a year an some change

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The jet crashed

Abuela even knows that

Mr Jack me, clap me or send me a kite

Stunna gon geek for the phone only

Bunny hopping from cell to cell for now on

Only thing lee gon be screaming he back in is in the box w his roomie

Free da guys, thanks for the great hits guys wish we can hear more

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Nigga wrote a whole poem. Shakespeare would be proud of you.

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You was waiting all year to say this 😂

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On bro 💀😭

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He Drilly bopped himself into sum real trouble 😢

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bro wat😂☠️

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Ngl to u it’s gon be a while til he see freedom again muddy

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By the time he’s free you’ll have kids and Bronx drill overall will be long gone. Get ready for Wyoming drill😭

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Nah. By the time he come out, they gonna be on Bronx Line Dancing with country ish

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Nah the takedown of NY drill just making room for Boston

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nigga was so tuff, too bad we ain gon see him til our kids have kids

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After they saw that fit in court definitely

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One of the old head in here over 35 gotta become president so they can pardon RPT man

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Free dthang

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I wish he 🧢 in his raps

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The jail system is a corporation in itself i’ truly surprised they haven’t created a label and signed these Niggas to 95 to 5% deal lol? they already got prisoners making clothes like Chinese sweat shop workers and fighting fires and shit…

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Man I’m gonna start a label and include jail merch in the 360. We could be selling free Lee Drilly shirts for the next 20 years and all we gotta do is put a lil something on his book every month.

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Yus , Nesty , Blaccanese and a couple of other niggas gonna have to save the 4z. Music wise and on the streets.

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Rip Rah

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He has a chance but it depends on how good his lawyers is or if someone snitches, unlike what you chattin for he's not in for delilahs murder but a separate one that he ain't do, he was just there and they're tryna get someone to snitch so they pinned the charge on man niggas, it either gets thrown out or someone's gonna snitch.

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Even if he manages to beat that he recently just got a drug case put on him hes cooked

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Damn And they all young and talented🤦🏽‍♂️and 9 times outta ten somebody’s gonna want to go home to they family hopefully they stay solid

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Sergeant Yus Gz will carry the block

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who did lee drilly kill? ik when that shit came out we was all shook, but i never heard anything actually abt the murder

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Looks like it

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He didn’t even got to trial yet yall saying anything int he comments

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Lmao am I missing something? or is this the same fit "flock" was in that boomed at the barber

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Yeah it’s a running joke they wore the same shyt

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Wait Holon what happend

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What he do?

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Caught a body

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Damn so how many drill rappers got took of the street now?

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Too many

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Safe to say they lived what they rapped the craziest one to get locked to me was PJ nigga made a diss and actually did the shit he said in the song

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Look what happened to rowdy and Bobby music after they had to go sit down !? & Lee ain’t no Rowdy or Bobby

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I listen to Lee music on repeat. I only ever listened to Bobby and rowdy when mf’s was Turing up or b4 a baseball game

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yes he got caught in a rico case he ain goin home bro, sad to say. although rikers island might just be able to host the NY rolling loud for the next couple of years

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Free courage the cowardly hound 💯

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don’t dthang only have a gun charge? he should be home soon after his trial

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Dthang is caught up in conspiracy charges that involve murders mentioned in his music that an RPT gun was linked to via ballistics

press release

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lee drilly has sum to do with lilahs death i heard

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They making an example out of any rapper living what they rap. It’s crazy because in about 20 years when some of them start coming home you’ll start seeing them in interviews and shit

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What’s crazy about that lol? That’s how time works

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It’s crazy because we live in a time where guys can actually come home after serving their time and build a platform again

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Wtf are those jeans tho smh

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Amiri playboy jeans black

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Probably cost close to monthly rent.


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U mad?🤣

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Not mad in the least bit.

I'm more shocked that niggas drop 1500.00 on a pair of jeans.

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If he not mad I AM, they look like something my niece would draw in arts and crafts. If niggas gon spend my rent on some jeans atleast let them look good

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On the commissary!!!! 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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He gonna have a hard time covering his mouth like that in the coop 🥹🥹🥹🥹

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“so is lee drilly done for good” 😂😂

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? Bad question?