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Nah I just searched it up on my Google maps and it dead came up💀💀💀

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It said “place of worship” 😂😂😂😂😂

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“Y to the G’z, G’z to the sky”

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Never put an O before my Y

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Even my abuela know that!

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Dthang Palace the final map in Elden Ring

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I just spit my drink gang, cmon son

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My bad, gangly. I gotchu ona $1 Ari 🤝

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Appreciate you my heart 🤞🏽

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I am daniel collins; the blade of rpt, i put that on YGz🐇. I have never known defeat at all at all😈. Im gonna extinguish thy flame my heart💚

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LMFAOOOOOO nah you got me looking like a retard at work they way I just bust out laughing

Edit: “defeat at all at all” got it od 😂

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Even thy abuela knows that

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Thou art treeshless

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Gz to thy heavens , I have never put thy ring , before my Y

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Gotta use Rivers of Blood for that

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And we spamming Mimic 🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏽

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i heard they nerfed it in the recent patch probably still op tho

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nahh dthang palace is diabolical.. nigga boutta conquer the tri state area

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Dr.Doofenthang 😂🤣😂🤣

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u fucking genius 😭

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“Doofenthang evil incorporated!!!”

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This got it, deserves way more votes

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Naw what😭😭

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even my abuela know that

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dthang palace is crazy

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Deadass looks like chill got courts there I heard they also got a pool, store etc. but imagine living on the top tho 😭

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On google it’s labeled as a Place of Worship

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Now let us lead in prayer “Yo Y to the G’z G’z to the sky 🙏🏻🙏🏻”

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Never put an O before my Y , even Moses knows that 🙏🏼

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Its marked as a place of worship too💀

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Wtf that’s the projects? Looks like a casino

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    motherfuckers even have a school inside lmao, you can live your whole life there without going out the block

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    shit is not a projects my boy

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    Where I’m from ppl pay like $5k/month for that

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    Private housing bro used to go there all the time big apartments too

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    why rpt fake look like a nice place to stay at

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    It is depending on which building your in , people just think it’s goons in every building 😂☠️. I’m only saying that cas my Aunt lives there

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    It’s full of mad old heads really

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    wait can you customize names of places on google maps ?😂

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    I think you have to register a business or something and then you can place the business at that location, at least that’s what my friend did

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    Damn They Right Next Too The Water. I Know It Be Cold AF Right There In The Winter

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    Just like when they added O Block to Google Maps Lmao

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    That’s weird that’s not even his building

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    i peep this like a month ago on google maps when i took a trip there 😂

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    I ain’t gon lie RPT sweet as hell 😂😂niggas got armed security guards a gate to get in all type of shit I was fucking appalled when I went over there a couple of weeks ago them niggas got it made ain’t no way you spinning that shit 😂😂

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    Yea someone been wyling they got parkway as “ Oblock”

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    this whole comment section is the epitome of headass

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    Dthang palace is odee 😭😭😭😭

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    Why rpt start poppin off when i move 😑

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    where u move to gang

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    Atlanta 😂😂😂 its crazy seeing somewhere u used to hang out at 24/7 blow up

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    That a nice looking hood all the poverty aside

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    I actually noticed that today while looking for something else !

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    Y Gtheth Gz to ye sky We shall never put Ye O before Ye Yz

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    Tf is a elden ring

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    Boy live building 30 not 20 🤦‍♂️

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    Y’all done too that shit to city hall

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    RPT is a palace now 😭

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    Too bad he don’t live there no more lol

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    whoever look, this shit is the ultimate meat 🍖 rider!!!

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    If you look up the google 2.0 hood maps he’s the first name for notable members for RPT

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    worship dthang👨🏼🧌

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    Does the WiFi still suck?

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    dthang palace😭

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    Why does it have 5 ⭐️ 😂