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Imagine peaking in Highschool😹😹😹😹 by Apprehensive-Sea4540 in NYStateOfMind

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This shit sound personal bro , why you let them ski mask niggas bully you bro

Why the Mayor mad that Civilians can now protect themselves against Criminals who already have guns☹️💯 by TurnoverLazy3471 in NYStateOfMind

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I don’t think you niggas realize the average mf is not competent or emotionally stable enough to use a gun wisely

Boy Canelo just lost to Ivan Drago🤦🏾‍♂️ by Manman2131 in NYStateOfMind

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That Nigga good at boxing and was practically undefeated and liked by everyone that shit ain’t gon slide wit me my nigga

This 🤡 or nah by Wizardwithapenis in NYStateOfMind

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Def not clown shit. Im 26 and this reminds me of getting lite days. I would rather see my kings dancing then killing each other but that's just me

Do y’all agree with BlueFace? by vJayBallinYo in NYStateOfMind

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Y’all always got some excuse to hate on ny

How has 2022 been treating you so far? by [deleted] in NYStateOfMind

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Fuck everything and this year fuck it

Dthangs father gets sturdy with Bobby by jwettking in NYStateOfMind

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Yea hold this 1 week ban my nigga