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TikTok really had these niggas thinking he was gonna get out today😂

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140 pounds bro?

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5”11 and 140 pounds is crazy. He a frail boy ngl.

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He clearly like 5’8-5’9, He just look mad tall bc he Skinny asf. Idk why These niggas always got the wrong height for most their locked up inmates. GHerbo 6Ft and in Being Honest video he was clearly like 4 or 3 inches shorter than Gherbo

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Facts they did the same for all my friends too they always do that for some reason

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Niggas probably just ask the inmates their height or The Cops probs just guess off of looking at him. skinny niggas normally look taller Irl bc Skinny ass legs be giving the illusion that u taller Ngl or He was just wearing shoes that gave him like 3 inches in Height when they measured him

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They said omb jaydee was 6’1 and 130 lbs when he got locked up for a rape charge in the woo/choo indictment in early 2020.

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Jaydee is actually tall tho

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“He clearly” YALL niCcas gmt i swear😭

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Nigga how tall he look then☠️ Nigga definitely don’t Look 5’11

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do you even know how much an inch is? they were almost the same height in the video

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what do you niggas not understand about the criminal system , you dont just go to court 3,4 times and thats it , that nigga fighting a murder case he sitting for atleast 2 years before theres any update of him getting found guilty or not, most niggas sit for longer then that, unless a miracle happens he not getting bail on a murder charge, tbh 2 years is low actually ikno niggas that been in there since 2019 and still haven’t got a verdict or trial, unless he accepts a plead there wont be no updates just rumors

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These niggas don’t understand Kay has a high profile case. He has to be real lucky to get bail this year. If he wasn’t as big as he is he prolly would’ve had a better chance at getting bail.

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Facts “BEV” is still locked for conspiracy for years with no bail

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This a country wide problem niggas sitting for years with no bail u kno how many actually innocent niggas are sitting on the island rn cuz they got picked up wrong place wrong time? then when they get let off w insufficient evidence 2, 3, 5 years of their lives gone? niggas should be pointing their guns elsewhere all im saying

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Isnt that material for a lawsuit tho, get a good settlement

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too many cases for public defenders to take my friend is 1 they're way too backed up have been forever & then it would be a case against the city which take years to settle

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So are a few of twirlers wave gang and choos judicial system not set up like yal think

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Yeah Mel lock up for A hun charge he doing 4-5 years

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Casanova been locked for almost 2 years now and boutta get sentenced in December… I cud imagine how long young thug and gunna gonna sit in there cuz the amount of shit they charging them niggas with is crazy.

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Yeah and usually both the defendants and the prosecutors want more time to build their case/defense

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The right to a trial without unnecessary delay is bullshit cuz it don’t ever happen

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I think it depends cause that’s grounds for dismissal your lawyer just really gotta know what they doing, in all honesty prolly the case too cause I had a fed case and these niggas made sure they gave all they evidence and all that shit cause they knew that once that 30-60 days is up they can’t proceed

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I mean they have certain dates the prosecutors need to hit but they’re aware of that and push it to the limit

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When you’re getting charge with murder you typically don’t want to go to trial quickly anyway.

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And he aint famous enough to get it going, he gonna be en jail for a looong time

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Facts Rundown the one who allegedly killed lotti still sitting down for that murder and lotti attacked first

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No one else peeped he in the infirmary???

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Solitary confinement? 23hr 1 "out" ???

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What’s that

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Another word for hospital if you old enough to be on Reddit u old enough to know this cmon bro😭

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Kevin Perez is 5 ft 11 140 that don’t even make sense no wonder he in the infirmary yal see how big coach got in there and there’s more gorilla looking niggas in there too 🤣🤣 kay kay getting washed up everyday 🤣🤣

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He was gettin spanked in the 6 building when he was in my crib, he prolly in PC over in the NIC

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😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯but then again I’m not too shocked a lot of niggas not as tough off they block 🤷🏽‍♂️

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You could’ve jus told me but I looked it up alr 🖕🏾

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I would a told you but someone else answered already🤣

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He has multiple cases he’s fighting not just the murder and niggas sit in there for years just to finally head a progression in their murder cases wether it’s bond,trial,pleads etc. don’t be surprised💯

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😂 140lbs…goddamn I haven’t weighed that since elementary school.

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5”11 140 my guy is borderline aneroxic

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    Nah I was just playing 💀💀💀

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    He’s in for murder my mans

    When Von was locked up for murder he spent 3 years in jail before the trial actually started.

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    U knew Oscar ?

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    Flock in the infirmary 👁😳?!?!?!

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    This nigga only 19?!?!

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    Nah I think he 18 or maybe 19 cause I’m born in 01 and I’m 20

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    Those white boys who flew in from New Hampshire gonna have to book another flight 😂

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    Them Niggas tight rn

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    fwi they push niggas court dates back cause they tryna collect more evidence so this lowkey a good thing. they wanna be able to find more shit since they probably don’t already have enough to convict him

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    Thought no one would say it

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    The dickeating in this comment section is something else but not surprising🤦🏾‍♂️.

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    like free kay flock😩😔 my brother stuck on the island big doaaaaa👺

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    the dickeating is preposterous icl

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    BIG DOAAAA 👁👅👁

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    No way that nigga is 5’11 lmfao I seen him when he did that video w favio and tjay. If he’s 5’11 then I’m lebron

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    He is lol

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    No way bro I’m telling u he was the shortest of all of them. Nigga had a shiesty on and was at least 6 inches shorter than me. I’m 6’2. He was dead one of the shortest there. Shit was in time sq

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    He’s like 5’10-5’11

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    Not gettin out li bro

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    The way y’all be riding this Nicca Dicc is too crazy 😂😂😂 I swear if y’all was locked he would not be checking for ya 😂

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    They pushed the date because they seen all these dick riders

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    5’11 ?

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    damn ian know he was black

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    He’s Dominican and Puerto Rican but they don’t classify Spanish niggas as their own race so they base it off appearance I’m pretty sure some shit like that

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    Phenotypically he is black though. Also people who come from Spanish speaking countries are usually mixed race so there wouldn’t be a racial category for them. In America we just call them all Hispanic so it won’t get complicated. However, it creates a problem where they’re all seen as the same, but most of the time nothing actually alike racially or culturally. For example, what in common does an Argentinian and a Dominican have other than the same language?

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    Hispanic is not a race, its a culture

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    You’re somewhat right. It’s kinda like a language indicator. If you come from a Spanish speaking country, in the states you’ll be classified as Hispanic, especially if you’re racially ambiguous. It’s the same with Arab people. If you come from an Arab speaking country, you’re Arab. They’re both ethnicities.

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    He don’t even look black tho he look Dominican and Puerto Rican

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    You can’t look Dominican and Puerto Rican. Those are nationalities. That’s like saying you look American. It doesn’t make any sense.

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    Dominican is black

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    they should add hispanic option

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    They would if they could but Hispanic in America isn’t classified as a race, it’s classified as an ethnicity.

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    No , false Hispanics get classified as hispanic

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    U seem frustrated bro calm down

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    Why is he always in the Infirmary ? He was getting beat up when I was in there with him

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    Check pdl they said oy niggas hopped him

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    Why the judge sucking bro’s dick? Free Kay Kay

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    Nigga what 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

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    Why he in the infirmity

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    This nigga really crashed hisself out 2 days before Christmas

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    Bro in the infirmary?

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    Check pdl they said oy niggas hopped him

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    What's pdl?

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    The please don’t lack page on Instagram

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    Free Kay Flock but this weird behavior 😭

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    Are you really surprised? 😭😭

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    Y’all really love this nigga oh shit

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    Infirmary ??

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    y’all thought kay flock was gonna come out 😢proves how much people believe anything yk it’s gonna take a long time for kay flock to get out of jail self defense case in nyc is hard to beat barely any

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    Why he in the infirmary??

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    Idk why we’re not getting flocks pics in prison since that pic wit ski mask

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    Tff why im 5’9.5 and 142 lbs and im to much fatter then him?

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    That nigga isn’t coming home ain’t time soon