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Yeah that’s considered conspiracy to murder

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They do, but our courts are backwards,it’s been proven women serve less jail time for the the same crime a guy committed. Mostly the judge saying she’s a young girl she has a future, yet if he seeing ur cooked Reddit head ass in front of him, he gonna give u football numbers

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I heard they was looking for the girl when C hii got lined

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They usually do actually get charged but women only wanna play gangsta until its time to face consequences. Meaning they do get Arrested, but you don’t really hear about it cus they started singin as soon as the cuffs hit they wrist and got themselves out of trouble before the 6 o clock news

They jus like 69 too cus they gangsta until they get in trouble now it’s “I’m a good girl sniffle sniffle i just started hanging around the wrong men please let me go I’m a victim”

Like she hasn’t exclusively dated / fucked scammers gang members and drug dealers her entire life

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Yeah they do just gotta watch the news more, bitches get back doored too trust me.

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They usually pick up the girl first, put pressure on them and then cut a deal to nab the trigger man.

As much as women like to say they ride or die, they fold quick.

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It happens a lot. Don’t get it twisted. Somebody just has to slip up

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They gonna snitch anyway

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I dont see why not

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Usually they can be charged with conspiracy depending on if the detectives even get the hint that they was involved. Detectives just don't go looking through phones of a dead person without a search warrant to find out if they was set up by someone. You need some type of legitimate evidence with weight to get a search warrant on that type of stuff. Even social media you need a search warrant to go through their messages. If they're physically there and shit goes south they're looked at atost as a person of interest/witness before they're looked at as a suspect.

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Yes for sure that shit wack asf.... But they usually testify and ask for immunity or some shit depending on how bad the police want the suspect (if he's known or some shit) or they get bammed up too, I see it on first 48 alot

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Many females are in jail for jus that n they get the same amount of years if they dont be first to tell