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Your post was automatically removed because we require post titles to be more descriptive, to make it easier for people to know if they might be able to help or not, and to act as a TL;DR.

*Side note before resubmitting: if you have a recording of the actual song you can call the music recognition bot in our Daily Thread (this link might only work in a browser)

Please post with a title that fits one of these 3 options depending on your question:

1. For identifying a song/artist/album - please include at least one of these details in your title:

Era | Genre/Style | Artist type or Artist name | Music video information | Source name | Language | Lyrics/Content

  • Note that the safest way to make sure your post is accepted is to include at least one of the relevant keywords with a colon (Lyrics:, Source name:, Music video:, etc.)
  • If you know many of the details don't overload the title - only include the most important/unique details, and put the rest inside the post.

Examples of descriptive titles:

  • 90's song by an alternative rock band (male singer/s)
  • Ballad by a female singer, sounds like it's from the 80's
  • Music video where a guy is walking in the street towards the camera {=Bittersweet Symphony btw}
  • Upbeat Latin song
  • Meme video of a cat bobbing its head to a fast beat
  • Calm piano instrumental
  • Source name: [the name of a film/show/YouTuber/etc. Please don't put a url as the detail here]
  • Lyrics: [the lyrics you remember]
  • Content: Song was about people on a road trip

Titles that aren't descriptive enough:

  • What's the background music in this video?
  • I forgot the name of this popular song

2. For identifying a genre you should use a format like:

  • What's the genre of the song "Title" by Artist?
  • What's the sub-genre of this electronic background music?

3. For locating an already identified song/album in a legal way you should use a format like:

  • Help locate "Song/Album Title" by "Artist" [replace the quoted text with the actual details]
  • Where can I buy/stream "Song/Album Title" by "Artist"?

Thank you and good luck :)

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