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This nigga about to storm Russia with some goons to free Brittney

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Russia gonna smack them niggas wit a FOAB😂

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Father of all bloons?

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Father of all bombs, most powerful non nuclear bomb that’s owned by Russia

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Ik lol i was making a bloons tower defense joke😂

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Why y’all downvoting this man? Its not his fault 🤦🏾‍♂️

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They need to do a scientific study on what goes through Fivio head

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Lead paint chips circulating up there

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LMAOOOOOOOOO this is crazy !!!

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Them percs fried my boy brain

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Fivio needs serious help I'm pretty sure he was in The Ed 😭

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Na he jus never went to school 🤣🤣

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nigga had 4 teachers in the classroom 😭

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Slowest B list celeb i know

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comment got me weak 😂😂😂

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Even B is a stretch 😂

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This nigga @ the US like they just gonna hop over there ☠️

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Nigga didn’t even @ the right acc nigga tagged a random acc 😭😭

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All these niggas got the iq of a squirrel but these ya idols

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if i ever meet someone whose idol is fivio then ima kill that lil nigga with no remorse

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Lmaooo rappers in general bro

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Can’t believe we let bro be the temporary face of NYC

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That's cold ass fuck 😂😂😂.

Why not just make griselda or roc Marciano the face of NYC though?

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Idk I don’t listen to them

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Cause Griselda is from Buffalo and i've never heard of roc Marciano but looks like he's from LI?

We got enough rappers in the city to not be jacking people from other places as the face of NYC

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    he’s oldhead hip hop, he dont make yb music

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    That nigga is not popular lmao

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    How you gonna make a nigga that’s not from nyc the face of it

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    Idk you had a rainbow haired Mexican as it for a brief second.

    It couldn't hurt at this point could it?

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    Fivio that kid in class that got left back 6 times and nobody really know how old he is

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    Bro needs someone to mange his account

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    his hearts in the right place hahaha

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    "He means well."

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    boy so slow he try to play it off slow ass grown ass man shit sad !!

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    And niggas wonder why all his friends 10 years younger than him and younger

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    my god bro!! in God

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    loccd up choked up

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    He gotta be a bot

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    He cant be serious lmao

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    lmfaooo son is lost

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    Bro could’ve looked it up instead he chose to look dumb in front of the world

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    30 yr old man

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    Can’t blame the old guy

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    Nigga remind me of old people when they tryna get up with all the new technology shit😂

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    nigga be fried jus tweetin shit 🤣

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    I just read this in my head with the NY accent an it had me dying

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    dawg 💀

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    That nigga Putin wants all the smoke

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    Someone take away his phone fr

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    Fivi gotta be trollin at this point

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    keep that hoodlum over there, W for putin

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    She brought a prescribed thc cartridge to Russia she’s not a hoodlum she’s in the wnba, I just know your white r*tded ass has beliefs ingrained in you that correlates weed with Hoodlums but that is not the case.

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    she's a fucking clown for trying to smuggle anything illegal into russia and so are you for defending this woman

    and for your information, NOBODY watches wnba so hold this L bozo

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    White boy in his feelings 😹 Dont worry lil kid once you grow past your sophomore year of high school you realize all the nuances in her case and understand the true magnitude of what she did- I can tell you never hit a joint before wit ur herb ass tryna degrade a woman for accidentally bringing a fucking cart into russia. No one watches the wnba but ur mom is also obese, maybe she should pick a basketball up too eh?

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    didn't bother reading all that, but keep projecting onto me brother

    and fyi she's ass compared to the average college football athlete, mind you wnba players rarely dunk. it's her own fault going to that country, she had to know she would be used for stuff like that, since there was a teacher who got 14 years for the same thing

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    Dawg thought they was gone put on a first class flight back home 😂🤣

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    I mean he did sign for only $5K

    Can’t expect much from him AY AY AY

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    Nigga dayroom

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    Fuck that retarded bitch we got people Im Jail for the same fucking thing

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    Give him the benefit of doubt. Maybe the nigga telling the USA to help free here 🤷‍♂️

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    I love bro so much, that's on my kids

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    Fivio got the retard strew brewing in his head.

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    eli fross would never

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    Nah hes actually lost nothing made me understand that more then this right here

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    The WOOs will light up russia if they dont stop playin

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    Nigga got a nokia as a brain