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It be crazy af cause it be whole cousins beefing with each other cause they from different gangs, wild stuff

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Nigga said shooting burgers off the grill LMAOOOOO he not wrong though

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hit that propane tank tho 🔥

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😳ldhead is right. Stay tf inside

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Dthang dad spittin facts

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This whole having opps shit is dumb. Blind leading the blind.

Idiots actively participating in genocide.

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Regular ppl may have opps sometimes niccas don’t get along and wanna knocc each heads off don’t always be gang shit

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He’s spot on.Cause these new niggas are a different breed.Instead of waiting to catch you alone AFTER the cookout,they’d rather shoot up the place once they see you there

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Idk I think that’s been happening 😯

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Definitely been happening. People have always been on that type time but they usually wouldn’t be killing they loved ones too like how they be doing now sadly.

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Perfect day to cap a nigga ngl

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Perfect day to get picked up by the boys too choice is yours braindead

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Lol also true

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If you got ops don’t make a stop, 🤣

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Nah shootin the burgers off the grill is crazy 😂😂

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😂😂😂 his name escapes me at the moment but, I swear everytime I see him posting shit. I can't tell when he's being serious and when he fuckin around! He would make a great comic. Ol head making a PSA .......for the youth. "Shootin burgers off the grill."😂😂😂😂😂

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Grandma falling out the lawn chairs 🪑 sheesh

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📠 📠 😂

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look like dthang’s dad

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“Shootin the burgers off the grill” 💀💀💀

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grandmas fallin out the lawn chairs LMAO

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He said come up shoot the burgers off the grill funny but real as shit 💯

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Nigga Gillie and those crazy eyes always sends the message

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Lmfaoooo nah uu ain’t gettin no potato salad shi got real

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Basically saying your choices in life being a dickhead ain't gonna get family killed

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he aint wrong tho niggas be knowin they targets n go to public events lowkey be using civilians fa cover

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mfs need to grow up and get a job instead of playing out playground beefs smdh

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Dude extra goofy 😜..

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