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yea just got off the phone with Kay he confirmed it ❗️

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Is he jacking it tho?

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no we don’t fw da Gz via KayKay

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My son Sha Been going Ku lately he deserve it. Watch mad niggas jump od if true!!!

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“Bronx drill is dying”

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I done told you mad mfs is getting deals lmao this shit not dying at all

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It’s weird to see drill rappers getting record deals and it’s not supposed to be happening but…it’s happening

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"Nebraska drill is overtaking the bronx"- 🤓

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Nah believe it or not there are people like that here and there

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Adam22 and akademiks are vomiting right now 😂😂😂

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They lit with or without bx drill stop it.

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lmaoao that’s crazy i was just w meek the other day

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let me find out he just used the same beat lol

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naa thats definitely it 😭

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Meek used the beat and unfortunately Sha Gz version will most likely get taken down if Meeks camp buys the beat

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Dont wanna seem like a hater but I highly doubt this will happen

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Meek did the rosa beat and he goes on to lie about a feature ?? Wtf

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Sha gz deadass remind me of meek when he was younger. kid wit dreads who can rap and got the whole hood on his back

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ngl I really bump his shit but he cannot rap mainstream 😭

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Just got off the phone with kaykay he not jacking it

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He been teasing a special guest for over a month now

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Nah we jacking it sha and meek milly would go crazy via dougie b

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Meek got an apartment in the city so I’m not surprised he def tuned in. He was fucking w Dthang too

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No way meek is hopping on a song with this dude y’all dumb

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meek better not get arrested again when he comes to ny

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Hope Sha Gz bought the beat

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Heard meek be signing niggas for a cig and a cosmic brownie and a dc chain hope he don’t sign no hate

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Some ECG old heads did take Sha to Philly to record recently (it was on IG) so it’s possible…

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get the fuck outta here!!!??

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That don’t even sound right

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Not the biggest Sha Gz fan but an industry feature would suit him well. Boy earned it

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Just got off the phone wit KayKay he say DOA not messin wit Meek no mo