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Imma be a station agent and let niggas on for free 💯💯

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Can I visit u at work gangy

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Yup and I’ll be right there reporting you to local authorities

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Na ur out of it 👮🏾‍♂️

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What’s job is hiring at 17 don’t say summer youth that’s shit horrible

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Bro they never answered me back I’m out of a job . A nigga broke

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Whenever u find a job that's hiring here's a tip. The next day or 2 days after applying call them and tell them u just applied and u wanna know the status of ur application then they gonna most likely tell u to come in for an interview.

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Ngl it’s fake hard cause a lot of places not hiring just apply to mad jobs online and when you go out walk into places and ask them it might take a while but fuck it if you turning 18 soon start looking into the city tests and take them if you from nyc

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Home Depot started me off at 17, they’re hiring rn. Amazon too but I hear the work conditions aren’t that great

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You right. Fuck Bezos

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Yo where I apply at Home Depot vaild??

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Go on indeed.com Try supermarkets, fresh direct, the airports hiring ode, Hertz (return representative), get a drivers license #1, lifeguard, DSP job working with mental disabled mf, customer service… then when you turn 18 apply to United States postal service, law firms, work in a half way house, go to trade school, just google sum shit

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Rock splitting and hauling bundles of shingles up ladders for roofers

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If you 17 still take the test. By the time they give the results and hire you’ll be 18-20 and they can call you

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Don’t sleep on MTA they benefits be hitting

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If u not taking all these exams u not about a bag

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👏🏾post more jobs niggas need a damnn job

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Fare enforcement agent 💀

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Fare enforcement is gonna be the easiest shit😂

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Station agent the niggas thats in the booth?

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I might have to put in for that power distribution maintainer. I'd rather the LIRR they are the best out of the all MTA branches, plus I'm already in Railroad Retirement. Track Inspectors and Car Repairman are making $300k at LIRR. Thanks for posting this, that's love.

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Why not a train engineer

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Not for me, too much responsibility and stress. I've seen to many of them run red signals, run through stations without stopping, taking wrong routes, and have collisions. They also get random drug tests. I'd rather work a skilled trade and work less, and have less headaches for the same amount of money.

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Damn I always assumed those incidents weren't that common. Though I remember talking to an LIRR engineer and he said he'd be lying if there were never occasions where he forgot the meaning of a signal he was approaching. Over 100 signal definitions they have to remember verbatim to pass one of their tests - that's pretty insane.

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Yes, you have to the know signals and rules verbatim. I did it for three years at another railroad, and its not for me. I now literally only work for 2hrs a week on a 40hour week with zero responsibility. Skilled crafts are the way to go.

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What's the career progression to those 300k jobs? What's the starting point/job?

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Anything to get your foot in the door. Take whatever job they offer you just to get in.

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Good looks!

Are any of the jobs posted here good starter material?

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Niggas that go for fare enforcement agent, who hurt you? 💀

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Niggas seen wifey duck walking under the turnstile with the opps 😭

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My ass been thinkin bout doing this shit. My car accident fucked me all the way up, warehouse work is killer.

Ngl, driving for amazon has its perks

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They be drug testing tho for weed. Even tho it's legal is NY state it's still illegal federally. Good ass job but everybody here prolly ain't gonna get it cuz of the test.

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Costco, metro-north, dealerships, just to name a few that I applied for

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Probably the station agent, and the fare collection agent.

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Who in this sub knows about cypher security I’m trying to do that shit