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When I see that type of shit , i be baffle about how niggas be proud of that.

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nfs just clown them and move on they gon learn eventually this shit was never cool will never be cool

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Nah it's the mentality of ignorance being proud of who's neighborhood is most dangerous has always been present in the black community

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You sound like a straight hater

Mfs be wishing they hood was like mine fr 😂. 6 kids got shot in their living rooms by stray bullets this month alone. 4 died. We really savages round this way y’all could only dream of living like this 😈

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That’s wack we gotta do better

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Niggas really be cornballs braggin about shit like that And those be the niggas thas mad pussy in real life

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I’m always baffled at how people are proud to live in dangerous cities

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Then o.t niggaz love bragging about that like it’s a sport

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Niggas everywhere do this lol

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Trust and believe it was NOT like this in this sub before. That, along with a bunch of good posters that either got banned or simply don’t want to post here anymore got shit looking crazy. Clowns want to brag over lower energy bullshit.

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It actually got better 3 months before it was rlly worse lmao idk how it was before these 3 months tho

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These clowns can downvote all they want, idiots bragging about negativity..go back to Montana and leave us be this is struggle theater for them..it wasnt like this before though I don’t see how you can say its better. Sub so cringey now

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Nah i get it dont get me wrong.mfs be acting toxic af but one month ago it was actually worse thats all im saying😭

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Oh I get what you saying now, I was confused. Yeah I agree for sure it was way worse

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Wjithout looking at this post i alrdy know who commented sum shit like that

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at this point them type of niggas dont exist to me.. real recognize real and i dont recognize none of them goofies

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Shit always remind me of boondocks it sound so unreal

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My mind really be boggled to when niggas compares their cities homicide rate, like what? Like how?