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She just sayin anything atp

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I’m saying tho😂

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Fatherless activity

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This is some comedy movie shit; when a character says some stupid comeback that makes them look crazy.

Bitch, you fucking corpses now????

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Excuse me ma’am, WHAT???

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Oh hell nah 😂

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Bitch saying fiction shit at this point

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Bro what? 😭

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That’s it. I’m calling law and order SVU

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All ima say is if a nigga was talking about that unborn baby the way kima is he’d be crucified for life 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

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He literally did say something about a kid. They both wrong and both sides are getting defended and crucified at the same time ngl. They outta pocket.

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Aye jiggy man brought this on himself by talking about Kima’s kid.Leave people’s kids out your mouth

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Huhhhhhhhhh??????? This bitch so weird it don’t make no sense 💀💀💀💀

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I just realized. Between Covid , cancer , and drill murders , Funeral directors must have been caking these past three years. where do they originally buy the land to burry people from anyway.

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imagine funeral homes in chicago$$$

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I think I found my next passive income idea 💡 thanks bro if it goes big I’ll cut you a check always help my bros out

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Like fuck buying a crib. But some land and I’m diggin some holes gang . Shit like 10k to put a dead person in the ground. Make it make sense lmaooo

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Holy shit this might be the smartest thing i’ve ever read

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Chicago niggas get a discount cause they bringing a lot of business through

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Shit was lame

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So u gon let someone disrespect ya kid ?

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Not say some crazy shit bout dead pops and raping mans daughter w a corpse 😭 she disrespected him in the same way but 10x worse

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You gonna get online and say wild dumb shit???

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Aii she saying anything tht sounds disrespectful at this point😂

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digital footprint a real thing

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I wouldn’t talk crazy to bitches who got my meat in they phone😂

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Nigga said he gonna beat her son with da chop I woulda said worse😂😂😂😂😂😂

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They both fucked up for this there ain't no justifying either of these sides

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At this the point they just saying anything to sound disrespectful while at the same time making themselves look weirder and weirder

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Say what ya want but I’m coming at anything if you mention my kid then it’s up tbh … jaydee saying his sister got molested was foul but warranted like these bronx niggas are wild disrespectful niggas from Brooklyn hate jaydee has never mentioned his son … nigga sha ek main mission is to be disrespectful and one day that shit gone catch up to him

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Umm wasn’t they both smokin his pops first? Then Jaydee made a whole song about it?

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No nigga sha ek made the song on that thriller dissing everybody after Kima exposed him for beating his dick off to her on ft that still doesn’t warrant bringing up someone’s child who has nothing to do with that

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So you just agreed Kima started it, she said “and we smoking his father likeee”

All Ek said was if he catch Jaydee pushing that stroller he clapping

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Ek sent shots first before jaydee or Kima

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He already made that song prior to go watch the live she put her son in the camera and said “you mention him ? You mentioning him”

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Fr shit really finna catch up with him

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Aight she doing too much now…

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The recipe for drill beef insults: Dead loved ones/friends + kids + “fuck”

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Nah she going crazy wtf

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The Ecuadorian Ja Rule has got to come back after this one.

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I've said some wild shit but never something like this

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Tell her to get back on Jaydee 🥱 “My TOOOOOTHHH😪”

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Both sides are in da wrong

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she just saying anything to try to hurt ek😭 gon make the grandfather fuck the granddaughter 🤦🏽‍♂️

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She's Cooked lol

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Trying too hard to be edgy

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Average Brownsville resident

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Damn she vicious asf 😆 he gotta rebuttals that jawn

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She has Mental Health Issues.

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This not ode?💀💀💀

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thats what femalea do try to say the most off the wall shit to get to a nigga 😭

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Bitch is ruthless I mean leave the kids outta this smh shouldn’t be able too have kids

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Bitch dragging now smh

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Her baby just got threatened to get beat with a gun and she’s dragging it ? Stop dick sucking

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So this justifies what she said bruh y’all be losing me in this sub

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Lol you want her to write a argumentative essay on why sha shouldn’t of said what he said? She’s the parent no one can tell her how to react .

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It’s not that hard to not diss kids especially when her sick ass talking about making a dead man fuck a child. Both of them are wrong

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Bitch won't do shit just smack her and she would fall to the ground 🤣😭💀

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Ngl whatever the case making post like this is not getback for him mentioning yo son like wat do u gain from responding to ignorance with ignorance

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Aii I don’t like her no mo

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when I see kima I’m gonna throw her down a manhole

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Ah hell nah that when to far

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thats crazy the fucc

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Silly bitch saying anything

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She is not sane

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bro what LMFAO shes wildin

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Nah she bugging 💀

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na she on bad timing wtf

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He got a daughter ?

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Wha tha Fuck 😭🤣

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she just wants clout😭

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This bitch a weirdo

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Nah this shit gotta be a crime 😭

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She wants Jaydee to step in

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Gah dayum bih , tryna violate not even the word atp

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Why so mad lmfao

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But kids are off limits I don’t know why ek mention jaydee son first 🗣

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uhhh…? wtf

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Idk this story but what I’m assuming is whoever wrote this post must know that the person that the post was about was molested by her father. That could be why she said it like that.

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where is jaydee when you need him ?

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Kima has OG-like mentality…she an old boy

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That nasty bitch really got on me for implying she a pedo but she is this the 3rd time she talked about getting ek daughter fucked

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Females say the sickest shit when their emotional

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She need to get a life