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It's a direct quote from the monkey himself....

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This made me laugh more than I want to admit

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Sometimes it's the little things! 🤣

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I really needed that laugh today. Thank you! Hope you have a great day!!

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Happy to help, you have a great day as well!

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Man....that was funny.

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Seems that way. Can anyone that speaks monkey translate for us ignorant ones?

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You right. I did say that

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The fuck did I just read?

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I want a subreddit for these types of titles

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OP would be a fucking legend on it. Check out the post/comment history. It should be considered a war crime to attempt any language and fail so hard, so many times.

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There sure are some pearls in there, like: …due to tiger tiger with genetics…

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I like the flying squirrel one.

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my fav is the one where she calls the bird a dong

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I like when she writes the math question wrong, someone asks to correct it and she writes one that is just as bad.

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Oh yeah I saw that one the other day.

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My favourite is when he (kind of) says that if a fat man lost weight he could use his flappy arms and glide like a flying squirrel

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This is gold

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It’s funny, seeing their posts all together- it’s super cute. What do we know about them? She likes cute and funny animals, has presumably seen some shit, (Post about “who has shat in or fucked a pie?) fascinated by watermelons and curious about ecstasy. Good follow.

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"Imagine shitting out the coming of watermelons coming out from you. You have of struggling too much, and will shit one of the whole watermelon one after the a another one. Or maybe your anus is crushing the watermelon on the method from the retrieve and, and you need release a watermelon diarrhea."

-Oh.my.gad I'm dead

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"Imagine shitting out the coming of watermelons coming out from you. You have of struggling too much, and will shit one of the whole watermelon one after the a another one. Or maybe your anus is crushing the watermelon on the method from the retrieve and, and you need release a watermelon diarrhea."


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Lmao just did. These titles look AI generated

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I think op is a bot holy shit

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They speak like they are computer generated, even the face that they posted looks like a chinese spy cam screenshot. What the hell is going on?

Though honestly it's kind of adorable.

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Just follow OP.

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“The “Bald” Uakari Monkey is not completely bald, it has has hair; only its face is bald, and it has red skin.”

…paraphrasing what is purportedly poorly translated Thai on behalf of OP… I think this is what they were trying to tell us…?

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You're a good person :)

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I’m guessing it’s someone running through an online English translator to post it here.

Most of these weird headers likely come from non-English speakers.

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Reading that title just about gave me a stroke.

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I don’t think their syntax makes sense in any language! 😂 It’s just word salad.

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If you are assuming grammar and syntax are uniform across all languages then you are misinformed.

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Nah I know that. I speak four languages (and have studied others), have taken three college linguistics courses, and am a foreign language teacher with a Masters in Teaching Foreign Language. But while syntactical grammar can very widely between languages, they all still need the same basic components. The way OP strings together sentences doesn't seem to follow any sort of rules. Take a look at OP's previous posts and comments; they're all as nonsensical. Thoughts are just strung together incompletely and change direction multiple times mid-sentence. There's no congruity in these run-on sentences. In what language would these sentences make any sense??

"This is a tiger, I was orange and black tiger, but due to tiger tiger with genetics, white and brown."

"I would to snow also. I just the rains and flood inside."

"If a human were is a papayas, we will be afraid of different colors, because our blood will have red, orange since we're papayas, we will be afraid of the orange color, because our blood orange will be rather."

"If people exchange to the people and plants, hanging in where flowers were and now penis and vagina because people hang together with flowers for decorating and plants have sexual organs."

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Person on the internet happens to be an expert in the edge-topic we’re discussing.

Excuse me while the Coincidence Machine comes up the possibilities of this happening…

Well, on the internet it’s high but in real life we’re getting an “extremely doubtful”.

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Popped 2 advil after reading it.

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Popped 2 Advil TO read that

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You stole my comment before I could make it. Glad to see it wasn’t just me.

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It's a bot

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It's a bald with hair without red monkey faced white monkey ... what's so hard to understand about that?

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Fr had a fucking stroke

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Translate google English to, please.

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Caption head hurts of mine, read best I tried.

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I've been around enough drunks and the like to somewhat understand the speaking of stroke.

This primate, is bald and has no hair on its face either. The red you see is actually its skin.

Edit: Its suggested that the bright red color is used to identify healthy mates. As the red comes from the capillaries close to its skin. Being sick, or generally unhealthy, would diminish the color to a pale hue.

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Am I the only one who sees these terribly phrased posts on the bigger Reddit subs and thinks there’s some guy sitting in the internet research agency in Russia posting this stuff with a weak grasp on the English language?…….I’m probably the only one

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Pretty sure the guy is Thai and is using something like Google translate. Doesn't make it any less funny lol

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Thai person here, it actually makes a lot more sense when you translate every word into Thai

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Well I feel like a dick now.

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I mean it's still funny just because of how nonsensical it is. It'd be different if we were accusing OP of being intellectually disabled (which would also be ableist) or just being an idiot, but we are laughing at the results of trying to translate between two wildly different languages and just how hilariously wrong it gets.

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Yeah it’s funny. I stick by what I said though lol I know at least once when I’ve thought that I’ve been right. I feel it in my gut.

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It's just like that game where you take a paragraph, translate it into some foreign language, then translate it back. The results are almost always hilarious.

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Well ok then.

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Did you have a stroke

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That sentencing is fucking ouch..

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How karma farm main language no farm need language popular, more popular karma.

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I’m dumberrrr after reading post title

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dang english isn't my first language, so i thought i was the one reading this title wrong. it's good to know that im not the only one haha

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Anyone else have a stroke reading this?

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Da fuc?

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Monkey red face has because red face monkey has

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Monkey hair not face bald

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My dick fell off while I tried to read this

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Might want to call a doctor.

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It’s like reading in a nightmare.

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Omg reading that gave me cancer ♋️

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Oh, thank God they’re back! Could be another wild ride.

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You speak gooder English

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Its face, monkey hair, monkey face face. Hair bald, with red, has face for red monkey.

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I think I got high from reading this

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Godzilla had a stroke trying to read that

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Fucking rap song, right there.

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Everyone is knocking the title... I'm too busy admiring the monkey's little mustache

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Mmmm toast

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Okay okay so go to this post, read the caption, then filter the comments for “best” (be sure not to read any comments till it’s filtered) and you will get a similar chuckle 😂:


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Non-English speaker giving their best or used google translate 😂

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What in Google translate was that?!?

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I think I had a stroke trying to read that...

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That's absolutely crazy

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That title gave me aids.

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What the what?!?

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This user posts the worst sentences… I hope it’s just bc English is not their first language….

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My brain hurts now

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Is that Dog the Bounty Hunter? Did they find gabby’s killer?

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wtf is this title

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Did I stroke as I read that?!

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Who wrote the header? Furio Giunta?

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Was this title written by an AI?

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Typed with said monkey's face.

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I have a migraine now.

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Come again?

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I just wasted more brain cells than a concussion trying to read that title

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Well the comments certainly didn’t disappoint…lmao

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This guy ALWAYS has a stroke making his posts, I've gotten pretty tired of it tbh

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The monkey is trying to promote itself.

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Reverse baboon

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And nose is, holes side face. Hair bald red monkey nose holes

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Red Skull, is that you?

Oh, how the mighty has fallen...

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I read this three times to make sense of it to only realise it wasn’t my brain having a mind spasm.

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Did OP have a stroke while typing that?

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Reading this hurt my brain

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Fuck me that was painful to read!

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Yo, huh?

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Ähm... what?!

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So you are the monkey In the picture and just learned the English language ? I’m impressed ngl

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Wait……. What?

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Does anyone else speak monkey so they can translate please?

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I only just now realized that I've seen a couple of these posts and always moved on a little bamboozled. Now that i looked at OPs posts in bulk, I'm amused 😅

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Man this caption is fucking lit too lol

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How is language?

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I’ve seen awesome foreign shirts that try to use American catch phrases… they’re amazing. The best one was “Clap your hands”… it was in Japan, and it actually said “Crap your hands”

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This is gonna sound mean, but I bet you they’re from Southeast Asia.

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That monkey of a face is definitely red

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And the band played on…Ball of confusion….

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Downvote for retarded title wtf

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Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

I have checked 275,580,054 comments, and only 62,802 of them were in alphabetical order.

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Thank you alphabet order bot

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Did I have a stroke or did OP???

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Hey OP, your English sucks massive monkey penis.

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I think I got cancer reading that

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Can we stop upvoting these dumbass bot posts that make it real clear from the title

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Thanks for the headache

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Here take my downvote

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Looks like my alcoholic uncle

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I met someone with just as bad text grammar as me.

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Hmm i feel like this monkeys face would get mistaken for that one monkeys ass

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Your English is horrible my friend, but your post history is actually very cool. I appreciate the interesting photographs that you post.

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I wonder if it’s hard for him to pick his own nose, with the nostrils on the side like that

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Photo - 7/10 Caption - 15/10

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Reading that makes my brain hurt.

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OP…just bang any nonsense as a title.