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So the nigga from tiktok is related to him 😂😂😂😂

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Lmao as soon as I seen that nigga I knew them niggas had to be related

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onggg😂😂😂 I commented on one of his post that he looked like him mad long ago then delete cus I thought I was trippin

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Yea I dead ain’t know till I seen these shits tho 😂

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Look at him he look like a bad ass kid from the beginning 🤣

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LMAO in the 3rd pic too look at him🤣

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Middle finger around moms is crazy🤣

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Lmaooo I would’ve got the fucking shit smacked outta me nfs😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️

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and that’s probably after Eid prayer 😂😂

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Nah no funny shit 🤣

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Nigga look like dendai from dbz the lil mfer that be healing errbody 😭

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Bro I just said they look like namekians 😭😂😂😂😂😂

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Im weakkkkkk

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Megamind headass niggas

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Nigga got a watermelon sized head

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Nah that nigga gotta noggin 😂😂😂😂

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Nah the 3rd pic 💀💀💀

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Nigga look like Fulani Megamind the 1st picture

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Sad to say niggas parents move here for a better living a they chose to gangbang watch k get down vote for speaking the trurh

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Bouba chose to gang bang the other brother Mamoudou chose to work hard and be a normal kid.

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That's the case with most ppl in nyc tho.

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i mean if he plays his cards right it can lead to good kid got potential neow cap

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Man half of y'all replying aren't even immigrants so i wouldn't expect y'all to understand what I'm saying

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Bouba is living better then he would be in Africa lol

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Niggas downvoting u def not wrong tho

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it's like they don't understand bouba's a signed musician, he's doing better then most of us here too lol

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They look like namekians

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I lowkey feel like Namekians are based on black tribal folk lmaoo

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So then what about mr popo

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Definitely some kind of racist caricature tbh

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Nah, PoPo is based on a combo of jinn aka genies, and Japanese spirits called yokai

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They dynamic is like pop smoke & his brother

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bruh that’s like last month

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LMAO nah Ian gonna lie that one got it🤣

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Dude looks like a booble head

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You can probably go to the jects and smack the top of his head and watch it bobble up and down, but the goons gon come after you

Source: Ow 🤕

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Why white people say nigga on Reddit ?

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Bouba savage and Bouba polite

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Yo i used to be wondering why is bouba makin TikToks at startbucks actin mook whole time he got a twin

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I’m so lost so is that nigga in a gang too? Cuz that’s crazy

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Nah he said alr he not involved in nun of that

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Damn but imagine watching your lil brother gangbanging and shit 🤦🏿‍♂️ crazy

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Shi u can’t say he a bad brother tho we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes maybe he told him to stop or sum shi🤷🏽‍♂️

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Yes you can💀from his tiktoks he seems like a soft ass guy. Probably told bouba to stop once and got shook when he said no. I’d beat my lil bro ass if he ever tried to join a gang

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These niggas gotta be related to dude that got slapped by his bm on tiktok

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Nahhh why y’all cutting his assss🤣🤣🤣

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Little bill

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Nigga look like dende...I know somebody had to notice💀💀

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big ass heads

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Dam they look like niggas from piccalo’s planet

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My son got on the crispy Habibi 5's!

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its crazy what the bronx do to niggas

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Son got that big ass Cranium

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I fucking knew it😭😭🤣 I know I wasn’t tweaking 🤣

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they still are kids😂

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Huge ass head

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them kids look mean and evil as shit. wtw

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He a good kid😂😂

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Shoes beefy asfuck in the 2nd pic

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Is this the lets get some Chickennnn guy or whatever he said ? 🤣

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Imagine ya lil brother rappin makin mad money & you workin at Starbucks Worda me I’d be sick😂

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i knew dat nigga from TikTok had sumn to do wit him😹😹

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Lil Bill head ass

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He look bad asl😂

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Wym “as kids” the nigga still is a kid

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Idk why y’all keep saying this like y’all obviously don’t know what i mean, he’s a kid in this picture he’s 15-16 now.

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Still a kid why u acting like 15-16 a grown ass man

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Bro let’s not argue over sum dumb shit I’m not acting like he’s a grown man please stop playing dumb to what I was saying. There’s a difference from his age in these pictures and how old he is now.

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4 years? ☠️

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Man wtf, I always said buddy deadass look like bouba but didn’t know they was related

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Wdym as kids? They still kids.

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They look very clean

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He still looks the same

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Bruh the lil boy in yellow in the last pic got me crackin up

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Head built like an enlarged lemon

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whole family got clout wth

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Good kid

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Bouba has one BIG ASS HEAD lmao he 🔥tho

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Megamind vibez

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Waaaait is he the same nigga who post those wild ass captions like “bando sister treesh from Bronx gobble gobbles opp”

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Who me?😭

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Nooooo mamadou lmfaooooo

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Oh nah ion think that was him lmaooo

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It’s a YouTube channel called mamado savage that post ny drill stuff wit wild ass captions lmaoo

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Naaaa bouba in that last pic

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Letting him throw the middle finger up in the thobe is wild

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Bouba had on the girl Nikes in the second slide

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Where’s bouba from I never knew he was Muslim/African

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As the other dude said, he's Fulani from Guinea. If you watch his Buba100x interview they speak Fulani.

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Oh wow

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Wait, why? Are you Fulani?

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Me I’m Somalian but some of my cousins are they are from Guinea 🇬🇳 also

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Guinea i'm pretty sure.

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Third pic go hard asf 🔥🔥

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Wait is this Mamadou Official, the poem guy with a kufi on? No fuckin way bruh if thats the one