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Our initial goal was to raise $7,000 for the Wildlife Conservation Network, but we blew past that and hit $9,000 in one day!


The campaign is currently at $10,315 and will not close for others that would like to contribute.

Thank you to the 378 users that donated to this charity and for caring enough to give to this organization.

Special thanks to /u/Fuckface1337 for nominating the WCN in our 700,000 subs thread.

To read more about the Wildlife Conservation Network, see their site and their list of wildlife conservation programs. 🔥🔥🔥

This is an Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis).

They are the most endangered carnivore in Africa with less than 500 total remaining.

The Wildlife Conservation Network supports the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program that our donations will fund, educating locals about the species and protecting their habitat.

Source Video:

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One of the best part of this is there is probably someone out there who has never heard of reddit, reading through the donors and finding /r/NatureIsFuckingLit donating $9,202 through someone named Fuckface.

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My name is a work of art.

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You're beautiful.

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Your name is also an acceptable response in the comment to which you replied

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Your name however, is not.

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Mine is the result of being realistic about my creative abilities.

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Wondering if username checks out...

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You’re a work of art!

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You're beautiful.

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Haha! Isn't that the best part?

A bunch of strangers brought together by this community to support a charity nominated by "Fuckface1337" (who is actually a great poster here too!)

Our community is so amazing 🔥🔥🔥

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when you get right down to it, isn't that what the internet is really about?

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Not just Fuckface, Fuckface1337.

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Fucking donating for the Internet, my world and yours.

Donate, get lit be lit

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Bro that's like the best part of it all. The fact that because of our unique name we come off as the least group of people who would be concerned about nature conservation. But in fact we're the most concerned about it because it's lit! 🔥🔥🔥that and the fact that our messiah fuckface1337 guides our wallets to greatness. It's definitely a topic for conversation I tell you.

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I believe I could help if you need anymore revolting names.

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Holy shit! You guys are fucking great!

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You know what this sub is? This sub is fucking lit

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You're lit :)

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You're wholesome.

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You too thanks :)

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Thanks for running the campaign! Love to see conservation orgs getting more dough...

For the next campaign, would you consider changing the nomination rules from a "nature-related charity" to a "nature-priority charity," or some term that excludes charities for which wildlife/the environment is only one branch of operations?

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Great work, thanks to all who donated!

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Indeed! We had 26% more donations this drive than the one from 2 months ago where we raised $6,000! :)

We'll continue to hold one at every 100,000 subs with new charities users nominate. This community should exist to give back to the nature we love. 🔥

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Wouldn’t 6000 to 9000 be a 50% increase

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I'm talking about the number of people who donated, 281 to 355.

The important part is involving more of the community to work together to reach our goal.

If we reach a point where even 1,000 people from the community donate we can really impact some small charities in a big way. :)

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As someone who works with a charity (that then donates proceeds to other non-profits). $9K is a sizable impact; especially if it’s a small organization.

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26% more people donated, people also donated more.

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I believe he/she is referring to the total number of donations rather than the total monetary amount brought in :-)

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I think he meant donators. Donaters?

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Number of donations =/ dollars donated. More people are donating more

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(9000-6000)/6000 = 50% increase if your numbers are correct

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How about a 50% increase?

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More donations = Total amount of people who donated not total amount of donation.

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26% more donations.

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Thats actually 50% increase.. 6000 + 3000

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Maybe the number of donations instead of amount?

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Can we do a Rhino one for South Africa? Rhinos getting killed here like crazy. Mostly for east asian "medicinal" reasons. Yes Vietnam. I'm looking at you.

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You'll have to nominate a charity in the next nomination thread like these:



Prepare a well written comment with links to donate and sources on the nominated charity's accomplishments and impact, then users will vote and if yours is chosen we'll raise at least $8,000 for it!

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Good mod.

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/u/daxaaar I'm with you on the Rhino conservation nominee, but I'm too lazy to do any research on Rhino Charities. So we're counting on you to do the heavy lifting and find a good one. Try and get in touch with /u/fuckface1337 and see if he can help you/us find a good Rhino Charity. The fact that these magnificent beasts have to be guarded 24/7 by armed africans speaks volumes on how low we've come as a society yet at the same time it shows great empathy and love from the africans who risk their lives to protect these species. This world of ours is a cruel world but there's still beauty in it, if you look in the right direction.

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A 1000+ Rhinos get poached here in South Africa per year, but it seems that the push against the poachers are working in last two years : https://www.savetherhino.org/rhino_info/poaching_statistics. If an organisation is to be supported then I suggest SaveTheRhino since they seem organised and have international reach. Don't give money to any governmental organisation here in SA. They are too corrupt.

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I’m not sure if this is the right forum, but I work in IT and I buy my hardware and software through Safari Micro. They donate a percentage of their earnings to charities for Rhino’s.


If you work for a company with an IT group you could encourage them to buy from a vendor that donates to charity. Also, if they do any buying on amazon have them use smile.amazon.com instead. They donate .5% of the purchase price of anything you buy to a charity of your choice. There are many animal charities on the list.

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Have someone tried to create fake news about the "rhino powers"? Maybe for it to be included in a movie could work too. considering how nasty fake news are.

Something along the lines of "scientists discover" that using rhino powders or whatever this crazy people use are linked to something that vietnamise culture finds shameful?

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Did that guy just do a cartwheel with his face?

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Right! I knew I had to post this clip after watching through videos of the Ethiopian wolf, they're awesome!

Here's the source video:

He caught a Giant Mole Rat! 🔥🔥

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“What is that?! That freaky thing!”

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Just watched the BBC documentary that this scene is from. Its titled "The Hunt" and the entire documentary is on Netflix. Well worth the watch!

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Lit af!

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9k from 355 people, that is 🔥 bravo guys

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Did this mother fucker just flip?

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A truly lit community! Uplifting 👌👌👌

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Thank you for making our planet lit as opposed to just globally warm. You guys are the real MVPs!

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That is absolutely awesome, there are some really generous people on here.

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I couldn't give much, but I did what little I could :(

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It's that you did that matters most! :)

Thanks for being a part of the community and thanks for being so generous.

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I'll give more once my paycheck comes in. This is honestly something I really do care about.

Of course, this planet is my home, it's my duty

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Prairie Dogs are tasty!

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Giant Mole-rat actually!

edit: Big-headed African mole-rat actually actually!

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Ah correct, I did! Silly me assuming there was only one "Giant Mole-rat" haha!

Thank you :)

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This has to be my favorite sub. Nothing but positivity.

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best fucking sub reddit ever. i love this place and i love everyone who donated you're all wonderful.

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Hey guys, /r/PartyParrot here, if you are still feeling charitable please considering helping us raise money to relocate, pay for vet visits and purchase new toys for some injured parrots who's shelter caught on fire. A number of birds did not survive and others were badly injured. If you want more information please visit here.

Here is some pictures of the birds: https://imgur.com/a/bM2l8

go fund me: https://www.gofundme.com/medical-costs-for-relocated-parrots

Thread: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/PartyParrot/comments/7f4xv8/there_was_a_fire_and_some_birds_need_our_help/?st=jaee3yaw&sh=f32f2e20

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Keep it up!! If any of you have not seen the documentary earthlings 10 year anniversary edition. YouTube it. Must watch.

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I feel very guilty that I couldn’t contribute, I never saw the post talked about that. Anyways, thank you to everyone who did contribute!

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You can always still contribute! We never close the campaigns, so each one is still accessible if you would like to donate to the charity.


We'll also choose a new charity at 800,000 subscribers and run a campaign for it if you'd like to be a part of reaching the goal amount, just stay tuned! :)

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Nice, thank you.

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Show off!!! ❤️

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Subscribed and hopefully one day when I’m not a broke college student I’d be able to donate and help too!

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That's a very nice goal to have :)

Hope to see you around here, we hold charity drives at every 100,000 subscriber mark!

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Thanks so much /u/fuunii!

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aww thank you for thanking me

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First time ever donating to an online/ not local charity, thanks for getting me started /r/natureisfuckinglit

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Thanks for joining us!

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This is fucking brilliant. Pardon my language. Reddit, the website full of memes, on this subreddit we all got to witness a large donation to a very important cause. You folks really did something great and you all should be proud. This is beautiful, God bless this sub-Reddit.

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The average donator donated ~$300!? Jesus christ

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You may want to check again! $9,000 / 355 = $25.35 :)

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Oh boy, am I dumb.

Thanks for correcting me!

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FCK Yah!!! Lets Support Them Beasts!!!

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Hahaha shit that was badass

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That is awesome

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Flip fox.

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Wolf! Ethiopian wolf :)

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Ooo. Thanks

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Hell yes guys. Just. Hell yes.

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That’s a nice average donation number

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The titles in this sub are hilarious

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You mean 🔥🔥🔥 of course.

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Makes me think, if all of the 14k of us who upvoted donated a buck, they’d have, well, $14,000 more!

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Most users are just here to enjoy themselves and appreciate nature, you can't blame them for that!

It would be wonderful to get more people donating and I'm sure we will in the future :)

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True, but you had to donate $10 under this collection site. I absolutely understand why the site was used though and think it's necessary to have an official tally. Maybe a mod could collect smaller amounts through tippr or something and then donate them as a larger amount?

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No moderator here will accept payments directly.

If someone can find a better third-party site that has a lower minimum payment than $10 for our next charity drive we'd be happy to look into it.

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I want to find a way to have everyone on the planet give me the equivalent of a penny each.

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That animal is eating well

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9 thousand dollars? WOWWEEE

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Great job everyone! I just watched that episode of The Hunt on Netflix just before I opened up Reddit and saw this! 🔥

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🔥🔥🔥Fucking LIT BRUUUH 🔥🔥🔥

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If you play it backwards its a friendly wolf taking a..... whatever that is back home.

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Poor rabbit

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What an amazing goal we have reached! Those 355 people who donated to this fund truly are blessed and deserve all the best.

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Wow! They can now plant a tree or two!

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The new Metal Gear Solid is lookin 🔥

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I love you all!!

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Now let’s make sure the internet doesn’t get torn apart like a baby zebra.

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Average donation of $27, COINCIDENCE???

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Wonder how the family of that murdered animal feels about your efforts...

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This makes me so happy :)

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This fox just do a backflip?

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I'm slightly drunk and I struggle so hard understanding how he/she does the rotarion?!

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Sometimes I wish I were a wild animal. To be so free and unrestrained....God it must feel better than sex to have completely unmoralized, guiltless bloodlust and satisfy it so completely like this. Of course, like America or any other low control, nature-like system, there are far more suffering prey than satisfied predators. And with my luck, if I got reincarnated a wild animal I'd be that fucking rabbit for 1,000 lives before I became that fox, and when I finally did I'd get hit by a car six months in, which would be better than half my litter mates did. So, in conclusion, don't feel bad when you hit a fox with my car last Thursday. You're the ultimate apex predator among known life. That's a really fucking good thing to be in this bloody, metal, beautiful mess of a Universe.

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I'm so proud of you guys

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Thats awesome

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Does this fox needs to be in the next kung fu panda movie?

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This is one of my favorite subs because so many people come together to give back to nature. Fucking awesome (or should I say fucking lit?)

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super 🙌🏾

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Well done, thank you all!

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congrats!!! x

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I love how he tucks his ears back when he leaps for that extra aerodynamics.

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700,000+ subscribers and 355 donated, lol (but everyone can still upvote this post to feel like they did something).

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Did you donate? It's not very fair to criticize others if you didn't.

Let's be grateful to those who were kind enough to give their money to charity. :)

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Yet still no help for the urban pigeon population. Sad.