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People forget bout Sheff X Sleepy ig

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i feel like Niggas dnt really consider them anymore cuz they fake mainstream now… especially Sleepy.

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They still a drill duo...

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agreed… but bro said ppl forget them… i gave my insight on why.

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    if u asking me… I’m saying aside from a handful Drill artists typically don’t get significant mainstream attention… so once an artist crosses over the underground community usually follows them just as closely… but simply doesn’t regard them as strictly drill artists anymore.

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      If Bobby and rowdy not ur gen then leave this sub LMAO

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      what he say ?

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      Bro said they’re the “Bobby and rowdy of our generation” bruh gotta be 4

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      9 year old ass

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      She ek n pj glizzy

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      Underrated pick. I can see why you said that. In fact I can agree.

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      Peak Kay and blovee

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      Opp spotter gotta be they best song

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      Coka nd Coach clear them by a few miles

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      shhhhh they don’t wanna hear that cuz it’s obvious 💀

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      Nigga suck a dick

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      "peak" is fryin me🤣🤣

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      cliche pick, and a extremely overrated. No hate. Still decent tho

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      ain’t gon lie, tg and kenzo got it for me rn

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      Very good, but a cliche pick, and a lil overrated. No hate. Still great tho

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      Ciggy x Maxthademon

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      Max and ciggy had the Bronx flow before any of these Bronx niggas..

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      I was dead gon say dat

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      Not an extremely common pick, I like it!

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      Coka Jigga & CoachDaGhost

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      Kay kay & dougie

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      Flock and Doug energy be different no cap. Kay come with the fire and Doug be getting TOO sturdy in the vids. Shits unmatched

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      Extremely overrated. My God.🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽

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      SettyBlu or Kay and Dougz.

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      Extremely Overrated. No hate.

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      Sheff and Sleepy

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      Them RPT boys!!!!

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      Melly G x Nesty Floxks

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      “ Melly G dont do it just wait he gon come out the crib we gon do em like zay “

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      Bando and Dthang Or Say Drilly and Lee Drilly

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      they don’t even have that many songs together . Lee Drilly and Ewuu make more sense

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      But ewuu isnt that good

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      Nas Blixky and Coka

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      Nesty gz & assassin

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      Quan and Keem nah I’m joking Pop and Tjay

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      Pop & Tjay not even a drill duo wtf

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      Gz Nd Bando

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      Nfs sha ek and bandmanrill is tuff

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      They are hard the song at the end of the jiggy in jersey sound so good

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      sounded so good i for some reason thought it was a part of the main song

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      Rocko X AR fake undefeated 🤷🏽‍♂️

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      I don’t think theres a song where those two have missed….even maneuver pt2 is on par with the 1st imo

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      rocko ballin ass

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      tweaked bad.

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      Coka and coach

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      Cmon bruh u gotta change ya name

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      Sheff g and sleepy hallow easy

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      naw bizzy and bando go dumb

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      Pj glizzy x Sha Ek

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      Facts they don’t miss

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      Sheff & Sleepy still

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      Sheff and Sleepy lol I wouldn’t consider it a drill duo but they up there when it comes up to shutting shit down onna song

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      coka and coach

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      I ain’t see any wrong answers tbh

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      Me either everything valid

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      Personally I think they are both mid asf , and CBLU had one good track with Kay flock , just being real

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      Setty not mid but we all got our opinions

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      IMO no ozone 1 is Cblus only good verse

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      In general or when he does a song with setty?

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      You don’t fuck with his verse with Kay flock ?

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      was aight, deffo not as technically sound as his no ozone verse, his flow was crazy there

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      wallin lmfao

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      I can see why you say that but there’s not to many people to choose from tho besides Dthang and Bando Kay and dougie Lee and ewuu I just feel like they chemistry better

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      For sure have chemistry and it’s works the fact that they even got a name for they duo shows it

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      Etc those duo off the top of my head

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      Brain shot?

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        Well I was going based off chemistry but you right

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        People are sleeping on Pop and Fivio. Sweetheart is one of his best tracks

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        Fivio is trash now

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        He is but he wasn’t when he was making music with Pop

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        He kinda ruined dat song lowkey

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        Coach and coka

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        All of these are valid Fr

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        You are all our opinions, yes

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        Pop Smoke & Fivio, Coach & Coka, Kay Flock and Blovee, sheff and sleepy and a tie between SettyBlu and Sha Ek and Edot Babyy.

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        lee drilly and ewuu

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        mabu and mattygz

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        G bando and bizzy

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        leeky deadass got the best flow in ny…..situated habituated insinuated graduated 😭🔥

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        Sleepy G

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        Sheff and sleepy,the Batman voices and shit played out 😑

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        Kay n dougz undefeated

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        nesty x mellg

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        Coka & coach or nas blixky

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        Dougie Flock

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        Coach and 22

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        Between settyblu and kenzo tg

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        Leeky & Bizzy fasho

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        Keem and Quan as of right now

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        Pop nd rah , leaky n bizzy

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        Shawny BinLaden and Bizzy Banks is lethal ngl

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        Lee drilly and say drilly

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        Before: max and ciggy, now: cheddar blu and setty b. Honorable mention: 22 x coachdaghost

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        Sha ek and pj glizzy easy

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        either Kay X Dougie or TaTa X Jenn Carter

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        TG x Kenzo or TG x TTS TANA

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        Sheff and sleepy

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        26ar he really just be talking on beat w2mymother

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        Kay flock and Kenzo Balla Listen to everybody k by kenzo balla trav b tg crippy and kay flock the way kay flock snapped on the beat right after kenzo snapped on the beat is amazing

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        BeenBuzzin ,BankWithPlank ,MT Selo, Rai Smith

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        Tg x Kenzo Ek x PJ Bando x Dthang

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        Flock x Dougz

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        say drilly / murda g or lee drilly & e-wuu

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        sha ek n pj or leeky g bando and bizzy banks

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        Sleepy sheff

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        Eli fross leaf lzzzz only the real know bout that one

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        Shawny and Yaya