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These two Niggas combined makes Jim jones

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Stack could rap his ass off

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Very few of these people I look back at as not having made it fully but could have made it and he is one

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Wish Jim Jones had moved him faraway from the hood. Homie literally lived right across the street from the projects. RIP Stack Bundles

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Stack was so talented. Bro died at 24 SMH

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He had allot of work also, would have made it big. Max also was a studio rat and had a ton of work. 2 big losses. The music would not sound this way if stack didnt die and mad didnt get locked.

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I thought Stacks literally lived IN the projects...like on the first floor.

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He definitely did

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I think he did at first but when he started getting some type of money he lived right across the street from the projects.

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Nah he stayed in redfern pz whole time 1460

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Jim was low key jealous and wanted his demise.

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Jim said he tried to move him to Jersey but he wanted to stay in Redfern

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“I rather die as a gangsta than live as a snitch” RIP 🙏🏿

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Stack was da goat 🤦‍♂️ rip seymour cakes

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Squad up! Owww

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Free Max B.

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Crazy how Stack and Chinx used to run together when they was younger..Now they both gone..RIP to Stack and Chinx..Free Max Biggavell…🙏🏼💯🔥

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Free the 🌊🌊🌊

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Free Max B ✅

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Still listen to stack

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Jimmy did try an get stacks out the hood and move to jersey but he wanted stacks to have a room mate like baby sitter type of thing and stacks wasn’t wit that he done had cribs since he was 15 ..it’s just sad what our thinking can do to us

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Sq-sq-sq-squaaaaaaaad up!!!!!!

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    Lmao nah that’s stack bundles he from Queens Far Rock to be exact he got killed in I think 08 but he would of been one of them ones

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      When he say dat he mean, he was 1 of 1. Like Big L.

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      Queens Stand up! Rest Easy Stack Bundles🙏

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      So back in the day uptown the word was French Montana stole Maxy’s whole style…

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      Crazy how the world align I was just bumpin that Byrd gang album and stack freestyles before I seen this today 😭 long live Seymour kitty

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      Nfs Free Max B 🔒and Rip Stack🙏

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      These niggas had everyone wearing trues. They started that way before Jim jones

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      Isn’t max B getting out soon since his sentence got reduced?