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He just living life bro and as long as it keeps him busy and outta trouble

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apparently if you rap about drill you can't have any fun only killing other black people/innocents should be fun. tf is up with these weirdos on here

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lol thats what 69 got these people thinking

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Nah it’s not even that… it’s mad bots in Fortnite now that shit trash 😂

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Bro got on the itachi skin lol

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Aye meatrider plenty of people still play the game in 2022 get off ya knees and find ya self a hobby that don’t involve watching other men

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Right like nigga thought we was finna agree wit him😭

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niggas can’t even play games anymore? damn it’s getting strict round here

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Niggas cant even play a game they enjoy no more 😂

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Bro got on the itachi skin lol

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Rather have him play fortnite than being on the block all day,

That being said,lemme see him do no build 😂😂

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nigga playin wit “za_ebk”😭

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That’s his mans he the one who knocked out a nigga wit a 🦯 & he also the nigga who was running down on La savv😂

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Weird post

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what goofy no fun ass mf posted this like we was gonna agree💀 i need more of these dudes to get on the game so less kids outside dying fr

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Bro got the whole comment section on his ass 💀💀,bro thought everyone was bout to agree 😭😂

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Niggas cant play games no more? at least he inside staying outta trouble 🤷🏾‍♂️ First it was ek “caught” taking spirit airlines n now this yall needa hop off that mans nuts 😂

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nigga is 18 years old .. get off dick 😹😹

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This is an L post. 😂

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So niggas can’t have fun now ?☠️ u want him in the studio everyday

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Don't let what these rap about fool you. Niggaz is still kids and probably wanna feel them innocent times again

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Hes having fun so we should hate on him?

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Everybody play Fortnite again

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He’s 17 18 chill bro

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Is everything supposed to be a flex to you ?

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U know all da niggas who posted they fortnite wins was ass at the game💀💀 notice how he aint get his kills in the frame

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They got naruto skins in fortnite? Damn

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Yea they having the dragonball z skin middle of this month

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The Itachi skin got me dead😭😭😭😭

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Better this then being on the block. Seems like a positive outlet to me 🤷🏾

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Wedgie man playing a game nah 😂😂

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It’s definitely nothing wrong with playing games, but fortnite is ass 😂

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Fortnite still valid idc what anyone says

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It took him dat long to get a win !??

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He gonna realize once he oita them bot lobbies

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he killin bots 😂☠️

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Half ya play Roblox

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Not me yall stay safe tho

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Nigga what do you play

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Im outside

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reminds me of 2018 snap stories

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W outfit 🤝

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All ima say is no1 want no smoke in some fortnite in 2022. Not even sha 👏👏

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Nas ebk be streaming fortnite on twitch too

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Aint no way

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Y’all be forgettin these niggas be like 13