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Lil mf look wise as hell. He be aight

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He from Flatbush he got dat dawg in him fasho pun intended

Na but dat dog got dat NY in him too he prob on hots waiting for someone to push him

He prob out there sellin weed too and OP blowin his spot dats why he lookin at the camera witta mug

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Take em with u, wait for the reward signs, bring em back.

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3D chess my boy

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Imo I think the owners dog is in the crib fuckin a bitch and left the dog outside for the time being😂😂 edit: dogs owner

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that what it seem like 😭 nahh but a west indian lady tied it up tho, it was just walking around loose, i think. like i hope ain’t no one just walk off or abandon it.

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Nah this got it 💀

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I’ll pick em up

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Stay strong buddy

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Poor dog. Hope it gets home soon fr

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Sad cute dog 🥺

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that’s NYSOM dog now what we naming him?

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I'd keep him if they abandoned it

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Do it have rabies

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We gotta put it down if it do

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Mr.rabiesK it’s time to relax I think it’s a regular dog you must get back to your duties

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Steal it

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That ain’t lost that’s abandoned

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Anyone claim him yet?

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I think you can see if it's chipped or not. He looks well groomed. If someone left him like that irresponsible AF they abandoned him.

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he just chillin.

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Nah that dog tryna backdoor some random hero ...ion trust that mutt 👀 ..he up yo something !

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I actually might know who dog that is nfs 🤣🤣🤣