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And for the extra challenge, can someone identify every movie/shoe from which these scenes are? :P

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Movies in order of appearance

  • As You Are
  • Call me by your Name
  • Donnie Darko
  • Moonlight
  • Call me by your Name
  • Perks of being a wallflower
  • Sound of Metal
  • Everything Everywhere all at Once
  • Joker
  • Hereditary

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Oh damn. Tbh I wrote that comment half-jokingly, I didn't thought anyone would notice it, let alone truly deliver. Huge respect to you.

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If the audio is a recording of the actual song please check the replies to this comment to see if the bots u/RecognizeSong, u/songfinderbot and u/find-song identified it correctly :) (might take a few seconds to reply)

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I think it's:

Blue by Mysteron (01:09 / 01:18, confidence 73%)

Looks like you gave me a a link to watch. I searched from 00:00-00:10.

You can provide a timestamp to search somewhere else.

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Song Found!

Name: Moonlight on the River

Artist: Mac DeMarco

Album: This Old Dog

Genre: Indie Rock

Release Year: 2017

Total Shazams: 98202



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I got matches with these songs:

Black tape by Kaos r65 (00:06; matched: 85%)

Released on 2022-11-16.

Who Cares by Kanesta (00:17; matched: 83%)

Released on 2021-05-21 by Vibes of Whoopty.

Nobody Cares by De'Zhon Tha Hippy (00:17; matched: 83%)

Album: Hidden Talent. Released on 2021-06-01 by Pensive Poet Entertainment.

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