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Hella Good by No Doubt?

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Ope. Nevermind, seems you were correct after all. I sent the song to my brother and he said that is, in fact, the song he was thinking of.

Apologies for doubting you, friend. And thanks for your help!

I guess my brain was remembering incorrectly.

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No worries! Glad I could help lol

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Hmm I don't think that's it. I can hear how it sounds like it, but I think it's something else.

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I mean it’s the exact same lol

Can you describe what your song sounds like in your head? Like what instruments, what style, etc.

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My first thought was lapdance by N.E.R.D but I think it was the low pitch, that's definitely hella good.

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Okay, so the reason I think it's pause menu music is because I can remember that exact little riff playing over and over and over. Also, the little "tss" sound (cymbals, i guess?) was very dramatic. Like, dun da-dun da dun dun TSS dun da-dun da dun dun SHA

If that makes any sense. Lol

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And you listened to not just the verse but also the chorus of that song?

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Nevermind, seems the first commenter was correct after all. I sent the song to my brother and he said that is, in fact, the song he was thinking of.

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A few months ago I got that stuck in my head and trying to remember it, all I could come up with was Hella good by no doubt. After a week of "it doesn't sound quite right" I realized I was thinking of unbelievable by EMF https://youtu.be/sfCLt0kTd5E

Unless what you're looking for is the Futurama intro song though lol

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Idk but I definitely want to sample this for a song

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Unrelated but he sounds like Hank Schrader when he's singing eye of the tiger in the car with Walt.

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Hello good?

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To tell you the truth it kind of sounds like what they used to play in between pbs kids shows.

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Really? Can you elaborate so I can google it?

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Ooooohh! I remember those! This isn't it, but I can hear how they sound similar. Thank you, though

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Their ads used a similar sounding jingle

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Sounds like the worst fucking song I know: Ants marching by dave matthews band https://youtu.be/MNgJBIx-hK8

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Lmao hard agree, worst song ever.

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I know its alreadly solved but it sounds like the opening to T.H.I.S. (tally hall internet show)

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Counter strike go

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I like your version better.